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  1. Bills Came Due On The Site

    Check is in the internet...
  2. 6.5Mm 160 Gr Bullets

    Carcano! I spent a lot of time trying to make a calvary carbine accurate with any bullet. I believe it was a gain twist rifle barrel cut down to carbine and so was hopeless. A friend gave it to me "for free" knowing I wouldn't be able to resist spending hours trying to make it run. He still laughs about it. No wonder Il Dulce was hung upside-down.
  3. Bills Came Due On The Site

    FC, can you PM your PayPal email address? I'll chip in.
  4. 6.5 Mauser Thought.

    For wildcats I either get to the velocity I was after or I get sticky bolt. Sticky bolt tells me I'm at least a grain over. Loose primer pockets in the absence of sticky bolt is also a 1 grain over sign. Every rifle is different. Some build pressure before you ever thought they would. Others you have a hard time getting enough powder in the case. I'd never try to hot rod a semiauto or lever action. 'Tis a dangerous game we play (of course if it wasn't it wouldn't be worth playing).
  5. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    IIRC correctly the first military loads were 175 gr doing about 2300 fps. Then they went to 154s at much higher velocity. My No. 1 RSI shoots Hornady 175 gr RN into ragged holes - but I can only get 2000 fps out of the 20" barrel. If I wanted 30-30 ballistics I'd shoot a 30-30 140s seem "just right" to me. I've tried the 120 gr Nosler ballistic tips but have never gotten much accuracy out of them.
  6. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    Love the 7 x 57. My go to load that seems to work in everything is a 139 gr Hornady SP or SST seated a few thous off the lands over 42 gr IMR 4895. This one went into the freezer thanks to the SST load sent from Ruger No. 1 RSI in 7 x 57. 'Twas a bang-flop. I've got an 1891 Argie with one of the new old stock 7 mm military barrels that were everywhere for $35. It's got a Lyman aperture and so only for morning hunts with sun coming up, not going down. Hopefully I'll get one with it next year. Argies are amazingly well machined.
  7. Unknown Tool

    The cone-shaped piece could be a dead center for a lathe...
  8. Sometimes It Doesn't Pay To Go Shooting

    What's the twist on the flinter? IIRC PRBs like a really slow twist.
  9. Ok So Sometimes I Am Not A Pc Type Guy

    Lindsay and his pal John McCain...
  10. Hunting With 10 Y/o Niece

    I'll try Photobucket: http://s1378.photobucket.com/user/soderstromk/media/WP_20161109_001_zpsquazihf4.jpg.html?filters[user]=146134762&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0 Well then, the "Direct" option on Photobucket = success! That's a 129 gr Hornady SST that was doing ~ 2900 fps. Deer was about 30 yds away. I didn't want to shoot it because I wanted Mia to have a chance. But when he got so close... I couldn't pass it up. He came on my right so I had to shoot from the treestand left handed. His shoulder became available between two trees and BAM. The bullet scrambled heart & lungs but didn't exit - it blew up inside the chest. He ran ~ 50 yds. I've had these SSTs since they first came out about 10 years ago. I've read the first batches were soft. They're damn accurate though! But I'll be using the 125 gr Partitions next year. Rifle is a beat up Yugo M48 with one of the Mauser barrels Midway carried back in the day. It's my "ugly gun" that I don't worry about banging up.
  11. Hunting With 10 Y/o Niece

    Thanks, Az! How'd you do that? I'll try a different approach with the cartridge pic: Nope. Says, "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community."
  12. Hunting With 10 Y/o Niece

    Well, posting pix is as challenging as ever. How about this? Nope. Will try again manana!
  13. Hunting With 10 Y/o Niece

    8-point shot December 2016 with a 6.5 x 55 AI that I chambered with a home made reamer. I didn't want to shoot it as my niece was in a stand ~ 100 yds away with her mentor. But this buck was too big not to shoot, and she had an awesome first hunt. https://1drv.ms/i/s!ApzT-7YpCoCe5J9FCPza1kAAP1bthw https://1drv.ms/i/s!ApzT-7YpCoCe5J9EPvJIo_E0Bj98rA
  14. Reamer Sharing Co-op

    Just tried to email Rob. Message bounced. Anyone have another address?
  15. Scope Mount Recomendation

    This is what I have used for small rings: http://www.midwayusa.com/product/287522/leupold-2-piece-standard-scope-base-mauser-96-matte