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  1. Great victory

    Saluting that flag is a symbol of allegiance to the LGBT flag. That has NO place in the US military. You were right to bring it to the attention of the higher -ups
  2. which caliber to convert to?

    The Yugo should be able to handle 308. A lot of Yugo rifles were turned into 308 rifles. I have a questions are these rifles in their original stocks? If they are by the time you find stocks, barrels, chamber reamers and head space gauges you could buy several hundred rounds of box style brass in 8MM, reload it yourself. The days of cheap rifles like mauser's seems to be over and a lot of these rifles have been sporterized. So a rifle in its original stock even if numbers arent matching will have a value someday. Plus sometimes when you replace barrels you can damage a receiver
  3. NEW TOY,!

    To me you made out like a bandit. That Mini will make a nice SHTF rifle. I once had a chance to buy a mini but it was at a farm auction and the thing sold for new price. I have seen mini mags online in the $20 range.
  4. This Is A Test

    A test; No one said there was going to be a test. Will there be math questions?
  5. Millenial Job Interview

    Why is this video so scary? Do we have a future with these people? Can we win a war with these people? What will happen to our rights once these people are in power?
  6. OH my God! Remember all the times we have said THE BASTARDS WANT THEM ALL? well they want them all!
  7. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    Sporter Express went out of business several years ago. I personally thought it was a great loss
  8. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    Tanglewood can you see if Z1 would be willing to start posting and sharing his vast wealth of knowledge on this site especially since Mauser central is toast. This site can become a beacon for Mauser rifle owners.
  9. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    Z1 used to share his work on Mauser Central he was a great gunsmith. Sad to he is no longer doing work.
  10. I Would Vote For Moore

    This a very emotional topic. I does appear that Moore dated young women in their late teens. While today this doesn't seem right, in the South such things were very common. At one time it was common place in the South for men 30-40 years of age to date and marry 14-16 year old girls. Freaky today but common at one time. It was also NOT illegal at the time. Dating or marrying an 18 year old today is also not illegal.
  11. Obozo Insanity

    I'm glad you pointed that out. entrenched bureaucrats have been a problem for a long time and now we know how its being done. Thank you
  12. Obozo Insanity

    From everything I have read and heard there are so many obozo and Clinton hold overs they can not get rid of them. i have also heard that Trump even tells people to do certain jobs and his directives are being ignored. Jeff Sessions for some reason is turning a blind eye to a lot of bad stuff and letting it slide. Evidently the corruption is so great they can not get change. Obozo at the last minute sign a bunch of executive orders that redefined peoples job titles. They can not be removed
  13. Karl i agree with your analysis. Take the recent attacks on Moore. He has been in public service for almost 50 years ran for various offices. All of the sudden he's __________ [fill in the Blank] Politics in this country has gotten to the point of crazy.
  14. 40 Year Old Allegations Against Moore? Bah

    politics is at an all time low in this country. Spend a life time in public service and a month before the biggest election in your history someone claims to be a victim of __________ ( Fill in the blank) The Washington Post the rag that released this story reported earlier that Moore was not reporting his income taxes. So i guess since that didn't hold water they have decided to go REAL LOW and come up with this crap. The woman that is making this claim has a history of making FALSE CLAIMS
  15. Virginia And Nj Go Vote

    The Dems won big in democrat area's and the media acts like the trump train has been stopped.