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  1. Mauser Under $200

    looking really good, I've never tried the alumihyde. I've become a really big fan of gunkote since using it on my AR project and plan to use it on my non bluable mauser parts, but then they have to be baked.
  2. Rear Sight Removal

    +1 to what everyone else said. Make sure the pins and or screws are removed, even heat, and you'll probably see the solder soften around the edges.
  3. The other day my brother called to tell me he was thinking about buying an old single shot 22 he found at an estate sale. He told me it was a Stevens favorite. From his description it sounded as if it had been sitting around for a really long time and was absolutlely filthy and needed some repair to make it functional. The asking price was firm and not unreasonable we both thought. After bringing it home he called to tell me it was actually a Stevens model 44 in 22 LR. I got a chance to see it last night and it appears that to make it functional he only needs to replace the hammer and trigger springs. Bluing has turned brown, the color case hardening is about 30%, the buttplate is pitted but could be polished out if restored, there is no pitting on the exterior and the front sight is german silver and a little dinged up. The stock has normal handling marks and appears to have a worn varnish finish. The bore is either heavily pitted or extremely dirty. Can anyone tell me if 22 LR ammo was ever corrosive? I figure he has a few options. If the bore is decent he can repair it, clean it up leaving all the original wear and patina. Or, he can do a full restoration, probably putting more into it than it's worth by having the barrel relined, the receiver and lever color case hardened and the other metal parts reblued. The marks in the stock should come out with some steaming. Can anyone recomend a smith that does barrel relining and color case hardening at reasonable cost? I had guessed about 300 for the color case hardening and about 200 for barrel relining.
  4. Tactical Bolt Handle

    Never cared much for the tactical handles either, but that one looks great.
  5. Mauser Under $200

    Looks great so far. Completing a build under 200 is certainly a challenge. Is that a commercial 06 length guard? Did you modify the receiver for the longer mag box?
  6. Can Someone Recommend Some Rasps?

    Completely forgot about the surform type rasps. Don, I'll have to check out Woodcraft again, I can always stop in at Ikea for some meatballs afterward. I went out there some time ago to pick up some Solar-Lux (great stuff) but didn't have time to look around much. If the Microplane wood working products are as good as their kitchen products I'll definately give 'em a try. So, looks like my new rasp list includes a round and flat surform type and a smooth cut steel rasp? Time to stop using that cheap stuff.
  7. Well Is Sure Ain't Perfect

    I like the Timney much better than the Bold. If I remember right, the Bold trigger had some plastic parts that just bothered me.
  8. I'm looking for some decent relatively innexpensive rasps for shaping stocks. I was looking at the Pferd second and smooth cut half rounds and the Nicholson #49 and 50. I've heard good things about Nicholson rasps but I understand their quality isn't what it used to be. Anyone use either?
  9. 300 Sav M98

    Congrats to you too. Funny how things work out sometimes
  10. 300 Sav M98

    Had to think about it a bit. About 600 but it could be done a lot cheaper if it was configured different, it all adds up; Flat top upper 16" stainless barrel AR Performance 4x4 brake Vltor gas block Samson Evo 11" handguard The first time I tried it out it ejected at 1 o'clock and the cases were hitting the rear of the ejection port. I swapped out the H buffer for an H3 and it started ejecting at about 3 o' clock. I think the barrel maker used a larger than needed gas port.
  11. 300 Sav M98

    Yeah, still in the neighborhood, new wife, new baby girl. Haven't had time to work on any projects lately and haven't been on the board in a long time. Gonna start 'em slow and steady when I can. I hope to finish a 6.5x55 as a gift for my Dad first. I'm trying not to add any more reloading dies to my collection. Heck I might just go 308 but I already have a 308 bolt gun. So I guess I haven't made up my mind quite yet. I thought the 300 had a straighter case, but I tried some dummys and they seem like they'll feed fine with a little polishing of the extractor. I thought a bolt gun in 300 would be the perfect compliment to my Model 99 and the cartridge is very pleasant to shoot. Regarding the 7.62x39, I built a 7.62x39 AR upper last summer as a "brush gun". Turned out to be one of the most accurate rifles I own. Don't let anyone tell you the cartridge itself is inaccurate.
  12. 300 Sav M98

    I've been thinking about building a 300 Savage on a 98 action. Just wondered if anyone has done it yet and had any tips. Figured the lack of case taper and short length compared to the x57 cartridges might cause a feeding problem.
  13. Tang Extension

    I really like the way that looks. I think it gives it a really unique look.
  14. Checking In

    Just got off the phone with my lawyer. He had emailed me and told me to call him to discuss the appraisal. He IS using the appraisal against her. I asked what she was asking for in alimony and he said he didn't really know and wasn't going to make any offers. He's planning to call her lawyer and ask what she wants to do now, and he said it was obvious to everyone that my wife's claim that she was about to lose her job was BS. Yeah, it's funny, she took hardly anything when she moved out. We agreed we'd keep our own stuff and anything that was a gift from our respective families. I'm left with no bedroom furniture, no biggy. She apparently can afford new kitchenware, towels etc.. A new bed and new couch. Anyway, it's nice to hear some good news and it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Next court date is next Wed. BTW I'm taking a new friend shooting this week. I'm really looking forward to it.
  15. Checking In

    Assume the mortgage?? Who, then, gets the house and what stops her from taking you back to court in a year or two and asking for "her share of the the house "You BOTH owned" ? There's a clause protecting me from that, or so I gather. The issue of appraisal never came up until the last meeting. It had been assumed that the value had dropped below the amount owed due to current market conditions. I'm wondering if my lawyer intends to use the appraisal as leverage? I have both a 401k and 457 plan in addition to a pension, if I retire from my current employer. She has no retirement savings. I honestly wanted this to go as smooth as possible but she's been unwilling to negotiate anything. Her mother (divorced 13 years ago and still bitter) went with her when she went to her lawyers office when she filed. I'm guessing that set the tone to an extent. She initially wanted me to pay her costs and attorney's fees in addition to permanent alimony.