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  1. which caliber to convert to?

    If you want Sporter calibers, you can get a pre-threaded, short chambered 98 barrel in 25-06 for about $130 from ER Shaw. #1 contour, 24" length. Should feed with absolutely no problems. They also have 30-06 and .308 Win barrels in the same configuration for the same price. Ok, having said that. If you choose to go with 25-06 or 30-06, you will want to lengthen the mag well opening by about .100". Pretty much a necessity for the 30-06, optional for the 25-06. Easy to do. Mauser actions are designed around a tapered cartridge, and the 25-06 and 30-06 are just about perfect for this. Now, if you go this route, you can get left over Santa Barbara made blued hinged trigger guards from Numrich for about $60. They are made much better than some of the aftermarket Mauser hinged trigger guards out there. There are also hinged aluminum trigger guards on eBay for $65 - $70, and they take about a 1/2# off the weight of the rifle. The .308 Win barrel would be great on the Yugo action. I have just finished installing and headspacing an Interarms MkX .243 Win barrel to one of my Yugo actions. You can pick up a short chambered, prethreaded .308 Win and .243 Win barrel from Numrich for about $140. (More than likely made by ER Shaw) I'm working on the stock, and I think that I've figured out how to make a nice looking hinged trigger guard for the Yugo action. I've just got to work it through in my head more, and find someone with a TIG welder.
  2. 9x23 1911

    No need to do any mods to the mags. A 9x23 is the same length as a 38 Super, and many times will actually fit into a 38 Super chamber. But I've found a source for some very good 9x19, aka 9mm Parabellum or Luger, 1911 barrels at a very good price. Though they require minor fitting.
  3. 9x23 1911

    Getting ready to start my 9x23 1911 conversion. Barrels showed up today, and I'm now waiting for the reamer.
  4. Which One?

    I'm getting ready to fire up the park tank and finish some rifles I've been working on. One of them is for my daughter. I've sporterized a Yugo action and I'm now trying to decide which of 2 barrels to use. Barrel #1 is a commercial Mauser Mk. X barrel, .243Win, 24", with sights. Barrel #2 is a Adams and Bennett barrel, .257 Roberts, 22" long, no sights. My dilemma is this. .257Roberts is a better deer round and can be used on elk. It fits the action better, But it's not as common, and usually under loaded. The .243Win will work on deer, but not so well on bigger stuff. It's much more common. She can handle either one. Realistically she'll probably never use it, but she might get a boy friend who's into hunting, and I want her to have something she can call her own.
  5. Bolt Stop Identification And Thread Size Question

    That bolt stop appears to be from a 1909 Argentine. But, I believe that the 1909 Peruvian(Identical to the 1903 Turk), and the Turks use the same style.. Thread size should be 4mm-.75, at least, that is what I have used before. However, there was a possibility that they are 4mm-.7. There was a discussion about here here sometime back, with some insisting they are SAE(English) threads and some saying they are metric. http://www.sporterizing.com/index.php?showtopic=1655http://www.sporterizing.com/index.php?showtopic=1655
  6. Found A Yugo M48 Bolt.

    Ralph, GunBroker has a Yugo 24/47 barreled receiver that needs a bolt. It appears to have been drilled and tapped, with mounts and rings installed. It's barreled with a .243 Win barrel. Does that sound like something you can use? http://www.gunbroker.com/item/620278320
  7. Mini Mauser

    Here are 3 views of a Sako Vixen extractor compared to a Mauser '91 Argentine extractor. The Sako is the small one.
  8. Mini Mauser

    There is literally no support for those guns. What support there is are leftovers from when Remington sold them. I don't know that it's a super weak point, but it happens enough that people often comment about it. I've found a place that has a few, at $70+ each. I want one for just in case, but also to use as a master if one breaks and I decide to try modifying a '91 Argentine extractor. I have found those new at $6 ea.
  9. Mini Mauser

    I've got one Mini Mauser in .22 Hornet, and I am thinking about getting another one in .223 Remington. If I can find one at the right price. One thing holding me back is that if one breaks the extractor, one is basically out of luck. Since nobody carries spare Zastava made extractors. However, Sako Vixen L-461 extractors will work with a little filing. Both are apparently based on the 1891 Argentine Mauser extractor, which is just a bit bigger, and may work with some elbow grease......and they are a whole lot cheaper. I think part of the problem is the very small claw of the extractor coupled with the system being a push feed design. I'm giving some serious thought to getting a spare bolt and modifying it so that it acts more like a controlled feed system. That is, rather than surrounding the case with a ring of steel, cutting away the bottom part of the ring, so that it resembles that of a Mauser 98 bolt. However, it won't be a true "controlled feed", since the extractor is at the 11 o'clock position on the bolt(looking the bolt face), instead of the 98's 9 o'clock position. So, the rim won't be fully under the extractor until just before the bolt closes. But, at least it won't be sliding over the rim and flexing the extractor. Anybody have any thoughts on this?
  10. 2017 Mauser Builds?

    Tibor, if you are looking at a lightweight Mauser build, keep on eye on eBay. Somebody has been selling aluminum trigger housings made by Parker Hale. Very similar, if not identical to those sold by Uncle Mikes years ago. They will cut a good half pound of the weight of the rifle. You might want to look at the laminated stocks by Boyds and Richards Microfit. You can get finished stock from Boyds, Richards needs work. Laminates are a bit heavier, but they are stronger, and there are things that can be done to lighten them.
  11. Small Ring 98

    It should be a 1917.
  12. Small Ring 98

  13. Small Ring 98

    This one is a Danzig 1917.
  14. Small Ring 98

    Well, it's got a couple of deeply struck proof marks. I've been considering getting them TIG'd then surface grinding them smooth. I've given thought to having it reheat treated, but I'm leery of the thinner ring warping in the process.
  15. Small Ring 98

    Small ring, large ring threads. I think it would be referred to as a 98AZ. I have a .243 Win barrel sitting around, and I've located a source for NIW Parker Hale aluminum trigger guards. So, I can make a really lightweight hunting rifle.