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  1. Fs 308 Reamer And More

    SOLD Pending Funds.
  2. Fs 308 Reamer And More

    hey all. have few things up for sale. 1. Clymer .308 finish reamer 2. Three .308 gauges Go,No-Go,Field 3. Mauser action wrench 4. Reamer T-Handle 12" i also have some mauser parts around somewhere im going to go see what i have later today so ill update then. also have a nunch of other assorted stuff that ill post tonight or tomorrow. im not doing much of this anymore so im basicly cleaning out the stuff. have bunch of tools etc aswell theyll be here later too. i would like to sell it all in one deal far as those at the top. im asking $125 (trade considered) for them all, wich when you break it down and add the prices i paid for them its less than half of my cost. if anyones interested E-mail me at Kon_Artis77@hotmail.com. ill post later once i get back to my old house and see what other goodies i got. -Mike