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  1. S&w Second Model 22 Target

    Found a set not cheap but nothing is now a day's
  2. S&w Second Model 22 Target

    I'll try the forum Thanks
  3. If finding parts for the Hammerli wasn't bad enough I now need to find an original set of grips for a S&W second model 22 target pistol. I missed a set on e-bay awhile back. Does anyone have any or a lead. Thanks Swamprat
  4. Hammerli Target Pistol

    I found it a Larry'sGuns.com He is a Hammerli dealer up in Maine. Real nice folks to deal with
  5. Hammerli Target Pistol

    Found one
  6. Hammerli Target Pistol

    I am in need of help finding a magazine catch for a Hammerli model 232 in 22 short. Last part needed to finish restore. All help appreciated. Swamprat
  7. He Won!

    It could not have been without social media. The liberal press did all they could to insure defeat.
  8. Arisaka Model 38

    How do tell if you have a large or small tang model 38? I just received a vet bring back barn find that sat in the shed for the last 70 years. It's missing safety knob and I understand there are 2 different types. The only marking are some jap writing on the top of the receiver and the serial number and a proof mark on the side. The mum has been ground off. This is first Arisaka so I don't know squat about them except what I've learned in the last few days. Thanks in advance Swamprat
  9. Drone Captured?

    Don't know just sort of lost interest for a while. Still collecting guns but into old Winchester 22's. But I still like the old war orphans. How you all been getting along? Swamprat
  10. Drone Captured?

    That was my thoughts also when I read the article. Swamprat
  11. Drone Captured?

    mistake please see other post
  12. Let get this straight. You have an AR-15 they have Smart Bombs and your going to win! Swamprat
  13. Don't worry about not voting for anyone supporting gun bans. When this round is over they will have the guns and you won't have a vote. And God help you if you get caught poaching on King Obama's land. Swamprat
  14. Carcano Rifles

    Thanks for the info. The saftey does work by pushing forward it just took some lube to get it freed up. This is the 6.5 version and in my collection of odd ball things I found 3 charging clips and 5 rds of ammo. The stock has a bad age crack so I don't know how soon I'll get to fixing it. Will probably just hang it on the wall with my other missfit toys. Swamprat
  15. Carcano Rifles

    Need info on Carcano rifles other than Kennedy Killers. I just received a Carcano carbine with no import marks and all matching numbers. This is what those guys from the picker show call farm fresh. This rifle has not had a great deal of care for many years but is still in pretty good shape. How does the saftey work on this rifle? I can't get it to move! It will fire in present position. Is there a site for Carcano's? Thanks, Swamprat