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  1. Reagan On Health Care

    Yeah, I got this in an email from a buddy yesterday and sent it out to all on my list too.
  2. Heat Treating Recievers

    Do yourself a favor and send it off to someplace such as Blanchards in SLC. Forget the bolt factory.
  3. Let's Cap And Trade Oxygen

    Dont give them any ideas.
  4. Mesquite As A Knife Handle?

    1. Yes, very much so 2. google "mesquite wood" and you should be able to find what youre looking for. 3. Texas mesquite is reddish with dark grain streaks. There is also honey mesquite from Argentina which is more yellowish in color
  5. Consensus On Mcgowen Barrels

    I saw this asked on another site but only a couple of real replies, the rest drifted off to other barrel makers. What's the deal, are they worth considering or not?
  6. Gunshow Finds

    Have they jacked up the prices on jerky and other crap?
  7. Gun Stock Carver's Vise On Sale

    I have one of those. They're good for holding odd shaped things. Obviously the jaws are wood but can easily be replaced with plastic or wood jaws routed or drilled for holding barrels. I dont think its strong enough for removing/installing barrels. Since my gun working falls into the "tinkering" category, its perfect for me.
  8. Parts Storage Advice

    Why ATF? I'm an equipment operator and heavy equipment is all hydraulics. ATF is a hydraulic oil. Stable at most temperature and pressure ranges with rust inhibitors and anti oxidants. I store my stuff in an unheated garage in a part of the country that can get very cold. If I want to take something out in winter, the ATF just runs off with an easy clean up. Motor oil tends to get like molasses. It is relatively inexpensive. And somewhere I read that it was developed as a substitute for whale oil. Dunno about that. A mix of ATF and Marvel is even thinner. I dont think it matters whether its Mercon or Dextron. The Spec's idea is a good one using less oil.
  9. Parts Storage Advice

    My barrels & barrelled recievers are in pvc filled with ATF. My recievers are in plastic tubs from Kmart in ATF. the tubs are just the right size for a single reciever.
  10. Mex Mausers

    Shipping, on that many items, out of your pocket is gonna be expensive especially if the money is going to the widow. I'll go ahead and add mine.
  11. Swedish Mauser

    Yo, Z. You changed the look of your site, didnt you? It looks good.
  12. A Lonely Marine

    +1 Let us know what is needed.
  13. New To The Forum

    Welcome aboard Ted. I agree, a nice clean rifle. I have a couple of sported #4s. I'm currently trying to figure out how to 6.5 an Enfield.
  14. No 4 Scope Mount Idea

    Thanks. Let me guess....Machinery Rapairman, 1st Class