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  1. I thought if you broke one you where supposed to call your local fire department haz mat squad and report it. They will come in there suits and clean it up for you and then send a large bill to you. Vlad
  2. 8Mm Accuracy

    Well done Tommy! Enjoy your dad's rifle. The fact that it was your father's should make it quite special to you, a real treasure. Vlad
  3. Ken98k, Other than protruding about 1/10" beyond the receiver primary torque shoulder the Yugo bolts fit the Mexican receivers just fine. I intend to counter bore the barrel breech face to accept the protruding Yugo bolt and cut an extractor groove into the barrel breech face as well. This will result in a truely enclosed cartridge, more so than Mauser envisioned. I have not done this but believe it should work quite well. Vlad
  4. Gentlemen, Thank you all for your advice. Tinkerfive, Thanks for the heads up on the action on Gunbroker but as Ken98k stated, that one is a bit rough. i will pass on it. Have at it Tinkerfive. I will tell the fellow that I am dealing with that I will take it at the agreed upon price of $175 shipped. If he insisits on the extra $15 for shipping I will pass. I would like to have the small ring 98 for sporter fodder but I am already sitting on three model 1910 Mexican Mauser receivers, sans bolts. I also have three Yugo model 24 bolts for the Mexican receivers. I'm really OK when it comes to small ring 98 sporting fodder. Vlad
  5. Fellows, I made an offer, that was accepted, for a Kar.98a barreled action of $175, shipped. The action would be held for sporter fodder. The barrel, already shortened, would be scrapped, or maybe resold. After making the offer I felt that maybe I am over paying. The buyer now wants to add a $15 shipping fee making a total of $190 for a small ring model 98 action. Is this to much? They don't come around to often I know. I realize the seller should stick to his original acceptance terms and I will probably push on this but if he won't budge should I pay the price? What say you all? Vlad
  6. 8Mm Project

    Can you use '06 brass to make the 8x63? In the photo it looks like the 8x'06AI brass was a tad shorter but I but '06 brass would work OK. Vlad
  7. Rifeling I've Not Seen Before

    I know in Germany, and maybe other countries, that in the early 1900s with the advant of jacketed rifle bullets the lands of rifleing where rounded so as to not cut the thin jackets in use at the time. Sharp edges on the lands where able to cut the thin jackets makeing the jacket peel apart. Vlad
  8. Swede Model 96 Question

    This from a Sarco add: SWEDISH MAUSER CLEANING ROD EXTENSION Screws on to the end of the rifleā€™s cleaning rod. The other end of this short extension piece is threaded to accept standard U.S. cleaning jags and bore brushes. At last you can actually use the rod that comes with the rifle! New U.S. made. $4.95 ea. MSR269 The slotted end of the cleaning rod is for use in cleaning the chamber and to use as a handle for the rod when the adapter is added to the rod. I assume when using it as a handle something is passed through the slot to grasp. Vlad
  9. The Joy Of Being A Landlord

    AZRedneck, This is the service I use to check backgrounds of prospective tennants. National Tennant Network. http://i468.photobucket.com/albums/rr50/111ab/102_0102-1.jpg I have the prospective tennant sign an authorization for a background check and charge a non-refundable fee to cover the check. Fee to be paid in cash or money order. This service can provide a credit approval, local and national criminal, homeland security and pedophilia record check. Vlad
  10. Its Back!

    It looks, to me, remarkably like the Wheeler drill jig sold by Midway which is a whole lot less money. Vlad
  11. Garand On Its' Way

    Fellows, One of these was reviewed on another site also. About the same as Tinker's. Major problem is the worn out barrel. The best buyfor the money, IMO, is the CMP service grade. You will get a good servicable rifle with a bore that is still in spec. Vlad
  12. 8Mm Accuracy

    Ken, Karl, Thank you both for your compliments on this rifle. Karl, the load for this one is a Hornady 170 grain RNSP, .323" diameter bullet over 47.0 grains of IMR 4064 powder with a CCI primer and Remington Peters brass, OAL is 2.908". Group size was 7/8" 46.5 grains of powder gave me a 4" group. Amazing how that 1/2 grain of powder makes such a large difference. I had tried that day 43.0 grains to 47.0 grains in 1/2 grain increments. Five rounds of each load. Group sizes ranged from 2" to 4" until I hit the last five shots of the day, 47.0 grains, the magic load. Vlad
  13. 8Mm Accuracy

    Here is what my Kar.98a with the original 8x57MM military barrel, sporterized between wars, can do at 100 yards off the bench with the right handloads. This is a five shot group I can cover with a half dollar. The top hole in the group is from three rounds. The scope is an old Hensholdt-Wetzlar I fitted to the rifle with appropriate claw mount parts I purchased from NECG. The rail mount on this scope and hole spacing indicates this scope probably came from a drilling initialy. The scope need some service but it allowed me to shoot this group OK. Vlad
  14. Butter Knife Bolt Handle?

    I have eight or so Austrian and German sporting rifles with these type handles. They look great but are harder to use. Make your first shot count. Vlad
  15. "the Hurt Locker"

    Good movie. I didn't know that blood on Barret rifle magazine would keep it from feeding. That part was laughable. Vlad