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  1. This is an Enfield converted to use a Mauser bolt stop. The perch gets moved and the spring perch eliminated. Don
  2. 1917 guard

    probably should have just posting this for the other inquiring minds
  3. 1917 guard

    Done tons. Shoot me an email. I have a jig also if you want to borrow it or see it to make your own. Easy to to. Don
  4. working on a turk

  5. This Is A Test

    And I thought you were younger than that!
  6. Passing The Hat Time

    Tony I paypaled you a few bucks. Don
  7. Makes Detroit look nicer and nicer dont it?
  8. Christmas

    Merry Christmas guys!
  9. Gunsmith In The Lincoln - Omaha Ne Area

    Skips a good guy to deal with. Don
  10. Wts 1903 Turk Receiver

    This is one of the Turks that use the short bolt. With the high charger hump. I would use it for something but I have too many projects already. Don
  11. Wts 1903 Turk Receiver

    $35. Get it before I find a bolt for it and do something with it. Don
  12. Wts 1903 Turk Receiver

    Just stripped receiver. $50 plus shipping to FFL from private seller. Thanks Don
  13. Bolt Stop Identification And Thread Size Question

  14. Bolt Stop Identification And Thread Size Question

    4mm. The one picked is 1909 arg and the one with the pin is 89 and 91's. A friend of mine makes new screws with a torx head. You can find them on eBay. Don
  15. How Do These Look?

    Very nice and reminds me I need to get a pattern for him to do one for me. Don