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  1. Bite them in the butt

    I like ARs. Very comfortable to shoot, accurate, and inexpensive ammo also. As a modular platform the variations are limitless.
  2. Great victory

    Oh, but it is perfectly natural! Where have you been?
  3. Digging around in the safe

    I've never tried it!
  4. I was digging in the safe this morning and rediscovered a couple I'd forgotten about.
  5. working on a turk

    The temperature has been well below zero since I posted these photos and I've been busy with my job (heating tech). As soon as the weather breaks I'll get back into the shop .
  6. Just in

    Stopped by the range yesterday to function fire the 10mm. It was -12* so my shooting period was short and sweet. The pistol functioned flawlessly except for a new magazine that I picked up failed to lock the slide open after the last round. Recoil seemed to be a little sharper than a standard 45acp but was certainly manageable. Next time I'll take a standard 45 along for comparison. I was firing at a tin can at about 25' and hit it 5 out 7 shots, so I'm thinking it will be a good shooter when I put up a paper target at 25 yards.
  7. Just in

    This is what I had in mind. https://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/witness-steel-full-size-tanfoglio-52
  8. Just in

    I was thinking seriously about a Witness (cz 75 clone) in 10mm until this Rock Island came along.
  9. Just in

    10MM, Rock Island Armory, mod. 1911 A1 FS – Tact. II American Rifleman gave these very good reviews when these came out a couple years ago.
  10. which caliber to convert to?

    I would say 7x57 is the the closest thing to plug-n-play, plus barrels, reamers, and ammo are easy to come by. Another easy plug-n-play is the Sweedish 6.5x55. The 8x57 is another obvious fit but, sporter barrels are a little harder to come by. The 7.65x53 Argentine is another catridge that feeds very well but, once again reamers and barrels are hard to find. Longer cartridges like the 30-06 can be readily made to chamber but they do require extra work. I've done a couple 308s and they don't feed all that great in my opinion, at least not without extra work. I have 2 military 308 conversions, 1 Israeli lg ring and a Spanish sm ring, neither feeds worth darn.
  11. Chilean 7MM MAUSERS

    If I were a betting man I'd bet the bores are crap.
  12. working on a turk

    Boring out the small ring threads.
  13. working on a turk

    Removing the lip from the receiver ring
  14. 1917 guard

    I'm looking for info on straightening a 1917 trigger guard. Photos, pictorials, book titles, etc?