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  1.  If that memo is worthless....

    I just read another news article on this memo and what gets me is they always mention the accusation it's an attempt to bury charges of Russian attempts to fix the election, yet it seems what it's about is exposing certain American attempts to fix the election. I realize I'm a little different, but to me, THE issue is that SOMEONE tried to fix the election! It's already been exposed - and ignored - that the same person or party fixed their own primary. I'm non-partisan. I'm interested in issues not parties. If either or both did wrong, we deserve to know and appropriate action taken. For me though, manipulating the FBI to bury criminal acts by a candidate is 1000X more serious than the Russians flooding facbook with anti-Clinton memes.
  2. FL. felon voting rights...

    Just read an article that FL's stringent restoration of rights for convicted felons was overturned. What I found interesting though was the backstory leading up to this decision. How one party had loosened the criteria, the other re-tightened it. How it was declared a partisan move, etc... I'm not going down the whole "paid their debt..." trail. These are convicted felons, not accused. Guilty or not. Whether the law that was violated is just or not, they were convicted of serious crimes. That can be reconsidered case-by-case, but such penalties should not be viewed with blanket rulings. The simple fact that one party identifies with them, while the other doesn't..., let me put that another way, the simple fact that ONE PARTY IDENTIFIES WITH THEM. Well, that right there is the story. THAT is the issue.
  3. Just in

    Its sure crossed my mind many times. As the sixth generation of my family here though and so much of my other interests locally, it's unlikely to happen.
  4. Ben Stine said it recently, but I suspect a lot of us are thinking the same thing. These acts by various state and local governments, refusing to cooperate with authorities or even enforce laws, and now this suggestion U.N. (foreign) troops are preferred to state ones, are tantamount to what happened in 1861. I don't agree with all the things they're legally supposed to do either, but we are a nation of laws. We are a nation tough where if we feel a law needs changed, we have the authority to change it - by majority agreement. The problem is the lopsided constituency where tiny geographical portions of the country are densely populated to the point of controlling the government of a much, much larger geographical area. When the authority they oppose uncharacteristically call their bluff and they don't get their way, they have these tantrums and the media (also ensconced in the same tiny regions) echo their outrage. The real issue is if "the government" (whatever the jurisdiction), is allowed to pick and choose which laws to enforce, how can they expect the at-large population to not do likewise? The result is anarchy. Everyone in this country is entitled to their own opinion. That however does not make each one's opinion right. BTW - putting U.N. troops on the streets of Chicago with their typical empty magazines and then getting them shot by Emmanuel constituents would undoubtedly start a war. How in the world does that help?
  5. Just in

    I remember checking out a Delta Elite back when they first came out, but with a price tag covering half my paycheck at the time, together with a young family, mortgage, etc... it was just admiration. There was a lot of admiration though! Living as I do in East California (Maryland), a number of years ago when the latest BS laws required to buy a handgun in this state were about to take effect, my son John and I were in a shop where his buddy worked and John pointed out a CZ 75B in the showcase. I'd already decided I was not going to engage in any more of the ridiculous requirements my state legislature places on exercising my civil rights, so the gun was there and it was my last chance. I bought it! I'd admired them since they were still being circuitously imported one at a time from behind the iron curtain in the 80's and John knew it. CZ 75's fit my hand like it was made for me. The "pointability" is incredible for me. As natural and easy as pointing my finger. I have big hands - long, but thin - and most handguns are either too short or too skinny in the grip. My brother has a family heirloom FN Hi-Power. One of those curious war trophies with both nazi proof marks and "Browning's Patent" stamped on the slide. I did the periodic clean-up on it and some other guns for him recently and examined the 75 and the Hi-power it was inspired by side by side. Even next to it's granddaddy, the CZ 75 STILL has some mystical attraction for me. Like I said, it's just as though the danged thing was made specifically for my hands. That pistol is my excalibur! ...but this is about 10mm's. If I ever cave in and decide to jump through the states hoops, or in the unlikely event the Maryland politburo decides to roll them back, a 10mm CZ will be the one I'll be looking for.
  6.  If that memo is worthless....

    What I gather is it is a synopsis written by those who have seen the actual actions by the feds in various things. Don't look for any specific incriminating evidence. It is an accusation not actual evidence. At least that's my understanding. What bothers me is that either party would use the same tactics. Never lose sight of the fact that none of this would be possible without the loosening of domestic spying laws during Bush II's admin. THIS is the sort of can of worms that gets opened when we act out of fear and acquiesce to sacrificing personal freedom for promised protection by the government - you know, like putting restrictions on 2A because some whackjob shoots up innocent people... instead of stabbing, running over or setting them on fire. It's shortsightedness by people who fear the immediate threat instead of the greater evil. The law is the law. We can demand action against those who violate it as long as it remains the law. We cannot (always) control who's views will be represented by "government" though, and that is why the founders, and many after them had the forethought to place certain safeguards on our freedom. Each time we errode the safeguards, we erode our freedom.
  7. Just in

    Congratulations!!! 10mm is the one caliber I've lusted after since the Bren10 almost came out. I'm envious.
  8. which caliber to convert to?

    The two rifles that get more use than all others combined at my place were built from two such "sporters" and a non chambered 7mm barrel (I reamed to 7x64), all bought for $100 about 15 years ago from a dealer that specializes in "collectables." He was thrilled to get those atrocities out of his shop. So was I. Jack O'Conner introduced a whole generation to the .270 Win. To that end, as I recall from reading everything he wrote for years, even his mountain rifle was a 7x57! He was a big sheep hunter and I believe it was a lightweight outfit thus, being the attraction for toting on vertical trails. Just about any .470 head size and within 0.10 inch in length from the 8x57 should be a painless adaptation. Shorter cartridges sometimes benefit from mag. blocking, but that's a simple operation. My personal recommendation as your first project is narrow your preferred list, weed out any that may not be an easy conversion (overly large or small head sizes, long lengths and any rimmed round), then shop reamer availability. Gunsmithing is not as much hocus-pocus as many think. 98% is how much patience and mechanical understanding you have. Plan on it taking twice as long as you first expect if you want to be proud of the finished product. Oh, one more bit of advice. If you scrimp now, it will show later. I'm a huge fan of not buying anything I can make, adapt or fix, but how many would make their own car fender from a piece of sheet metal bought at Lowes after hitting a deer.
  9. which caliber to convert to?

    My vote would be 7x57 if you're dead set on not using 8x57. I haven't bought any ammo for a while, but 7x57 always used to be one of the more common country store-type calibers. My personal favorite rifle is a 7x64, but you did mention easy to find ammo. It's a personal thing, but I have a prejudice against .270Win. as a result of a bad experience with a sweet old guild gun that was rebarreled to it years ago. .270Win. is a pretty high pressure round. Sure a GOOD M98 should handle it easy, but... well, like I said, it's just a personal bias. That said, out to 200 yds. the 7x57 will do just about anything the .270 will. 8x57 ain't no slouch though! Is it simply preference or are the existing barrels trashed? If "easy to find" is the #1 criteria though, you can't go wrong with .30-06 and .308Win. BTW - I think that .270 barrel is still in the shop somewhere. If you're interested I'll make you a deal on it.
  10. '98 Turk Hard To Close Bolt

    So, uh... is powdr still around? What was the problem??? Did you get it figured out? karl bringing this back to the top really has be wondering. Doesn't take much to hang up on that last 1/8 of a turn.
  11. LOL!!! Reminds me of a conversation I overheard a long, long time ago between two 25 year-old fellas. One was a Mennonite, the other wasn't. The Mennonite guy mentioned that he had four children. The other guy said, "Man, you really ought to get a TV."
  12. I guess the time it takes is relevant to how much time you have. Long winter days (and nights!) w/o TV, the internet, etc. only left so many options. I read somewhere recently about archaeologists finding some skull that somehow they determined belonged to a 15-18 year-old girl and even at that age, the teeth were worn in a certain way from chewing hides to soften them. And you thought your job was tough. LOL!!!
  13. My View Of Trump

    Yeah, that whole wall thing is pretty much grandstanding... sort of. While as Manureman says, we need to make our borders defensible, the first step in that equation is making it recognizable. A couple train cars of barbwire and sixteen foot poles would do the same thing. Something like "the wall" may, might maybe be defensible in short high-traffic sections, but the only thing that's going to really work is a whole lot of LE patrolling a clearly marked line in the sand AND taking meaningful action against those who violate it. When getting caught becomes less attractive than the benefits found on the other side, compliance will follow. I'm not opposed to amnesty. Make an application, pass a background check, meet the criteria of other (legal) immigrants begin the path to citizenship. You're good. Good people have taken much worse chances to make life better for their families.
  14. Side by side 44XL

    It was basically the early .410. There are varying claims, but I lean towards Frank Barnes' the story that the actual .410 was a European development where it was called the 12mm shotshell. In the states a shotshell was developed essentially on the 44-40 brass case with a paper or wooden shot capsule such as the plastic ones used by CCI in today's rimfire shotshells and sold by Speer for loading CF handgun ammo. I've only seen one other side by side and it was a hammer gun, though I'm sure there are plenty of them out there. They show up pretty regularly in Stevens and other single shots. Years ago I bought a "box lot" of .410 shotgun parts from the estate of a gunsmith. Just a pile of odds and ends but there were two frames, several lockplates and one set of barrels. Due to the frames, I had it shipped to my FFL pal and when I went to pick it up, he said something isn't right. He had tried a .410 dummy and the chambers weren't even close. I had him dig around for a 44-40 case and it fit. I hung the barrels on my finger and rapped the side with a hammer handle and they rang like wind chimes! That box of spare parts instantly became a project. I bought all the applicable parts I could locate while I cleaned it up and roughed out a few missing parts and the whole mess has been sitting in a cupboard ever since. Here's an old Crescent ad, but the gun I have is strictly .44 shot, unless the dimensions of modern .410's has changed over the years. I have an old pre-war 2 1/2" .410 shell and it doesn't fit either. There is no caliber or gauge markings on the barrels, just the caveat on the rib warning, "NOT FOR BALL." My buddy, who was a respected master gunsmith and my own mentor for a long time is in kinda bad shape just now and not going to get better. He'd never seen one before that day, so as a winter project I thought I'd finish the little gun so he can see it. It's been a challenge at times. As a sidelock not only does it have the usual issues with inletting the action, but the action is about as small as they get, complicating that a bit more. I had a huge blister covering most of my right palm from pushing chisels and gouges the day I did the bulk of the inletting. That was three weeks ago and it's almost healed. Originally I envisioned making a seperate / interchangeable set of .22LR barrels for it, but have decided against that. I still have a couple other .410 frames and I have a .22 side by side I built about a lifetime ago. A man only needs so many of them I suppose. Anyway... that's the story as well as the story on how I happened to stumble back in here again after so long. I was looking for something on-line one day and noticed the site among the list Mr. Google suggested. Glad ya'lls still chugging along! This is a great site fellas, especially you Tony. Hmmmm, it would appear photobucket isn't "free" anymore. LOL!!!!
  15. Side by side 44XL

    For those interested. The smoker is a piece of scrap sheet metal soldered onto the bottom half to make it a bit more stable. Next is a 1" copper cap soldered to a 1" x 1/2" copper reducer. The plug was turned from a piece of a .22 rifle barrel from something with nasty looking coarse threads that bite into the copper when screwed in the first time. The cap is a 3/4" copper cap. Handy little thing that's been indispensable through the years, yet was made of odds and ends laying round the shop. If you can find a 1" x 3/8" reducer you could use genuine (1/4") NPT taps & threads for the plug, but this hasn't caught me on fire yet... yet