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  1. Argentine Mauser

    Curious, are we dealing with a small ring 1891 Argentine or the M98 version? Spiris
  2. He Won!

    A happy day, and America has stepped back from the precipice. Obama's legacy is dead.
  3. Any Folks In North Carolina Go Vote Trump

    Already the plan, and I donated cash to the cause. America is likely dead if the bloody shrieking Hillary wins. Spiris
  4. Evolution Of A Rifle, Part 2

    Nice looking rifle, is that barrel longer than 16"? Those shorter barreled rifles in 7.62 have brutal muzzle blast. Good grouping with basically a starting load. Spiris
  5. Another New Aquisition For My Toy Vault

    It's strange that the indoor range has those requirements for shotguns. The Stoeger Coach guns are very popular as they represent a good value in a reliable action. I have a Stoeger Condor O/U in 410 that i've had for several years, and a Mec 600 Jr reloader in 410, to afford to shoot it. I also have an NEF singleshot that I cut the choke off and added fiber-optic rifle sights. I custom load a 3 ball load in 2 1/2" Rem hulls that chronographs just under 1200fps and stays inside of 12" at 50 yds. That's like 3, 38 caliber slugs hitting at once. I didn't have a pic of my Condor handy. Spiris
  6. Anybody Heard Of 45Hp Ammo, Not Acp

    I would think that they would be worth it for the components. If they are boxer primed, you can even use those over if they are the same as standard ACP brass. The fact that you have revolvers and moon clips to use it as is, should seal the deal. Hard to tell if they used a sealant on them from the pics. Spiris
  7. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    I've had my FN Mauser in 308 Norma for many years, and it's been several years since i shot it. I've posted pics of it on this site before I believe, as it's a handsome rifle IMO. My handload for it is 71gr of H4350, CCI magnum primer, with a 165gr Nosler BT in Norma brass of course. I have not chronographed the load, but estimate around 3000fps for the load. I have never hunted with it as it's a bit of overkill for game in the mid-Atlantic states. Hodgdon has loads listed for the 308 Norma on their load site, www.hodgdon.com. A 6.5x55 or a 30-30 lever gun fits the bill for any of the big game in VA or NC. I've never owned a 7mm Mauser, but the caliber is very efficient and effective for most game, much like the 6.5x55. Spiris
  8. Winchester Steel Cased Ammo

    You'll find that the Winchester steel cases are a product of Russia, usually with PPU headstamp. I personally refuse to use any steel cases because there are still good brass cases available to chose from. Sure seems that they would create wear on chambers. Add the fact that steel range pickups often are berdan primed, should be a red flag to all reloaders. I'm just not that desperate. Spiris
  9. Latest Ar

    Nice assembly job on the AR. Some of the trigger happy types can burn through a ton of ammo in short order because it's fun. I've helped assemble my sil's ar-15 in 6.5 Grendel and his AR-10 in 308, and both are very accurate. He shoots them and I reload the brass. The Grendel is my favorite and is a fine deer cartridge. Spiris
  10. Cycling Rounds

    Sorry, I ignored the fact that you were using a shorter round compared to the original cartridge that it was designed to handle. You may be right that the old extractor is not grabbing the round fully to guide it home. I rebarreled a full length Turk 98 to 22-250, but not being concerned with having follow up shots, I installed a single shot follower in the magazine and never tried feeding from the magazine. I'm a singleshot kind of guy. I found a short follower, Mag spring and nylon spacer made to handle short rounds through full length actions for under $20, through Numrich Arms. I realize that you may not want to invest $20 in the firearm, and there is no certainty that it would solve your problem, and it's only a suggestion. You have a great day. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/ad/811140.htm Spiris
  11. Cycling Rounds

    Perhaps a new magazine spring will help the situation, or flexing the old mag spring for more tension on the front of the follower so the bullet doesn't drop and catch on the ramp. Spiris
  12. Help Me Out Guys?

    Finding an original 6.5 Swede barrel might involve a lot of luck, and getting a complete rifle to strip the barrel from will be costly. Brownells shows short chambered Large Ring 1.1" shank for M98 Mauser in 6.5 x 55 that could be turned down to small ring size. They show $84 for them. Shilen barrels in 6.5 Swede with small ring threads are $300. http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/short-chambered-mauser-barrel-prod22531.aspx http://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/barrel-parts/rifle-barrels/fitted-barrels-for-small-ring-mauser-93-96-prod12528.aspx Spiris
  13. Rubio Is A Rino..read Before Ya Vote

    The way I look at it is that ANY of the 4 GOP contenders are far more desirable than the fool stinking up the White House right now. What ever combination comes out of the GOP convention will be acceptable. Hillary is an Obama clone, and I doubt that Obama's AG will find enough evidence to indict. Many of Hillary's supporters are far too young to remember her past transgressions, but I do. All they hear from Hillary is what free stuff, like free tuition or "income equality" that she supports, but all she's really offering is more taxes, because that's how democrats roll. NO common sense. Spiris
  14. Canik Pistols

    I've been eyeballing some of the Israeli surplus 9mm pistols that are on Gunbroker. Most are Browning High Power clones and I like the Arcus models made in Bulgaria, and they seem to have good reviews and are all metal with the heft for controlling +P loads. Most are going for $299. Spiris
  15. Gents We Are Screwed

    The strategy now is for the Republican Senate to control Obama's choice, and allow the next president the choice. Time will tell if it's workable. RIP Justice Scalia, a man for the ages. Spiris