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  1. Anybody have contact info for Rice1 ??

    Seen Riceone over on another forum recently. He was talking about the SEMCO dates for Feb,
  2. 85 miles East of me and it's a war zone. Blue helmets will only give them something to aim at. The CPD is so hamstrung and the courts just turn the bad guys right out on the street. Heck you can't even drive the toll or expressways without getting shot at. I DO NOT go into that cesspool for any reason. And the suburbs are getting just as bad in places. Luckily they don't come out here to often. Out here we have a tendency to return fire when needed. Never let your guard down for any reason anymore.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving Fellas

    Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. I know I ate my share.
  4. So Bergdahl Walks!

    Bergdahl should have gotten Life without parole for the deaths and the injuries he cause by being a blatant COWARD. Better yet we should have told the Stans to keep him, we don't want him back.
  5. Worth Hearing ....not Pc

    Good one Karl.
  6. Been A Rough Day Prayers Needed

    I'll say prayers for your Dad, and I hope he pulls thru this okay. Rebel49
  7. .35 Whelen Snap Cap Or Dummy Round.

    Headspace dimensions for .30-06 and .35 Whelen. .30-06 from base of cartridge to headspace datum point = 2.0526" .35 Whelen from base of cartridge to headspace datum point = 1.9892" Info from SAAMI so the cases are not the same.
  8. Merry Christmas

    Good One FC! Perfect for Christmas. And to all you guys on here MERRY CHRISTMAS and also a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
  9. Trump The Nomination!

    Good Point Doc! We all need to push the voters to vote on election day.
  10. Colt Commander .45ACP with work done.,Steyr M9A1 9mm, steyr S9A1 9mm, or Steyr M357 357 Sig. or Keltec P-11 9mm Not all at once mind you, but I trade off between guns often.
  11. Her Royal Majesty

    This broad should fall thru her Hole and break her F'in neck.!
  12. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year all!
  13. Probably work as well as "Gun Free Zones", NOT!!!!!! That whole bunch in DC are a pack of stupid asses. I wish that someone would just flush the toilet!
  14. March For Free Tuition Comrade Students!

    This girl is a complete and utter twit!!!! This is absolutely what is wrong with our country, people like this vote. And that is why we are in the state of affairs presently. I'm really happy my children didn't go to college and learn this S%%T ! I would be really, really PO'd that I wasted tuition money, in fact I'm glad I spent it on firearms..
  15. I Am Back

    Karl They told me after gall bladder surgery to walk as much as I could for the first 3 days after surgery to relieve to gas. It seemed to work, but the first two trips up the block were a real boogger, almost had to call for an evac on the first trip.