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  1. Martini Enfield

    So I wonder if your mate is kombi76? I know that a fellow Australian has just aquired a Citidel marked .303 Martini action and is going to go with the .303 Imp. It seems just too much to not be the same chap. Well good luck to the pair (maybe three) of you and I look forward to seeing the finished rifles. Perhaps I should get on with my Martin project as well.
  2. My New Lee Enfield in 30/40 Krag

    Glad to be of some little help. Oh when you next vist the gun shop see if they have any S&W Friction Block. It's a small bollte of fluid which needs sjhaking up beofre use and then turn white. On the shelp it's white at the bottom and a clearish fluid at the top. Apply a drop to the cocking picece mating surface and then work the trigger wiht the bolt closed, not so it fires but just so it rubs the stuff in. It really helps the smoothness of the trigger and one application lasts for ages. The one little bottle will last you for some years. Not sure if it's stil available but I hope it is, it has teflon in it in suspension I seem to recall.
  3. My New Lee Enfield in 30/40 Krag

    Not sure on the dremmel idea, I just use a medium then fine oil stone when I do mine. To keep the sear contact surface flat I hold in the the vice and work the stone over the jaws having only a enough sticking up out of the vice to work on. We are only talking a minute amount here. The strokes want to be in the direction which the sear works. Now the dremmel with a polishing wheel would smooth up the lumps on the trigger though, and the cocking piece can sometimes be reduced carefully in height depending on the amount of sear engagement. Oh remember with the No4 unless it's a Mk2 the inletting of the trigger guard can vary the amount of the depth of the sear engagement and the length of trigger pull. A No4T I picked up which had been re-stocked had an awful pull, the first stage was gone and it turned out to be the inletting of the fore stock.
  4. BSA P-14 Enfield Factory Sporter?

    Hi All, Now does the rifle look like this:- Top one is a BSA Model E, bottom one is a modified model D. Both mine are in .303 but they were also offered in .270 Win and .30 Springfield (30-06). BSA made about 13,000 of the five models A-E between 1949-1953. They are built on rifles which were sold by the British government in 1949 when they were clearing out some depots. These rifles were battle field pick ups and refurbished rifles from WW1. The tope models which were the D & E had new barrels fitted, new sporting stocks and refinished, the lowest model just was cleaned inspected and the handguards removed, the others fitted in somewhere in-between. The recievers are drilled an tapped for Parker-Hale scope blocks and on the right side of the action for a P-H 6E sporting aperture sight, which you can see still fitted to the slightly chopped Model D. Fitted with 3-7x36 Pecar Berlin scope in P-H rings The hard rubber butt plate has the BSA Piled Arms trade mark as does the rubber grip cap. The oval hole in top of the reciever on both of mine is filled wiht a plug whihc carries a garter with the BSA trade mark inside it which can just be seen in this photo :- And clearly in this one of the Model E:- Proof marks for the .303. Barrel markings:- Hope that helps you a little
  5. My New Lee Enfield in 30/40 Krag

    Hmmm I cannot understand why the std trigger cannot be worked on to give a nice clean break. After all it's been done to them since the introduction of the two stage trigger onto the Enfield. The Best group I have seen from an Enfield is posted in the armoury, booking in office at Bisley camp which was shot with Kynamco .303 ammo by Fred the armourer using a Mk1 Lee (Long Lee) group size is right on the 1". The rifle is fitted with a P-H target aperture sight but that is the only modification done. My own Enfield sporting rifle conversion has a really nice trigger which I have not touched. Any Enfield I get that the trigger has to high a pull on it I just lighten by polishing trigger humps, sear and cocking piece.
  6. The Saints in San Antonio?

    Oh my god the "R" word has been mentioned Now let's see. It seems that no one and I mean no one must say anything ablout Blacks, coloureds or Ethnics unless it shows them to be superior or in another grand light Well cobblers to that Now I don'y know too much about things in the US but I do know about the things going on here in the UK. Ethnics of any sort which really means anyone but the English have priority over the English, Criminals come next so you natives of this island get to the back where you belong According to the Home Office figures, coloureds make up about 12% of the population. legal ones that is. We don't inlcude the millions of illegals as ot might upset sme one now also according to the HO figures 65% of the prison population consists of colureds. Doh so over half of the criminals in the UK come form only 12% of the po;ulation but to assume that a coloured is more likely to trun to crime is racist. Errrr explain how that works? Oh and an ethnic can insult you demand special rights and we must bow down to thme least we upset them. Tough shite if they don't liek it then they can piss opff back to what ever back water heather hell they came form and good riddance! We must not show any christian symbols when we visit their counrty even if we are helping them out unless it upsets them but they can attack our churches and burn our books and flags and that's OK we must just forget it
  7. Hi Jerry, I think it's vastly over priced and I would not touch it. After all it's only an ex-military shotgun one that uses special cartridge cases so that the natives if they managed to steal the gun could not use ordinary ammo in it. If you are really intersted in a Martini then IMA or Atlanta cuterly have reall 577/450 British army ones. The folks here might be able to put you onto other Martinis as that's what they are interested in plus the Sniders:- British Militaria Forums Pity that it's so paperwork awkward to import into the US as they are fairly often encountered for sale over here especially the .22 Rimfires ones. And the rimfire ones are cheap here unlike in the US. It's about the only thing I can think of which costs less here.
  8. I am now trailer trash.

    Hi All, Well I'll be darned as I sit and write this I am ina 30x10ft trailer just outside my parents bungalow. Have been here since June. The guns are in the bungalow and I have riged up a way of doing some reloading in the trailor until I can get a shed built sometime this year finances permitting. The biggest thing just now is the amount of propane gas I am gettign throuhg heating this place
  9. Hi Jerry, Yes that engraved Martini is one of mine. It's a Belgian made one, commercial jobby made for the Omanis and it is in .303 british. Now lots of commercial Martini sporters were made by quite a few firms including Webley, BSA, Greener, Swinburn and or course Westly Richards to name a few. I used to have this restored Swinburns patent sporting rifle in 577/450:- Notice the long cocking lever. this martini has a hammer inside, the internals are different from the normal martinis. In the background is a sporting .303 lee rifle by BSA. Cleaning a Martini AC11 with a boiling out funnel Another view of the Belgian sporting Martini I also have a couple of Miniture .22 R/F martinis as well, a BSA and a Vickers. The one I am rebarreling is one I picked some years ago which had been butchered by some one. It was originally converted to .22 R/F by Bonehills but this butcher drilled out the liner and stamped it .410 but left the breechblock converted to rimfire. I luckily managed to pick up a .303 breech block complete and I like the sound of a 30-30 lightweight sporting carbine. As the barrel is a heavy profile I am wondering about the possiblity of milling it octogon but we shall see on that one. The barrel I have here is 27 1/2" long so I am wondering if I have been told the truth about it's origins? It does not have any P-H markings on it only the proof marks and a stamp saying it was Regulated by Fultons of Bisley.
  10. Who used the P-H Bull barrels?

    Hi All, Cheers for your help. The Martini should not be a problem as I intend to completely cut off the threads and rear of the chamber so when I re-chamber it should clean up the old one. Now I have heard this about P-H before but it cannot be right as I have a Birmingham made p-H 1200 Super in 7.92mm made for an export oder form about 1996 and the entire bussiness was sold to Modular Industries who traded in the UK from Golden Hillock Road as "Bremner Arms" until they shut up shop and all the equipment and stock was sold off. The barrel making plant is still in the UK now owned by another firm who are making barrels with it. Now Mr Horsefly, Here is a genuine commercial Sporting carbine of Belgian make using the Martini action, it's a .303 British chambered one:- With an engraved action:- Hope you like it.
  11. Who used the P-H Bull barrels?

    Hi fmsniper, Hmmm thought it may have been you but was not certain Was there any problems? I seem to recall some one mentioning that the bore was tight and that the pilot of the reamer had to be reduced You see I have one and was going to put it onto an old singel shot Martini action but it will have to be re-chambered for the 30-30 cartridge and I am wondering if it will be straight forward or not. I have never done any chambering before so I want to get the skinny on any likely problems before I start.
  12. Who used the P-H Bull barrels?

    Hi All, I seem to recall thay several on the old forum built up rifles using the P-H .308 heavy barrels. Did I remember right or was it on anouther site? if you did use these barrels how did they perform and were there any problems in fitting etc?
  13. Trigger Work

    Hi There, To reduce the weight of pull requires that you reduce the amount of sear engagement. You will never get the Le Enfield trigger down really low as the sear spring is also the magazine latch spring. Removing the first stage is also possible but usually results in a rotten hard pull or one with lot's of creep. Beofre you do anything at all I would suggest that you aquire a new trigger and sear just in case Oh and the pull is also relient on the fit of the forestock on the Enfields excepth the No4Mk2 whihc has the trigger mounted on te rear of the action. The angle of the trigger guard on the earlier No4's and the No1's alters the angle of the trigger and sear relationship and so alters the pull. When I got my last No4 the pull was an awful long rolling single affair. I brought new sear and trigger just in case and found that some oen had tried to file one of the humps on the trigger. I smoothed off the file marks carefully with a stone then with the forestock removed tried putting the guard back on and got a two stage trigger. Checking the stock which was a new replacement one I found that it had not been inletted properly, correcting this gave the proper pull. The two stage trigger is a fine trigger and personally I cannot see why some one would want to remove this
  14. Lee Enfield#7, Longbranch

    Hi All, The sling loop in fornt of the mag is also found on the No4T sniper rifles, where it was used with the US patt 1907 sling or so I believe. The No4T was certainly isued with the US leather sling and certainly had the sling loop as pictured. Later these were used with a target sling in competition but not I would assume on a training rifle.
  15. Elk rifle

    Hi Jerry, OK so I am busted Yep it's little ole me And no I didn't get to go chasing Red Stag this year everythig has changed as I had to move to be with my parents who due to age and the fact that dad has had several strokes were finding it difficult to manage the place now. However we will see what happens in the coming year as I still have the contact and I believe an invite to the SouthWest of Scotland to hunt the Reds Late September through Octiber is the time for Red Stag Stalking so who knows. Boy I wish I could pick up the S&B ammo at those prices I brought two boxes to try and they cost me $34:65 per box and that was educed as the dealer is a friend and let me have it at that price, this was the 8x57 196Grn SPCE loading. Oh and it seems that I have an invite to chase Elk in Colorado should I ever be able to make the trip. I have already made enquiries about the Hunter Ed requirements and hopfully will be sorting that out before to long just in case of course The 8x57 is in the frame should I make it. Yes it sure is a rush when the animals get that close, the last Fallow Deer I shot passed by me at about 6-8 feet but I couldn't move, I shot it a few minutes later at about 65 yards.