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  1. What Stocks Fit A Danzig Kar98

    The Kar 98 is a small ring 98 with a large shank barrel. It uses the large rings bolt spacing. Bob
  2. Fiddleback Maple

    Very nice Sailorman. The rifle in the top pic is the look I'm after. Bob
  3. Fiddleback Maple

    Not what I was looking for but thanks Bob
  4. Fiddleback Maple

    Does anyone know what to put on maple to bring out the fiddle back . Seems like I read something about wiping with some type of acid. Thoughts? Bob
  5. Colt Single Action

    You should hear four. Spells out C O L T. Bob.
  6. Any One Hear Of Bud's Gunshop

    Karl, I've been there a couple of times. The place is always packed. The prices are reasonable.It about an hours drive for me or I would go more often.They have a large selection of used guns. Cool place. Bob
  7. Merry Christmas

    merry christmas!
  8. Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving. Bob
  9. Info Request

    Try MSC for drilll bushings. They should have what you need. Bob
  10. Origional Posts Blacked Out

    Problem solved. Internet Explorer compatability problem. Thank you all for your help. Bob
  11. Origional Posts Blacked Out

    I have ran norton's scan several times. No viruses found. No malware found. This site is the only site that I have a problem with. I have logged out and logged back in with no change. I have deleted cookies, and temp files.
  12. Origional Posts Blacked Out

    I'm running xp w/service pack 3 Internet explorer everything is updated I only have the problem with this site. Every time I try to open a topic the top part of the screen goes entirely black. HELP. Bob
  13. Origional Posts Blacked Out

    If someone makes a post the whole frame turns black when I try to open it. Strangest thing I've seen. Any ideas?
  14. Help..........Whenever I try to open a new post the post is blacked out . The responses are there but I cannot read the origiional post. Is this a problem with the site or my PC? Thanks Bob
  15. 33 Years Ago Today

    Cool, Congrats. Bob