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  1. For All You Wondering Mauser Central Members

    And this site is Not Viable????
  2. Kind of amazing. Our site provider, and our [Mine, not here] forum provider [two different entities] start billing almost a year in advance!!! Seems there was a "fund raising" effort not long ago... Took the $ and run maybe???
  3. First Military Surplus Rifles, Whom I may not Miss...then M.C. What is going on??
  4. Ransomware

    I have already evicted two cases of Ransomeware..Daughter in law and a Friend... Keep a "live" copy of Linux on hand, and off we go
  5. Bolt Stop Identification And Thread Size Question

    Thanks Don...Of course ... one more time, my Memory fails me!!! Argy it is.... I think I will adapt my 89/91 to a Spanish sporter I have...I really like the shape personally!!!
  6. Bolt Stop Identification And Thread Size Question

    I have one like it...But, Mine was from an earlier small ring..no threads, it used a pin.. as Dr. says some turks ['03's I think] had something like that. Mike, Z1r knows the thread size...5mm I sort of Recall
  7. Ny Dropping Teacher Literacy Test

    And News reporters Job is to report News...and actors Job is to act, and of course pat each other on the back constantly..and it goes on and on...Not working worth a from what I can see... The work ethic in this country is Deplorable!!! Except Lobbyists...they still work the system...Hard.
  8. Ny Dropping Teacher Literacy Test

    Do you currently work for a Public educational institute?? not what it once was...This I Know...
  9. Ny Dropping Teacher Literacy Test

    ^^ Good teacher right there. no Teachers any more. Teaching implies that learning is in fact taking place....ain't so anymore..they are simply Facilitators...providing some guidance toward learning, but simply hoping something sinks in...Not their fault...The New PC climate has dumbed down an entire Population... Heard of Trickle up Poverty???? This is Trickle up Ignorance... [bTW Ignorance is Cureable] The schools are simply there to make $$$ Especially institutes of "higher learning" ...They need the $$. If students don't keep at least signing up for school [shocking how many sign up, especially with someone elses money, then drop classes..] the more $$ for the school!!! it is all about Money and Control. Whoever controls the money....has control.....
  10. Ny Dropping Teacher Literacy Test

    Don't matter Teachers don't drug test either... Gotta work at McDonalds to rate a Drug test!!
  11. Small Ring Bolt Problem - Wont Fire

    While a '95 bolt will sometimes go into a '93..I have never seen nor heard of a '93 bolt going into a '95. Unless modified maybe. The "root" of the handle is where the shroud is contacting your bolt before seating fully. Moving the root forward, [Grinding?] and relieving for the shroud would allow the shroud to turn into the bolt properly. Gonna look like Crap tho...
  12. How Do These Look?

    A Style I really Like...Tho I prefer a Lighter Colored [slightly] Wood...Some people are Very Talented indeed... Not Me...All I can be is Jealous!!! Sure would Like to find a classic style piece of wood for a '95 I have!!!
  13. Small Ring Bolt Problem - Wont Fire

    Or...by the root of the safety Lever..... if it is Not on safe!!! Don't look Cocked to my eye... Remove the FP and screw the Shroud on alone...Troubleshoot from there...
  14. Small Ring Bolt Problem - Wont Fire

    Could be just a bit of slag inside the bolt body...Douche it out real good!!! Maybe a Small toothbrush also... BTW it looks wrong also...the FP should be cocked, and the Safety ON to assemble...I believe...Checking!!! Yep without being cocked the Shroud will not screw on... like the 98 Double check your FP is Cocked and the safety on [but Not on Lock] in otherwords Upright position
  15. Small Ring Bolt Problem - Wont Fire

    Yep!! Now, ya need to figure out Why..