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  1. Sometimes ya gotta change

    Thank you sirs karl
  2. NEW TOY,!

    Let us know how it goes on the outdoor range so far it sounds very good....I would have put that mag back as well http://www.nitrowrench.com/Manuals/Ruger-Mini14-180-Series-Manual-1995.pdf karl
  3. Sometimes ya gotta change

    Here in geezer ville aka the villages no one has a outdoor directional antenna or a chimney to put it on. I know that they work or that a booster can help I used to work for Radio shack but no joy here I tried most of the indoor ones and no go, but ya know I am thinking of making one but the Hippy does not like stuff taped to her wall but if I can hide it behind a bookcase? karl
  4. Fc Sent ya a note

    Thank you sir karl
  5. Fc Sent ya a note

    Fc sent ya a note to check your address Please let me know if it is the same karl the late
  6. Sometimes ya gotta change

    I would be happy with Rabbit ears again but we are too far in the sticks tha Roku may work thanks karl
  7. working on a turk

    Yep. I do and did like the Turks. With the ole 5 for you could afford to learn. And the cost of 8mm Ammo? Gad i should have gotten a couple of cases!! Good job sir looking forward to more info. karl
  8. NEW TOY,!

    I read the early problem was a too light (thin) barrel and that that has been fixed.. Doc is right about the A team I saw them use one almost every show. As I said it is a very good rifle I just liked my M1 carbine better karl
  9. NEW TOY,!

    Good deal I shot the Mini, A friend wanted to trade it for my Mi carbine but I had a big can of brass for the M1 carbine and reloading tools and he did not for the Mini so no deal. But the mini was a very nice rifle, I think you will like it. karl
  10. Sometimes ya gotta change

    I have the same cable bundle and service for 5 years. The hippy liked it and I was used to it but the price just kept going up. Now that was annoying but that alone did not get me off my butt. I talked to the cable co before Christmas and it was ok sir...no problem sir...we will change after one last BIG bill only about 140 a month. Ok that is not great but it considering the times is not bad and I was USED to them. Well New Year came and went and the bills just got bigger, my lower price?? gone...Now I dont mind a firm making a buck but as I see it a deal is a deal and they did not keep up their end. Now if the guy had said sorry about that..but those are the new prices I would have growled but as I hate change said OK. But As they lied I had to change stuff and that is a pia. So long and the short of this is that sometime you just gotta change. karl Welcome Back AZ.. Hats off to FC and Doc Hess well done sirs. karl
  11. test

    As per your request sir Testing ..repeat testing seems ok karl
  12. Test

    As per your request sir Testing ..repeat testing seems ok karl
  13. Passing The Hat Time

    Up date the MO will go out on Tuesday. Seems I hurt my back.. so a tad slow getting to the store..I think we are just getting old but the Hippy thinks it is "bad aspects" She is an astrologer!!! And bible reader... Hey Women see no contradiction and as REH said Women and cats do as they please. karl
  14. Passing The Hat Time

    Ok so I am tad late ;( had my head in a Russian history book Stalin bio..he was a rat.. 20 buck Mo on the way. If ya dont need it now put it toward the next payment karl
  15. This Is A Test

    This is a test karl