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  1. Bite them in the butt

    Ok I shall rent one when I can and report back That is as far as I will go for now. karl
  2. Bite them in the butt

    Well enjoy gents. Me? I like the SKS or the M1 carbine karl
  3. Bite them in the butt

    yep I dont like them either. but the kids sure do. Az is right about them jamming and no cleaning gear I had to ask my folks to send me a 22cal cleaning kid which I passed on to friends when I left the Nam and I was a marine grunt!!!!! Yep the AR is NOT my thing karl
  4. Bite them in the butt

    In the 1970s the name was " Colt AR 15 Sporter" some "genius" in marketing started to call it an assault weapon ( which it is not) to get the rambo types...it appears that has now bitten them in the butt. Look it up
  5. The price of the AR is going back up

    I may look into an Ak..yep I got the word about century made guns.. Thanks pal karl
  6. Tell ya one thing gents I see the price of ARs going up...if there is fear of another ban??? Good thing you that like them got them and I dont want one karl
  7. Strange world. I was raised by my uncle a French Prof and a Philosopher, who always said most people are not rational they rationalize. Most, not all, but most, calling for gun confiscation and the repeal of the Second (NYT, the PC and Rosey ) are the same who are proud members of the Resist movement. So? If, for the sake of the argument, you disarm the people and only the police and Government have arms, What than comrade? If Mr Trump gets annoyed and quits tomorrow, you still have a disarmed people. Or do ya think the pols will isten to ya out of LOVE? Best read about Cromwell, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler!...Oh I know it cannot happen here !! You had social studies not history ! We just too good and perfect.. News Flash! Pal. That is what the English and Russians and Germans said. As Unc said people are not rational...
  8. ARs

    No thanks AZ I just never liked the M 16 to start with. Wish they let me keep my m 14
  9. ARs

    I dont even like ARs but the younger set think they are all the rage. I call for armed guards in schools...lots of trained vets about. karl
  10. My second home Assault web may need some help

    Thank you sir karl
  11. The people who own the site Assault well uses are going out of business So if you know of a site they can get? Perhaps the gentleman who fixed ours may know of one? karl
  12. Great victory

    Good for you FC ,,the idea behing that picture is that the troops are gay as a group....I read PC. Again well done FC karl
  13. Great victory

    Good for you sir karl
  14. Go to the occupy dem site and read the posts or Hear chucky speak karl
  15. NOW I know why the PC so hate the Russians

    That the new communist man will create the perfect world on earth. karl