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  1. Trigger Recomendation

    My 5 cents worth . .. ., There are a lot of Parker Hale triggers in this neck of the woods (being the down-under colonials) and I have had several, the rifles invariably shoot better with them removed and the bedding redone - sort of chicken and egg but they are not easy to bed "right" IMO. I have a very expensive locally made target trigger on a 98, easily the best I've ever handled . . . but the second best (and superior to a Reknagel or NECG that I have) is a very well tuned standard military trigger. It is still two stage, but thats not a big deal for a target rifle. The second stage of a mauser is very little work to tune to a 2 1/2 lb pull that is very sweet. There are plenty of sites that describe how, sometimes they leave out a fairly important step IMO, and that is to have several triggers and sears, and do some mixing and matching after you have polished them all. Ofter very little extra is required. Cheers
  2. No 4 Scope Mount Idea

    Hello Guys I've been looking at options for a really low mount that will enable me to use weaver style rings on a No 4. I know of several commercial bases but they are all higher than I like. I don't really want to drill and tap the action for a side mount if I can avoid it (buggered if I know why not - maybe I've let the don't mess with an original rifle crowd get to me, but its more likely that I don't like lots of holes if one wants to remove the scope mount and refit the peep sight). So here is a thought - probably a brain fart but if you'd like to offer feedback I'm listening. For the front (which is already tapped) I'll adapt a weaver steel base, the #46 is the right radius, and the slot is in the right place, I just have to cut it to the right lenght and drill it. At the rear I'm thinking to make up a partial side mount from angle iron (steel actually). It will use the ejector screw on the left side, and I'll tap the rear sight plunger hole on the right side at the rear so a large screw can fasten the mount down onto the action (vertically at a right angle to the bore, it'll need a little spacer to get the height right). This hole is currently 3/16ths so it will be a 7/32nds machine screw - very beefy. I'll adjust a steel extension base to screw on top of the angle. If I want to put the rear sight back on it will go, the plunger may have a little more play in its hole, but its not critical Dead easy to do and nothing fancy to have to buy - what think you all ?? Cheers - Foster
  3. Laminated Birch "chunks"

    Hello Guys Does anyone know where one can obtain pieces of the laminated (and coloured) birch plywood that is used for stocks these days. I want some to make a mannlicher style forend up for a two piece stock, but can only find quite expensive full blanks on the net. Cheers - Foster
  4. Another Mauser

    Hello Guys Z1r - This is nice work with a very nice rifle the likely outcome. Could I please enquire as to the barrel profile, I'd like to know the full specs but if you don't know the shank and muzzle diameter would be of interest. Have you had it in a stock ?? How did it balance with this weight of tube ?? I'm nearly ready to have the smith fit up the 257 barrel to my VZ 33 action and I'm real interested in the handling of these lighter profiles - sorta that the lighter you go the more critical balance becomes to making a real hunting rifle that can be shot in all the positions one finds oneself when hunting!! (rant - too many modern factory lightweights are fine at the bench but hopeless to use after you've just climbed a 1000') Cheers - Foster
  5. Introduction

    Hello Guys After a long lurk and much looking at you posts it seems only polite to introduce myself. I'm a firearms "tinkerer" from Invercargill, in New Zealands deep south (below 46 S !!). I'm completely in awe of the work and expertise you guys here share, and feel very privileged to be able to look on. I'm very keen on building sporters (I do the final shaping and finishing of the stock, metalwork is done by professionals) on Mauser 98's, especially Brno actions. I don't have a lot of them but am always on the lookout for something better than I have now - recently someone posted elsewhere that they are always trying to build their "everthing rifle" and that is also me to a "t". My current project is a 1935 VZ 33 that will have a Orbendorf Model B style bolt handle, and hopefully if I can find a pattern, an english style stock. There is a Wather Lothar 250 cal barrel on order and I'm going to chamber it in good old 257 Roberts. There is also a Brno large ring stashed away, and a G33/40 with a very hacked stock but pristine action for sale here by auction where the price has not yet gone mad, so maybe I'll luck onto that. If anyone has any ideas on who might do a good semi inlet (for a VZ 33) of my blank to a "modern" english stock pattern I'd love to hear about them. Cheers - Foster