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  1. Wtb For Rem 12a

    Cheers for that Spiris! I've got it ordered, they had the part Great site I must add Dave
  2. Wtb For Rem 12a

    G'day I'm looking for a outer mag tube for a Mod 12A REM pump .22 mines had it & I'm fretting Dave
  3. It Must Be True

    Damn there must be a nasty out break of no wars ,& good news gerneraly for them to have to start printing that sort of ground breaking news Dave (Hey we've had 24 hrs of steady rain )
  4. Direction

    I wonder if people who sail ever use sextants to play similar sports? I know this might sound weird but I use a sextant on occastion when I'm working out the perimiters of New shooting properties & take bearings to refer to of a night when I start shooting that area . I find that a little preperation saves me a whole lot of valueble shooting time ! Dave
  5. The Moon Is Right

    Rain ?????????????????????????? we're a third of the way through winter & I've had to Google up Rain to see what it looks like ! Lots of Frost but no rain Dave
  6. You Gotta Like These Jews

    Whilst I have always wondered about the brain capasity of the Average Palistinian !!!! I was amazed at the stupidity of them Kidnapping a Israeli Soldier! Hey all they would of had to do was ring any of the surviving Ugandan Cabnet who were in power when Dear Ol Idi Armin decided to keep a group of Israeli hostages as Guests of his Government ! It was proven to the world at that time that Israel is not Known for it's sence of humour where Jews are concerned ! It don't matter where you hide from these people they'll get you in the end ! Dave
  7. Our Forces are suffering the same problem over in Iraq at the presant time ! The other day a convoy on a recon patrol to check the saftey of a route for a Trade deligation ! Engauged a convoy of Iraqies from the Gov trade ministry Killing one body guard & wounding two others ! The Iraqies now want a appology & compensation ! Now the senirio as how it happened ! The Australian troops were given no warning of the fact of the Gov convoy ! The Gov Convoy tried to over take them ! All of the body Guards were in civilian dress but armed to the teeth !!!!!!!!! Now having been (Like swamp rat ) in a position of having to be a Gentleman & let the other party involved have the first shot /s before enguaging them & having to wear a Target (read uniform ) where as the other side chose to wear casual clothes ! I support the desision to open fire on a unknown heavily armed force that ar posisioning them selves to what could be assumed to be the perfect ambush ! I really think the idiots who belive there are rules of enguagement ! Should take up arms & go sit in the "Poo" with the poor devils who are being asked to do the impossible ! If this were to happen I think our Polititions would realsize very quickly there ain't no rules in a street fight !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get's off his soap Box ........Dave
  8. When Do You Stop?

    Good Question ! Swamp ! Where & at what point do we stop hating ???? It's taken me a lot of years to realise there is Good & Bad in all races ! It seems to be in the intrest of those who stand to make money out of hatred to keep stirring the pot ! I hate you because ! You hate me because ? & so it goes on I think Hate is like a great Festering Boil that fills us with poison ! I was once told you can either be Bitter or Better ! But God knows how to achive this ! I work on the simple methord these days of if a person is honest ,works hard ,doesn't try & screw you over & shows a common respect towards all around them ! I don't care what colour or creed they are ! If they are none of the above ? well it's open season in the hate department ! That's my 00.2 worth Dave
  9. Ethanol Article

    Over here Bio diesil is made from used cooking Oil & the Ethanol is made from either Suger cane or canola (this has been a god send to our suger farmers ! )We run both my work truck & all of ourfarm machinery & Plant on the Bio Diesil now! There is a substantial improvement on the econimy & less wear & tear on all of this Plant ! I have never been able to work out how over here they charge approx 10c per litr more for Diesil than Petrol considering that Diesil is a bi product in the distillling of oil in to fuel ! We do get a hefty rebate due to the volume of fuel we buy but the average motorist still pays top dollar ! Dave
  10. Ethanol Article

    I've taken to using Bio Desiel (a mixture of recycled cooking oils & ethanol) & not only is it slightly cheaper & causes better performance ,it is a great lubricant in the motors I use ! I'm also just started buying Petrol (Gasoline ) that is a 90/10 mixture of petrol & ethanol ! Normally the car that I have that runs on petrol has had to have been run on the most expensive Fuel to obtain a high enough Octane level & then a upper cylinder lubricant had to be added as Leaded fuel is no longer avalible! The Bio petrol is of a high enough Octaine level with straight unleaded to be used & it does not need the additive after filling & so I'm saving a fortune ,with the added bonus of increased power & increased fuel economy Great gear ! But I fear that the oil companies are crying wolf over this one ! As for the debate over the amount of fossil fuel being used to make the ethanol ? the companies who distill it over here ,use the Used suger cane that it is extracted from to fire their boilers to produce both the heat & power required to produce the product . Dave
  11. Life

    Well said Sir ! Very well said !!!! Dave
  12. From A Canadian

    My Prayers go out to that man & his Family & to the many other Parents who have Children serving overseas! I have had overseas service & Now know the anguise that I put my Parents through havin a Son who has been serving overseas! When he was first sent I thought that mentaly I would be prepared having been through it myself ! But nothing prepares you for that feeling of dread of every phone call ,or E-mail from the Gov or from your children . God keep these Kids safe & Lets just get the job done & get em home ! Dave
  13. Putin And Communism

    It's a simple case of the "Golden Rule " Who ever has the Gold makes the Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave
  14. Australian Figures True?

    Yep those figures just about add up ! The Regulations started with Sem Auto Rifles /Shot guns & Pumpaction shot guns (with the exception of Farmers ,Pro shooters ,& members of the Australian Clay target ass) I made a killing by buying up every el cheapo semi auto .22 I could lay my hands on for between 10 & 50 dollars & then like a good little shooter sold em to the Gov for $150.00 !!!!! (I sent a copy of the recipt to the Coalition for Gun control thanking them for helping me to make a tidy little profit with their Tax dollars !!!! Never got a reply !!!!! Very rude I think ) Hand gun restrictions ! No semi auto with a mag capacity of more than 10 rnds or Barrel lenght less than 5" Revolver min barrel lenght 4" Max Cal for Handguns .38 except for events such as Metalic sil or SASA Kept my .44mags & we rewotethe rules of field Metalic Sil to enable members of our local pistol club to keep their 45ACPs Shooters were paid top dollar for their High cap mags & brought 10 shot! Hunting with handguns was banned years ago but there is a exception made for Prmy Producers for pest control (Hey I'm a Farmer !!!!) Now it has come to the attention of our Beloved Parliment that only 10% of containers comming into Australian Ports are inspected & maybe this is where all the illegal firearms are comming from!!! These Boys & Girls are fast I tell ya !!!!! Dave
  15. Modern Pinkos

    Seems that we have the same Problems ! Over Here it's now Called the "Greens Party" their Anti everything ! Their known as the Water melon party !!!!! Green on the outside but Red on the inside!!!!! Their Leader Senator Bob Brown ! Caused the most embarrasing moment that most honest Australians have ever seen ,when President Bush visited Australia & our Parliment ! Mr Brown got up & walked out of the Chamber as soon as Mr Bush was introduced !!! In the opinion of Main steam Australia this showed not only the act of a inmature person ,but also a rudeness that made one wonder if this Man was really a Australian !!!!! These people seem to have no set agenda apart from banning anything & everything & yell like spoiled Children when nobody listens to them! Personally I feel that people like this should be treated with the contempt that they diserve & be totaly ignored by all & sundry Dave