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  1. Lazy Day

    How's that jeep restoration project coming?
  2. Would Like To Buy

    PM sent
  3. Newest Toy/winter Project

    Ken - What is the status of this project?
  4. 1928 Pfk K98 Mauser 257 Roberts Mannlicher

    Sure hope you kissed the seller...
  5. Nc Boar Hunt

    Looks like a lot of fun. Where in NC is this?
  6. Prayers Needed

    God's will be done.
  7. Sold for a reasonable offer.
  8. Price reduced to reasonable offer.
  9. - 35 Whelen - 24 inch barrel, excellent barrel looks almost new, same as Douglas Contour #2 (but not marked as such, can't verify maker, originally installed on FN action in 1985); ramped front sight, missing front sight insert, d/t for rear sight - Military 98 action, came off GSA mauser with forged bolt handle, left side safety, rebarreled by Clemson - D/T for Weaver bases - Alloy triggerguard with hinged floorplate - Unfinished, semi-inlet Claro walnut stock; guard has been inlet, barrel channel is shaped but needs widening, action needs further widening, bolt handle needs inletting, toe repair
  10. Thanksgivin

    Flying to Houston to be with family and watch A&M beat Texas.
  11. 1917 Eddystone

    Back before WWII the 1917 was one of the few affordable actions that could fit the long H&H cartridges. Many were converted to 300 and 375's. And in Alaska, for your use I figure .308 caliber would get used more often than the larger calibers. You can load it as mild as 30-06 or step it up to 300 WinMag. To put a modern cartridge in one seems like putting fuel injection in a '32 Model A. Just doesn't match; too disrespectful to the chassis. I've often thought about a 300 H&H on a Rem Model 30 (commercial action of 1917 origin) I have that is in 30-06 AI. But you can't ream a 30-06AI to 300 H&H.
  12. Newest Toy/winter Project

    Project status check.
  13. 1917 Eddystone

    I bet you'd use a 300 H&H more often and longer.
  14. 1917 Eddystone

    300 H&H Sporter - but will take some sweat equity to be reasonable.
  15. Bragging Rights

    I want to see pics -