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  1. Lib's Paradise

    Someone said that if hitlery gets to be president,the 1st one she pardons will be herself.
  2. I drank the Perot Kool-Aid myself and am am still embarrassed about it,but it taught me an important lesson about politics.I must admit.As long as Hitlery doesn't win,I'll be all right.Old bernie sucks,but after the last 7 years,it'll take a lot to upset me.I said in '08,that after 9/11,there was no way this country would elect someone with a rag-head name and no experience except being a community organizer,so the socialist bernie may be our next president,and maybe after 8 years of him,maybe we can go full communist.If you can't beat them,join them.Millions that died fighting communism is a small price to pay.It sure is early to be so pizzed off.Maybe another pot of coffee and a 30 Keystone will calm me down.
  3. Latest Addition To My Family

    Congrats. AZ!!!!!!!!! We have a 4 month old and we're keeping her some mom can work.Kinda wish I hadn't retired so soon.NOT REALLY.
  4. Missing Ole Fritz

    Sounds good to me!!!
  5. Update

    Man what a hard way to loose weight.This insurance crap is wrecking lots of lives.Glad your getting better.
  6. Only work on guns when your in the mood.
  7. Arisaka 99

    I need a bolt.I found a few on ebay and gunbroker that I could afford but they were last-ditch.
  8. Ebony Or Rosewood For A Forarm Tip & Grip Cap.

    A little late,but I'm trying to catch up.I used a piece of Boise D'ark,osage orange,or horse apple,what ever you want to call it, for a fore-end,and it turned out beautiful. I have plenty if ya'll ever want to try it.
  9. Missing Ole Fritz

    Will never forget the day we got the post from Fritz's daughter that he had be killed in a car wreck.I planned to go down to Victoria Tex. to visit him but waited too long.We were about the same age and grew up poor as a church mouse in Texas,so we had a lot in common.I'll never forget the picture he posted of himself dressed up like Poncho Villa at the golf course halloween party.I go to the coast several times a year and go through Victoria and kinda get a knot in my throat thinking of him.His best post were of the big snow they had there(very rare for that far south) and the copperhead bite he got sitting at his picnic table.
  10. Geha Shotgun Parts Needed

    Just taking a wild shot at someone having some parts laying around they'd sell.I have 2 Geha's that I'm restoring.One is complete but with a busted stock but have a new 98 stock I can whittle down.No stock for the other but probably have another 98 somewhere.What I need is a better barrel for one and the plate that goes by the bolt stop that keeps the 2nd shell from flying out when ejecting the 1st shell.
  11. 13 Hours

    Naw,I didn't get out for good behavior,I converted to muslim.I actually retired last April Fools Day.Now I'm working on big projects around the ranchette that I never had time to do when I was working.I had a dream job for 31 1/2 years but it's mighty nice to do things for myself now when and how I want to do them.Trying to restore 2 Geha shotguns on my fun time right now.Sorry about highjacking this thread.Ya'll dang sure be hearing from me from now on.
  12. 13 Hours

    I'd rather go to the dentist than a movie theater,but reckon I will for this one.My plan was to read the book 1st.,but since my eyesight has gone south,reading aint so enjoyable any more.Just want to say howdy fellers.I'm back again and started (again)working on all my gun projects I put on the self a few years ago.I'd like to say",FARK THE MUSLIM AND BILLARY"!
  13. It's been a long time coming,but I think I'm kinda caught up enough to start thinking about guns and such.The last couple years has had me working 65hrs. a week,remodeling a house(now mine needs remodeling again) and having grandbabies.I finally got me a grandchild with a kick-stand,and am retiring April 1st.I started digging out all my forgotten project guns and sorta got all excited again.I got 2 Geha's to finish,a .270 Jap.38 I got from Riceone,a couple Swedes,and 2 .35 Whelens on VZ actions.I've really missed shooting the bull with you cats and am looking forward to catching up.I sorta need to learn computer stuff again.Should take 5 minutes to learn everything I ever knew.Hope you dudes aint forgot me.
  14. A cat at work gave me the challenge to find and install an adjustable rear sight on his Taurus,but so far I haven't been able to find one.Midway has put me on back order for about 3 months now,Brownell and Gunparts Inc. doesn't have them.LPA makes them,but I can't get their web sight to take my order.Anybody have any ideas?
  15. Picking Up Where I Left Off On Jap. Sporter

    Never got caught yet,been lucky. I got side-tracked from gun work remodeling a house and working 12hr days with days off far between.I dug out my unfinished projects,and sorta got the urge again.I have a Arisaka 38 in '06 I got from Riceone to finish,a Whelen .35,a Ghia shotgun,and need to get my Swede 96 working properly.I really didn't realize how lng it's been since I've been on here.