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  1. Hi to all, My gunsmith in Idaho stopped working due to health problems, he made several great projects for me. I have a couple of projects that I would like done, a Mauser 98 action with a Sarco Swedish 8mm bull barrel, a Mauser 93 action (Brazil) to rebarrel with a Chilean 7mm barrel and two Argentine Mauser 1891 actions to rebarrel with un-issued carbine length 6.5x55 Swedish Mauser barrels. If you know of a good gunsmith in the area or of another one out of state that would take work, would appreciate your help. Regards Surplus
  2. Barrel Weight Question

    Depends on the contour that you choose a sporter is thinner than a bull barrel or a bench rest barel You can go to their web site and see the measurements of the different contours and get an idea which one will be heavier Surplus