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  1. Dakotacliff

    I have several stocks from him he accurately describes them and the inleting is excellent. The outside dimensions are oversized though and the do require alot of wood removal ,to say the least they are bulky. Never the less he has a good product good communication and is fast to ship. I am currently using one to stock the 338-06 I am putting together hope to post pics soon. James
  2. Broken Firing Pin Fix Needed

    Take the standard and intermediate firing pins and lay them side by side. You will notice that some of the groves line up while some dont. The standard firing pin has one grove more to the rear and the intermediate has one more to the front. With carful use of a dremel tool and cut off wheels and some small files you can add another grove to the front of the std. to match the intermediate. the rear most grove and step on the std will need to be removed and left the smaller diameter then excess can be cut off. Take your time and check cocking piece for fit often. You will notice that it will become nescesary to take the end of the std pin down to the smaller diameter first so that you can get the cocking piece on to check fit. I do mine on my lathe is much easier to do, but if you take your time and go slow you can do it yourself. There a few guys on this forum that can do it for you at minimal cost if you dont feel comfortable doing it yourself. If you need some one to talk you thru it on the phone you can give me a call. 210-315-7748 Hope this helps, James
  3. Nagant Timney Triggers

    Not sure what the problem is I am on the computer at work and it may be our security but, when I tried to send PM's the screen just went dark. James
  4. Nagant Timney Triggers

    Glad I checked the forum today. email sent to rivitar . AZ my email is jweaver@felpsis.net for shipping cost my address is James Weaver 101 CR 405 Floresville TX 78114 James
  5. Alternative To Blueing?

    I have had the best results with KG Gunkote, I have tried both types of duracoat and the ceramacoat from brownell's. The ceramacoat is a close second to the KG IMHO. James
  6. Nagant Timney Triggers

    Looks like 21 so far I keep checking in and it looks like your making progress. James
  7. 220 Swift Ai Mosin Project

    I like what you've done with this one and the bolt head you bushed Got me to start thinking. I went out and put 243 dummy rounds in mine and it feeds them good also 7x57 and 6mm rem. 8x57 binds just a little at the front of the mag on the wider shoulder of the 8x57 case. I need to get my bolt bushed and adjust the extractor like you did. Do you have any pics of how you shimmed the extractor. I have not worked on any mosins so this is a learn deal for me. The bolt is a lot like a carnaco but differnt at the same time figuring it out as i go. Have you mounted a scope yet. If so what base did you use? My mosin has the hex receiver it is the only one I have and the bore is trashed so I have been thinking of doing something along the lines of what you have been doing with yours. James
  8. Nagant Timney Triggers

    I will take two m98 with safeties and one mosin w/safety Thats three total for me. Let me know who to send funds to when you get everything figured out. James
  9. Nagant Timney Triggers

    AZ if still possible I would like one of the mosin triggers. Should probably post this under mausers but I am sure we can move it if needed but I could use a couple of mauser 98 triggers maybe we could do a group by on some of them also. James
  10. Barrel Thread Question

    The shanks on most of the ruger barrels are long enough and have a large enough O.D. to thread to large or small ring and still have enough shank left to look good and fit in barrel vise. James
  11. Well i guess i should have used a capital "I" when i said I was on an apple an I was having difficulty not the Mac. My wife is learning me to be more better on it
  12. Yes but i think it has some thing to do with the fact that i am on an apple computer. james
  13. I have noticed most of the same things the economy may have some thing to do with it so may our comander in chief.But building mausers has slowed down. I havent taken the time to take pics of anything that I have been working on been using my spare time to hunt and work and not fight with photobucket to post pics. I still check in here regularly to see whats going on and to see if there any new pics and am glad to see there are some new members working on projects. I have a few that i am working on and will make an effort to get my photobucket account updated so i can post pics again and show some off some of what I have learned since first visiting this site. James
  14. Nagant

    thanks for the replies i knew i could count on yall i am nagant illiterate but i am catching on it is a 7.62 x 54 but the bore looks terrible i may try and find a good barrel for it and the stock has a couple of cracks that need to be repaired but they are not major i been busy hunting and havent had a chance to take or post pics but i will try to in the next couple of days thanks, james