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  1. I just picked up a 42 Longbranch Enfield, fairly cheap, that someone has sportered, polished, blued, and put on a decent sporter butt and forend stock. Looks real nice, at least I think so. I am amazed though that someone would put that much effort in making this rifle the way it is and not clean out the barrel. I started cleaning it out yesterday, for awhile, and the patches were not even close to looking clean when I finished for the day. Still lots of black and brown gunk coming out of it. Looks like I have a lot of work to do. Two issues though, the inside of the barrel has one area with some minor pitting, but real shallow, I think it will clean up nicely. The other minor issue is the buttstck is slightly loose. So I will have figure how to get the rubber buttpad off and see how I can tighten it up and secure the buttstock better. I can't wait to get it in shoot'n shape and see how it performs. If I did not live in the stone age and had a digital camera I would post some pictures.
  2. Who Made The Brazillian Mausers

    Yea, I agree with Horsefly as I found that out first hand when I bought a Brazilian 1908 Mauser on one of those auctions sites. It looked really nice with the stock on and when I pulled it apart their was a fair amount of pitting under the wood line through out. I have a new barrel for it and I am going to attempt to fill these pits on the action with something though unsure yet. I was thinking about using epoxy, JB weld, or possibly Devicon to help restore this action. Eric
  3. Enfield Conversion Kits

    Surplus rifle has an article about Special Interest Arms that I find interesting, so I thought I would share. http://www.surplusrifle.com/index.asp
  4. My New 91/30 Mosin

    I was at a gunshow today and purchased and real nice 91/30 Tula made Mosin. It was made in 1935, has a hex receiver, has crisp rifleing with a bright bore, nice wood with very very minimal dings and scratches, and the bluing is pretty decent. I am not really into Mosins but the price was right and this rifle just called to me. Like a Siren's song. I Cannot wait to get out and shot it. I am curious to see what kind of accuracy it can produce, and of course it is just the plain fun shooting a newly purchased milsurp rifle. Or any rifle from my collection for that matter.
  5. Enfield Conversion Kits

    I was cruz'n the net looking for more info on this site and owner, and all I could find was his first name and it is Richard. Maybe someone else knows more. I have an Enfield that I am look'n to do something with and his web site has given me some ideas. Eric
  6. Enfield Conversion Kits

    This guy has an intersestin website I think some Enfield owners might enjoy. SIA Rev. Before ordering a conversion kit the buyer needs to remove the bolt head and trigger guard from their rifle for shipment to S.I.A. ... http://www.specialinterestarms.com/ Eric
  7. Parkerizing

    Where would on find and economical vessel to parkerize parts in especially longer items like a rifle barrels. Thanks again, Eric
  8. Parkerizing

    Is it necessary to sandblast metal to be parked prior to parkerizing? Or can you rough it up with course sandpaper?
  9. I am considering parkerizing a project and am curious do you parkerize the barrel and receiver seperately or as one unit. If you do have to do them seperately do you have to do something to protect the threads in the receiver and on the barrel. Thanks for your help, Eric
  10. Renegade .56 Smoothbore

    I bought a T/C Renegade smoothbore in .56 caliber and practiced a bunch this summer to get comfortable and proficient enough with this front stuffer to hunt with it this fall. I was out in this revine still hunting and was hearing a ton of multiple rapid gun fire, kind of sounded like spary and pray shooting to me. I got chilled after 3 hours so I decided to do some stalking. I was up following a trail in some tall grass leading to a soybean field when I heard something crashing through the grass. When this 6 point buck finally appeared i noticed it was limping badly with its head down. I saw a 12 guage size hole, still bleeding heavly, in its left hind quarter and figured it was going into the revine to die. I shot this wounded animal at about 15 yards and put it out it misery. It was with mixed feelings though because I know I did the right thing and I got some venison, but was really hoping to get a honest shot at healthy buck with my smoothbore musket. I waited to see if someone was tracking this deer but no one appeared. I am going to use a muzzleloader again next year and use either my .54 cal Tennessee rifle or a .62 cal smoothbore I bought for my Renegade. I thought I would share my first hunt with a muzzleloader, but not my first hunt. Eric
  11. Enfield Stock

    That is the conclusion I came up with and I ordred a walnut sporter forend from Numrich. Thanks for your reply. Eric
  12. Enfield Stock

    Anyone know if a, as advertised, WWII Enfield #1 MK III forend, that has been sporterized, fit an Enfield #4 MK 2 that also has been sporterized. Basically the barrel has been shortened with a differnet front sight. The forend that is on there now is to loose and wobbles around alot. I need a tighter fitting forend so I can shoot it rifle. It has just been sitting in my gun closet waiting to be taken to the range.
  13. Turk And A Vise

    Hey, that is one heck of rifle you did! I am planning to do a wood stock with duracoat and was wondering if put the finish directly on the wood, or did you some sort of primer first? Thanks Eric