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  1. Cetme Build From A Parts Kit

    I am building a CETME on a CIA receiver right now. I wasnt to spec when I got it so I am having to tweak the receiver as I am building it. I will post some pics when I finish it up. I have the trunnion welded in so far and am working on it slowly, clod weather here makes it hard to get in the shop and work with metal.
  2. The FN FAL

    Anyone know where I can get a couple Imbel receivers at a decent price?
  3. Had A Good Deer Season.

    Lucky you. I live in NC and we had a very warm and wet Fall and winter so far. The deer would walk at night and food was very plentiful so they wouldnt even touch my corn or salt licks. Got 1 big doe for the season and spent alot of wasted time in the stand.
  4. How Do You Tell If You're A Gun Nut?

    I am so much of a gun nut that all my friends and family come to me for advice and questions related to firearms.
  5. Parts Storage Advice

    I store mine in cheap cosmo grease and zip lock bags. I have many kits I have picked up over the years and havent gotten around to building yet. Grease works the best, do a search on google for surplus cosmo and by some.
  6. $50 K98's

    DANG! I miss out on all the good stuff. My sales rep sucks! I never even got the flyer.
  7. Relationship Question For Anyone.

    Your ex sounds like she was a real winner. There is someone for everyone out there, sounds like hers is a nut job who will smack her around. Good riddance to bad rubbish!
  8. Bore Sighter Left In

    I bet it had one hell of a kick! Looks like a banana peel, lol.
  9. Are We Next?

    The US already has done this. It is very simple for your ISP to monitor what sites you go to and observe your email and IM. The only way to stop the viewing of emails is to set up encryption on your end and decryption on the receivers end. It would be very difficult for them to get into your PC HDD.
  10. Hamas

    You can tell by the eyes that he has no soul.
  11. Here It Comes

    Get out the suntan lotion!
  12. What A Deal!

  13. If the weapon in question has no import markings it could be a rare find. Alot of Vet bring backs from WW2. Check under the front of the barrel for an import stamp. K98 stocks are cheap and plentiful right now. You could find the correct type stock very easy online. IE, cupped, flat, Hardwood or laminate.... Send in some pictures for US to look at and I can tell you what it needs. If all else fails I am sure you could trade if for a Sporter or sell it here for cash.
  14. J&g's Ar-15's

    I would go with the build your own. This way you can pick and choose the items you want and not pay for stuff you dont want.