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    Bow hunting, building guns, mausers, reloading and ballistics.
  1. Graduation Present

    Very nice, Rod. He should be well pleased with that. The bolt is beautiful as always. Brenden
  2. Actions For Sale

    Price drop on the Mexican- $185 shipped
  3. Actions For Sale

    Kenny, pictures sent from an alternate e-mail address of mine. Thanks, Brenden
  4. Actions For Sale

    If you want, email me at osborne.brenden@hotmail.com, and I will send them to you that way. Sometimes it works for me on here sometimes it doesn't. Thanks, Brenden
  5. Actions For Sale

    I've got two actions for sale. I've had the Mexican up for sale here before, but this time around I'll lower the price. 1. Mexican 1910 action. Very minor pitting on the left side of action. Complete bolt, un-molested action. It comes with bottom metal, but I have misplaced the floor plate. $200 shipped 2. Spanish Oviedo- this action has had the charger hump removed and is low on the sides from removal of the charger hump. It is complete minus the bottom metal. We all know these aren't the most desirable, so I'll put the price accordingly- $80 shipped. Nothing else, make a reasonable offer. I don't have the time to build anymore, and my gun safe over flows with unfinished projects. I don't want to move these to gunbroker and deal with that headache. I can text or email pictures if intrested. Thanks, Brenden My apologies for the double post; my computer and I have a hate/hate relationship.
  6. On A Road Trip

    Good luck to Zach! Sounds like he's doing pretty darn well. Brenden
  7. Amusing Deset Eagle Ad

    I love the 454. I was going to buy an Encore barrel in 454, but I chose to go with the 480 Ruger instead. MGM is making my barrel as we speak, 8.5" long. Should be a great deer thumper. I still love my 375 JDJ in the Encore pistol, but having an extra barrel is nice. My friend shoots an Encore pistol in 45-70 with no brake. It is wicked with the IMR 3031 loads with the 350's. I shot two rounds of the 405's a couple weeks ago. My hands are still sore from it! My 375 will leave your knuckles bloody and hand sore after about 20 rounds. I have rather large hands and no matter how I hold that darn thing, it smacks my knuckles. It shoots like a rifle, but can be hard to control. Most off the time I shoot one handed off the bench. I plan on cutting the trigger guard spur off and relocating it. T/C is the worst designed hand cannon ever, but they are damn accurate. Brenden
  8. Santa Fe Supreme 44

    Can one still get the blank weaver side mounts that you can drill to fit yourself? I vaguely remember seeing them somewhere. Thanks, Brenden
  9. Happy Birthday Tanglewood

    hope you had a good one. Wish I could have been there to jump out of the cake for ya! Brenden
  10. I Did It, Put A S&w M-10 On Lay Away

    I built my first AR this spring. I swore I would never own one. it's one gun I take out every time now. Mines just a 5.56, but it's awesome. I mounted a 3x9 Bushnell on it and accuracy rivals my bolt guns with the 1x7 twist and 69 grain sierra bullets. I'm going to do a 300 blackout pistol soon. I think it would be a great home defense item. I do lust for an AR 10. One in 7mm-08 would be a great critter getter. Brenden
  11. Well Working On A Few

    22-250, such a shame they waste all that capacity to launch tiny bullets. Reminds me of, oh a 300 Weatherby? Haha! I've got a good deer load for the '250 if you are intrested. It's a bullet/powder combo that will make you think I went mad. Hope everything goes well for the build. Your son sure is a good kid. Brenden
  12. You Guys In West Virginia

    You can't find many around here that will pass a drug test, he didn't lie there. That's southern West Virginia, and just about every state around. It's your typical politician word war. Nothing new to me. Coal is about the only source of income in southern West Virginian, well that and drugs. We bear hunted down there for years. It's a drug filled wasteland. If we listened to everything they said, not a one would receive a vote. None are worth voting for now, nothing ever changes, just empty promises and meaningless campaigns. I believe I summed up about all of them with the last statement. EPA has tried to shut down coal for years. Haven't gained too much ground. Coal is dying, is dirty, cost millions of dollars every year for violations, and people are sick of seeing mountains removed. Gas is the future, for now. People are already sick of seeing drilling rigs setting on the hills, and pipelines cutting through their land. There isn't too much gas in southern WV, as stated above, this is about it for income. Coal is always the main campaign issue here, but nothing is ever done. Nothing more than a hot topic. In short, this happens every year, Karl. Brenden
  13. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    Graf and Sons has PPU brass for $50 a hundred. It's supposed to be very good brass as I've heard good reviews about it. Watch Midway for brass. I got 3 boxes on sale a few months ago for a decent price. I usually form just about everything from 30-06. I'm trying to get out of that as it could be disastrous when dealing with 25-06, 30-06, 338-06, 8mm-06 and now the 35 Whelen. I may just be paranoid... Thanks, Brenden
  14. 35 Whelen Ai

    Midway had the 7mm bullets on sale probably four months ago or more. They were around $17 a hundred if my memory is correct. As far as "blemishes", I can't really see them. I haven't sat down and measured each bullet either. For less than 100 yard shooting, I feel they will be ok. Open sights and my eyes don't agree much past 100 yards. I can remember a few years ago shooting deer routinely with a muzzleloader with open sights at double that range. Funny how things change. I used a 21" green mountain barrel for the 7x57. It was originally going to be a cast bullet weapon until I stumbled onto the blemished bullets. It's on a Brazilian sr action. I'm working on the stock now. Still need to chamber and weld a new The 35 is a green mountain barrel as well. They may not be the best barrel in the world, but have always shot well for me. Thanks, Brenden
  15. 35 Whelen Ai

    I have acquired a 24" 35 whelen barrel and it now resides on a spare action. It is still short chambered, and needs finished. For those that have the 35 AI, is there much improvement over the standard? Is it worth the extra effort and work? I'm always looking for something different, and haven't added any Ackley Improved cartridges to the stable yet. From what I see the Whelen is a good performer, improved or not. I've also been working on a 7x57 on a small ring. It should make a nice short range plinker once finished. I bought several hundred 162 grain interbond "blemished" bullets to load for it. I just drilled and tapped it for a reciver sight last weekend, so it's coming along nicely. Thanks, Brenden