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  1. Making A Bolt Heat Sink

    What's the welding paste you speak of??? THANKS Don
  2. Receiver Hardness

    Thanks Guy's I'm on the North side of the 49th parallel and only have one receiver to do. I doubt hat Blanchard's would be an option for me, so guess I'll just limit mods to my receiver. I've done some research, but this was a new issue for me! Don
  3. Receiver Hardness

    So who would normally do gas carburization. Is it a gunsmithing process or something with industrial applications. I'm not sure where I'd look in Yellow Pages! I'm just starting my first mauser build and it's not something I had heard mentioned before! Thanks Don
  4. Receiver Hardness

    I've been following this thread and am a bit confused! When you say heat treating, I interpret that to mean heating the whole receiver to a high temperature and quenching. Grain structure would change throughout the metal and warping would be a real possibility? Or do you mean some sort of case or surface hardening? If so whats the process and who would I get to do it? THANKS Don
  5. Interesting Book

    RDFRENCH31 I've been looking at add's for that book is well. I think it has a section on setting up and aligning a lathe for rebarreling. I would be interested in your review of that information??? I had posted a question on that subject under Tips of the Trade on this forum but haven't received any replies. THANKS Don
  6. Lathe Tuning

    Hi! All; I have all the bits and peices collected to start my first rifle build. But, before I do that I want to do some work on my lathe. I understand the basics of leveling and setting over the tailstock but beyond that i'm not sure whats needed for gunsmithing. I have a 13x40 Asian made lathe sold here in Canada by Modern Tool. I don't think it's a lot different than those sold by Busy Bee or Grizzly Tool. It's a good size for me and what I could afford but I'm not overly pleased with the as delivered performance. So I want to do some checking. What I don't know is how to check the spindle bore alignment to the bed, both vertically and horizontally and the height of the tailstock center with respect to the spindle bore. And what the heck do you do about it if their not in alignment? I'dd sure like to hear comments regarding what kind of lathe accuracy I need for action blueprinting and chamber reaming and anybody that's been down this road! Thanks