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  1. How Do You "shatter" A Broken Tap.

    Drill it with a smaller carbide bit. It will usually shatter after just a bit of pressure. Run a new tap through & see if the hole can be saved. Believe it or not I've put jb weld in a damaged hole like this, let it cure, redrilled & re-tapped. Over half the threads were still metal, but the epoxy took a thread just fine & the mount is solid as a rock.
  2. Blocking Mag Well

    The Israeli 7.62 NATO convertions have a block tac welded in already. They work & look nice & since the 308 win is the same length as te 243, try getting one of those. I know Numrich had them a year ago at least.
  3. I Need Alittle Help.

    cut it off & add a shotgun trigger bow onto it. It'll be prettier than before!
  4. The Last Of My Israeli 7.62S...

    Count this as the umpteenth time I've relearned the life lesson, "it never pays to be lazy." I was out of bedding compound & didn't want to order more since we are moving. But the performance I complained about above & everyone's obvious advice, I ordered, bedded & reshot...viola! Problem solved! First 3 shots - cold barrel @100m. Second shot went through the same hole, always an encouraging sign. Second 3 - you can see the group open up and arch left as the barrel heats up. This was not premium ammo, just run of the mill 150gr Remington core-loks. Thanks for all the advice guys! She's ready for gun season now.
  5. Check Out My $20 Flea Market Find

    Whaaaa-? that's awesome
  6. Hey Fc, Tapatalk?

    oops, looks like they support ipboard 3.1 & above only. Guess we're still running 3.0.5. Oh well.
  7. Hey Fc, Tapatalk?

    Yes, you have to register it. Here's the FAQ link. It explains a lot. Simply go to the forum owner's link, register, download the plugin & follow the instructions. Should be a simple process.
  8. Mannlicher Style Bolt Handle

    Yeah, I think at best you're wasting your money on the heat treating & at worst you can make the action brittle. Why not just do a simple hardness test?
  9. Hey Fc, Tapatalk?

    There's a tapatalk ap for android as well. It's $1.99, but money well spent. Mausercentral is on there. Should be a painless process, just need FC to sign up & tapatalk does the rest.
  10. Hey Fc, Tapatalk?

    No no, this is a mobile forum reader. No tiny letters, easy touch threads & simple upload function for photos. It basically makes navigating this forum super easy & fun. For example, I'm posting this from my iPad. I would upload a screenshot of the ap but I can't because the forum is not optimized to support tablets & phones (where I take most of my pictures anyway). Registering is free for you, they do the rest. The end user pays for the ap.
  11. Hey Fc, Tapatalk?

    It'd be nice for all the tablet & smartphone users out there. It's free for basic membership. I use it on several other websites & it works awesome. www.tapatalk.com
  12. Mannlicher Style Bolt Handle

    The rod you use to tig & the steel for the handle will effect the bolt if you plan to blue it. Are you planning on bluing the handle? Might I suggest a high sheen polish & jeweling? Then the steel & weld won't matter. Unless you're planning on a deep matte rust bluing, I've found bolt handles don't wear well when blued. Also, why are you heat treating the bolt and receiver? Yugo m24s were some of the finest machined & finished mausers ever made.
  13. The Last Of My Israeli 7.62S...

    Bedding this week & gonna try with some premium ammo. We'll see how it does.
  14. The Last Of My Israeli 7.62S...

    Well...she looks good, but got me stumped on accuracy. The rifle is definetly MOD (minute of deer). I can get 2 - 2.5" groups out of her at 100 yards. I'm a little stumped. I've never had a rifle build that was more than 1" moa right off the bat. It's not bedded yet, but the barrel is floated & the action pillared. My test environment wasn't the best. Shooting in the sun in the las Vegas desert with Walmart brand federal cheapo 150gr. Still...a little disappointed. Scope mount was solid. Any suggestions?
  15. The Last Of My Israeli 7.62S...

    Bell & Carlson premier thumbhole. Doubled the price if the build. Certainly one of the nicer synthetics I've ever used, but I still prefer wood.