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  1. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    I appreciate your feedback, and I'll look into it. This is generally what I've found: https://forum.tvfool.com/showthread.php?t=1177 http://www.avsforum.com/forum/25-hdtv-technical/939550-can-i-combine-antennas.html Again, I'm partway done with my 180 degree project, and if everything works right I'll just need one antenna. My locale has no surviving VHF (OK, the one VHF PBS channel has a UHF counterpart), so I only need to worry about UHF.
  2. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    I've had it beat in my head that you can't do that; you'd need a rectifier for that. I could do it with an A/B switchbox, though. You can combine antennas on the same cable with a splitter, provided the antennas don't overlap on frequencies; a VHF-only and a UHF-only would be fine together. I'm in the process of building a GH0, element-only antenna. With no reflectors, I can get 180 degrees. It'll be a larger version of the flat wall antennas that are in vogue right now.
  3. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    Yagi antennas are very directional with a narrow beam width. Great for sources in a single direction. I have two banks of antennas 180 degrees apart. I'll need something different.
  4. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Would love to see the solid rear bridge conversion.
  5. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    Which model? Did you "aim" it?
  6. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    Another interesting link: http://www.hdtvexpert.com/tag/walltenna/ For indoor and local, that old "rabbit-ears" bowtie works fairly-well. Many folks have them tucked-away. A friend had a couple. Took one and added a $1.28 "matching transformer" from Menards. An example of what I'm talking about here: https://www.amazon.com/RCA-VH54R-Matching-Transformer-VH54R/dp/B00005T3EY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1499918393&sr=8-1&keywords=matching+transformer drilled a 1/4" hole in a scrap 2X4 and bough 1/4" wooden dowel stock. I think I have about $3 in a fully-functional indoor UHF antenna.
  7. Outdoor Hdtv Antenna

    Loaded question and many variables.... Indoor or outdoor? UHF-only or some VHF too? (ch2-13 VHF, 14+ UHF; real, not virtual) Distance to sources? Look here for some cool designs: http://clients.teksavvy.com/~nickm/gh_u/gh0_10u45.html For UHF-only, the Gray-Hooverman is hard to beat. Even the simple GHO as linked above (elements only) has a dbi over 8. A roll of 1/8 copper wire would do on a thin sheet of plywood. Elements-only has the advantage of 180 degrees. Fun project. Just do a search for Gray Hooverman for design ideas. Indoor doesn't need fancy frames. Have you looked at tvfool.com to get an idea of directions?
  8. I think an Vegas-style wedding chapel would fit the bill. An Elvis costume would pay dividends....
  9. Ransomware

    Microsoft supposedly pushed a patch for this in March to Vista, Win 7, 8.1, & 10. For 8.1 and 10 users, I'm at a complete loss as to how any machine got infected. Users need to enable security updates frequently. Patches are listed as available via this link: https://it.slashdot.org/story/17/05/13/1745241/as-world-reacts-to-wanadecrypt0r-microsoft-issues-patch-for-old-windows-systems I won't work on XP, Vista, and Win 7 machines anymore. I point the user to the Walmart ad with the $299 HP laptop, or I offer to install Fedora 25 Linux.
  10. You'll have plenty of seating if company comes by.... Heh. Another bad one.... if you decide to get "aromatic", your wife can make you sit in your own pew. You can take a couple of those pews and convert them into "deacon's benches". That would be a nice thing for an entry way or perhaps a covered patio. Is that a bad suggestion? You might even be able to turn a profit on the remainder if the conversion is done well.
  11. President Trump

    What I find amazing is the focus on Trump. Sour grapes? Sure, but.... Recently, the Democrats have lost the Presidency, the Senate, the Supreme Court, a slew of Governorships, and thousands of state legislators. Local victories in special elections and mayoral races since the General Election aren't faring-well for Democrats either. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/442474/democratic-party-lost-governors-state-legislature-seats-2016-elecion I say let them focus on Trump. They're clearly missing the message, and certainly out-of-touch; their apparent view is that whoever can scream the loudest and carry the biggest protest-signs wins. And if screaming, rioting, and stomping don't work.... therapy animals and cry-rooms can make-up the difference.
  12. Netflix Series: Five Came Back

    As it's based-on "Breaking Bad", I wouldn't expect a comedy. Is it similar to the "Breaking Bad" series? Dark, with much character analysis? Sometimes these shows just take themselves much too seriously. Daredevil, Sherlock, Dr. Morell and Mr. Strange, Wallander (Kenneth Brannaugh version), and Stranger Things are all top-notch.
  13. Saw "Five Came Back" on Netflix over the last couple of days. Wow! It's very humbling learning of the WWII experiences of five of our nation's beloved directors. It's tough covering as much material as the series was able to do in its allotted time; it would have been interesting to see more. Stevens and Ford were both there on D-Day. Ford was at the Battle of Midway, and he was peppered with shrapnel during events. Stevens, a director of humorous musicals, was in for the long-haul to include to Battle of the Bulge, liberation of Paris, and filming of Dachau. Wyler's experiences and courage were especially touching. Houston's frustration at the limited showing and the censorship of his films is evident. All I can do is recommend watching this great series.
  14. Built Another Computer.!

    Puppy Linux installs nicely on a USB stick.
  15. Springfield 1903 Sporter?

    Is that a slot for a Pederson device on the left raceway?