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  1. For All You Wondering Mauser Central Members

    Rod, are you sure it was TRAP55 you spoke with, and not Lonnie? After reading your post. I called and left a message with your daughter. Then I called Dave/TRAPP55, who I have been in almost daily phn contact with. And the new [mausercentral.net] is up and running. Link below for all the members here. http://www.mausercentral.net Most likely the 13 yrs of archived files and info from the original MC.com is lost. Such a shame. That was a fantastic reference asset. As always...................JM2c
  2. Site Attacked

    What Clemson said...........glad you're back online........word even spread to other gun forum sites. Let us know if you need us to chip in to keep it going. I'm always an easy touch.
  3. Bolt Marking

    Gotta quit spilling my beer on the keyboard. Yes, they are the same only different. I know, doesn't make any sense. GOOGLE "Maltese Cross". Even the classic IRON CROSS German medal is a type of Maltese Cross. Different inspectors at different armories used different stamp to marl parts with. The Oviedo M-1916s that J&G have are small ring COC rifles. They are not near as well made as your Loewe 1893. Or the later DWM 1893s. Both made in Berlin Germany. Look closely at your 1893. You may, unless it was removed, find a "Six Point Star of David" Jewish symbol on it. The Loewe family were Jews and marked their rifles with it. JM2c
  4. Bolt Marking

    AzRednecks Spanish tourist friend came real close. Fabrica, [fabricator/maker/factory], De Armas [of Arms], With the city where the [fabricator/ maker/ factory] was located below the Crest. Either La Coruna or Oviedo, along with the YOM. There are much fewer words in the Spanish language than English. Creating a wider variation in the specific meanings of words. Especially when you start comparing regional dialects, and structures. In Spain say "tu no tiene huevos" to a vendor and you have nicely asked him if he has eggs. Say same thing to a vendor along the Mexican border. And you have insultingly accused him of not having any balls, testicles, courage." I HAVE NO IDEA WTF HAPPENED HERE.
  5. Bolt Marking

    Could be. You know how Mauser parts get swapped around over the years. La Coruna and Oviedo were the Spanish Gov Armories. And the R. Famage reworks are from a So American country, Don't right off hand remember which. But who knows what stories they could tell after 60+ years. BTW, Racepres. Welcome back to the forums after your 8 year hiatus.
  6. Bolt Marking

    Maltese Cross in Circle, Spanish military acceptance mark. Usually found on Spanish Mauser Rifles. JM2c
  7. Any and all Commyfornia members, who are not also active on CalGuns.net forum. http://calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=1215302 Please inform yourselves and every other gun owner in Ca you know, regarding the "Veto Gunmageddon Referendum" petition movement. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW! It is a grassroots effort by Ca Gun owners to stop the recent rash of latest ANTI 2A laws passed here. We've thus far raised approx, $50k all from private gun owner donations. The first batch of petitions went out yesterday to Firearms related retailers in Ca. Nobody involved is being paid anything other the satisfaction of the fight itself. This is an ALL VOLUNTEER MOVEMENT. Please help by signing petitions, volunteering, or donating if possible. The "Locate Petitions" button on the web site is sketchy right now, as it is getting populated and updated constantly. Thank You for your Support.
  8. The Brits Did It :)

    That would be like all the welfare bums voluntarily leaving Commyfornia. Not gonna happen.
  9. Anybody Heard Of 45Hp Ammo, Not Acp

    .45 Hirtenberger Patronen Made for Italian civilian market only. Now discontinued. http://www.thegunzone.com/glock/45hp.html Of course they use a disclaimer to CTA. But at only .039" short, they may cycle OK in some pistols.
  10. Oath Keepers

    Just because someone is a bit paranoid. Doesn't mean someone isn't out to get them. Mr Wheeler of Ruby Ridge Idaho wasn't quite paranoid enough, was he. On the flip side is the LibTurd and BSM [bias stream media] ploy of creating slanted views in the general public through "LABELING". OathKeepers, Minutemen [along the border], hell even the Tea Party are labeled as Hate Groups, Militia, Dissidents, etc. How about "assault rifles" and "saturdaynight specials"? The Mnutemen are armed along the border for strictly defensive reasons. There have been {0} instances of Minutemen opening fire on the poor WETBACKS that are invading our country. If helps promote sympathy by the BSM to Label Minutemen as an evil Armed Militia. What they actually do is simply "Spot and Report". No confrontations with Wetbaks at all. I consider all the Sheriffs across this nation that told King O-hole of DC to pack sand, Oathkeepers. They would not begin to enforce any further Anti 2A Fed laws. County Sheriffs are elected by their local citizens. In rural America, the sheriffs care more for what their constituants think of them than a Turd in DC. or even the State Capitol. Metro area Chiefs of Police and Sheriffs are nothing but Butt Puppet Political pawns. All the stupid made up Racial Slurs that Pukelosi and the Black Congressional Caucus claimed the Evil Tea Partiers threw at them on the capital steps. So they could then claim Tea Partiers are Racist. All of course unsubstantiated by the DC cops, Secret Service, and the actual news footage of the event. The Tea Party is made up of "CONSTITUTIONALISTS". THAT'S WHAT THE LIBTURDS ACTUALLY FIND OFFENSIVE. The Black Panthers actually started as a Peacefull Los Angeles Community Outreach Org. . That was before the LAPD and FBI discovered they could use them as pawns for a massive influx of Anti Crime Dollars. The LABELLING LIST goes on and on. Don't believe what you see on the Idiot Box or read in Bias Newspapers. Most of which are controlled by the LibTurd likes of Geo Soros. JM2c
  11. Amen That. Affirmative Action and Racial Profiling are now non-PC. It is hence forth known as "ethnic diversity".
  12. Ebony Or Rosewood For A Forarm Tip & Grip Cap.

    Both Rosewood and Ebony are about the same as far as workability. Personally, since both are very "oily" woods that don't adhere well with even epoxy. I use a couple a small diameter #10-24 or 1/4-20 steel or brass dowels and "slow set time" Dev-Con clear epoxy to attach them with. JM2c
  13. Typical if you don't know sh!t, Just talk sh!t, like you know sh!t. Works every time.
  14. Stuff

    Your house, your call, Oh flatulant fowl. I pop in on a lot of sites and look around. Others do same here. If someone wants to look over our shoulders, and it helps the shooting sports in any way, that is IMO a good thing. If funds are needed just say the word, you got it Dude. I don't post as much as previous times, but still pop in at least every couple of days to see what the rest of the rapscallions and curmudgeons are up to. JM2c
  15. Maybe sooner, than later. Google "Andy Johnson Pond Wyoming"