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  1. Hi All, Does anyone have a set of 30-30 (30WCF) headspace gages? Could you post the rim thicknesses for the go and no-go if you have them. My SAAMI chamber drawing shows .063" as minimum chamber, and .070" as maximum. I assume these are "go", and "field" dimensions? Thanks in advance. Ken
  2. Drill Bits

    Drill Doctor is OK for the convenience. Drill Doctor reccommends turning the stone to even out the wear. Be careful taking the stone off as there is no way to reset the depth (unless you measure it before you take it off, or make some kind of gage to duplicate the factory setting) of the wheel on the shaft and this will affect the point splitting feature. I tuned my wheel over after a few years use and had to trial-and-error set up the wheel again so the splits would come out centered on the point. Otherwise it either over or under cuts the split. DD is good for general purpose sharpening. Way under kill for big drill bits and not really precise enough for super accurate work. If you drill a lot of one size hole (#31, for example) just order them by the dozen from MSC, and toss them when they get worn.
  3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have this listed on a few other boards, thought I might try here as well. Slightly off topic. Looking to trade an EMF Border Rifle 1873 Winchester clone in .45 Colt. 20" full octagon barrel, pistol gripped stock, checkered grip and forend. Excellent condition. FUN rifle. Will try to post pics soon. I am looking for a couple Remington 700's or Remington 722's, in .308, 7-08, .22-250, .300 Savage, or .243.(308 Bolt Face, short action) Need the actions for a silhouette rifle project. Rusted and busted OK as long as the action is intact. Would also consider other American short actions. Savage 10, Win 70, or...??? What do you have? Thanks Ken
  4. Pics Of My .45-70 Barreled Action

    Thanks Brad. I will PM my email to you. Ken
  5. Pics Of My .45-70 Barreled Action

    FenderBender, Would it be possible to post some pics of the action rails from the bottom of the action? I have on of these that is aching to be converted and would also like to know what Shaw did in the rail/feed lip area. It looks like it is cut on one side only. Also, the bolt face and extractor are of interest, too. Thanks in advance Ken
  6. Vetterli

    Have two, both M81's. One is original rimfire and the other is converted to center fire. It is a BLAST! Very fun to shoot and quite accurate. I make cases from 8mm Lebel brass and use a 410 grain heeled, hollow base bullet. Lots of information here: http://theswissriflesdotcommessageboard.yu...rli-Rifles.html Ken
  7. Siamese Help

    Coming in a little late on this one. The barrel has an extractor cut and a very slight counterbore, like a Remington 700 only this one is only .020 or so deep. The counterbore would be the headspace dimension on this reciever because of the rimmed cartrige. I can post a picture of one if I can figure out how to get it posted. Ken