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  1. Home Made Safety Jig

    DON, make that two. Or at least I hope I'm counted as a friend. I'm leaning pretty strong toward doing side safety on one of my Swedes, after I get a couple of other projects pulled together. Have you checked your email lately? I wrote you about another proposition, on the Turk action you installed a side swing safety on.
  2. President?

    Did you hear what Cheney said last night? He said we should be more forgiving of Hillary on her memory. She was confusing her Bosnia trip with the time Cheney took her hunting. He cracked several good ones. He said after seeing how she handles the whiskey/beer chaser, he suspects she let's the answering machine take care of that 3AM phone call. Then they had a paid comedian after him that flopped.
  3. Hill On Gun Control

    As long as you have Secret Service assigned to protect you, it's easy to say nobody can have a gun. Now then, if they would assign specially trained security for me, I wouldn't worry about self defense. So far, the typical police can't even begin to protect the public. The evidence proves it. When you need them, they are always on the other side of town. 911 just doesn't get them there in time to protect the people, even if you could get the phone call made.
  4. There's an easy solution. Tell Sadr's Shiite militia to stand down.
  5. Swede Bolt

    Very nice. Except for the checkering, looks a lot like the Talleys Tanglewood put on 3 of mine recently. I wonder how hard it would be do do that kind of checkering on a ball.
  6. Of course, you could have inadvertently provoked him to swing at you with his broomstick. He seems willing to do it. Joke would be on him, since he would be marched off to jail for assault, and you would have a humdinger lawsuit against the store. You could own that store. It just depends on how hard your head is.
  7. The Latest Poll

    If you will remember (We're both gray headed! ) they were talking about $3 gas back in the 70's. I remember it well. I was pumping gas in a station during summer between freshman and sophomore years in college. We usually closed at noon. Considering inflation, our gas is now cheaper than then. I remember the truckers threatening to strike, the way they are now. Youngsters with a 2 year old baby, we determined not to starve; so we went to the store and bought 50 lb of rice and 25 lb of beans. "We'll show them, ha ha". Wife commented on that the other night as we watched the news about latest truckers' threats. We celebrate that baby's 35th birthday today. We survived the gas shortage back then, and we'll survive this one. What shortage? There are no lines at the pump yet. I'm sure the Dems are all over the latest report that unemployment hits "all time" high at 5.1%. Seems somebody's memory is short. They don't remember double digit inflation, double digit interest and double digit unemployment of the Carter era. Carter was famous for double digits. The problem is, the bulk of voters this year are youngsters who don't remember those days. They really believe the Dems' squawk about "wrong direction" and "change". Oh, one other thought. That hydrogen solution is not quite as easy as filling the tank with water. It's the fuel cell that's going to cost. There are prototypes being sold and serviced in California, New York and Washington D.C. as we speak. They are coming, but there are some bugs to work out. They will not be any cheaper to operate, just make us more energy independent from Arabs. Question: What are the Arabs going to do when we get independent from them, and then their oilfields eventually dry up. I watched West Texas dry up. And there fields will too in time. China will drain them dry and they'll be back to riding their camels instead of their Mercedes.
  8. Are you telling me that you would have voted for Hillary? Man, that's bad.
  9. Hey, you jarheads aren't the only ones who are familar with that term. Us dogfaces understand too. But first comes a side swing butt stroke across his jaw, then the vertical buttstroke into his face... what's left of it.
  10. 1891 Argentine

    My wife calls that tenacity by another name... er, uh... Anyway. You cited 45,000 cup. That would be close to the Swede. Spiris has quoted "Frank de Haas... recommends no more than 45,000 psi... That equates to about 38,000 cup." I'm glad we're not debating the cup vs psi issue here. At least we're on the same page recognizing the difference. So I think I will start as low as I dare, and come up to the minimum Swede load and no more. That's what I intend for the Swedes too, as I restructure. I don't shoot across canyons and don't need flat trajectory anyway. Now there is some dabate on slow powder versus fast powder. I personally prefer a 90% to full case, and that demands slow powder. But some believe this could cause secondary explosion, etc. I do intend to pull away from the double base powder and go to single base IMR. So one more question? Would you recommend faster powder, like 4350 or slower 4831 or even 7828? I know what I would do with my Swedes and Twede, but want to minimize the spike in the pressure curve with the Argie action. I don't mind creating lighter loads for the Argie even if it means two different ammos in the cabinet. AND, I may even like the lighter load in all my rifles. And yes, I've eliminated everything else, sold off my other rifles and have only 6.5x55 to deal with.
  11. 1891 Argentine

    Mike, no you're not a jerk, but sometimes I need deeper clarification, especially on an action I don't know much about. I heard what you said, but it seemed to always be in reference to 7.65. I have no experience with the 7.65 so didn't know where "keep pressures under" would be. I wanted to know where I stand with the 6.5x55 chamber. Spiris did clarify with specific pressures. EDIT: Okay, I searched back and did find the post stating 45K cup. Sorry. My eyes ain't what they used to be.
  12. 1891 Argentine

    Okay, that's somewhat of the answer I was looking for. At this point in life, I'm not interested in rebarreling to something like the 300 Savage and putting the Swede barrel on a Turk. Already have one. That is unless someone would like to buy the 1891 action and Herters Monte Carlo stock that I have. Then I might consider putting the Swede barrel on something else, or selling it for a good price.
  13. Somebody needs to get a life, smell the coffee and smell the roses. Wheew!
  14. 1891 Argentine

    montea6b, consider an engine that runs comfortably in winter weather. Then comes summer and driving through Arizona, the engine overheats. Ambient temperature effects ballistics in same way.
  15. 1891 Argentine

    AZ, I'm not loading 7.65. I rebarreled the action to 6.5x55. That is the load I am concerned about. I know what I'm doing with Swede actions, but this chamber/cartridge in a 91 Loewe action is different. Can I use my Swede loads in it? Will the Argie action handle the 45,000 cup loads that I build for the Swedes?