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  1. Hogue Overmolded Stock

    I bought a hogue overmolded stock from midway to use on a FN 98 action with a norwegian .308 military target barrel (the ones that sportsmans guide has for sale) The action fits into the stock great, but there is a large gap between the barrel and the stock on each side of the barrel for about the first four inches of the barrel past the receiver. This is the "Sporter Barrel" contour stock so I thought if anything the barrel would be tight in the stock, but just the opposite. This is a heavy target barrel and is about .945 at the thread ring. Are the standard military barrels that much thicker in the chamber area?
  2. Action Stuck In Stock

    sucess! Used the hair dryer and after heating up for about 20 minutes was finally able to get her to give up the ghost. Lots of dried linseed oil and some kind of soft clear gel that was hardened to the action and stock. Not bedding compound and not dried linseed oil. Like old dried rubber. Oh well, looks like I'm going to have to bed the action now. Thanks for all the input, Matt.
  3. Action Stuck In Stock

    I took the action screw that goes into the bottom of the recoil lug and screwed it back in after I took the trigger guard and floor pate off. I then hit the top of the screw with a rubber mallet while holding the stock forearm. It didn't budge. I am afraid to hit it any harder.
  4. Action Stuck In Stock

    I posted this on another forum, but need all the help I can get. I have a Winchester model 70 (post 64) that was my first gun. About 20 years ago, my Dad took the action out of the stock and slathered a bunch of raw linseed oil in the stock barrel channel and action inlet and tighthend the trigger to about 8lbs then put everything back together (I know he meant well). Now that linseed oil has dried and hardened and basically glued the action to the stock. I have reomved all the action screws and I tried dribbling in mineral spirits into the joint between the metal and the wood and letting it creep in. It loosened the barrel channel a little but the area around the rear tang and recoil lug won't budge. Any tips? Someone else suggested putting the rifle in a freezer as a last resort and seeing if that will seperate it. Thanks, Matt.
  5. Where To Begin

    Is it worth getting set up with century? I really don't feel like mailing them a copy of my C&R and then setting up a password to find out that they are sold out or don't have what I want. I tried to call them and they wouldn't give me any info over the phone.
  6. Where To Begin

    fmsniper, thank you for your service to our country. Nice looking rifle. Did you have to inlet the barrel channel or can you find stocks off the shelf that have the same contour as that norwegian barrel? I have inletted solid wood stocks, but never inletted a synthetic stock. Can you use the same tools for both? Just hog out the barrel channel and then slather in your favorite bedding compound? I found a FN mauser action that I think looks pretty good. Do they have a decent rep. for quality?
  7. Where To Begin

    tinkerfive, thanks for the response. I actually just got my C&R and have been looking at the inventory of most of the surplus importers, aim, sarco etc. but wanted to get some opinions before I made a purchase. Is there much of a difference between the various pattern manufactures, ie. K98 vs. M47 vs. VZ24? I know that the Yugo actions are a little shorter and the bolts won't swap with a k98 pattern. Not many of the importers carry actions or barreled receivers so I looked on gunbroker and found what I think looks to be a decent k98 action with everything except the safety for about $175 with a some work already done. Is this a fair price or are there more reasonable parts out there?
  8. Where To Begin

    I recenlty bought one of the norwegian made 98k target barrels in .308 Win. from sportsmans guide and would like to build a sporter rifle out of it. Nothing fancy, and nothing expensive. What type of action would you recommend? Where is a good place to buy an inexpensive action to mate with this barrel. I plan on taking barrel and action to my gunsmith and have him rebarrel and true up action. Would like a bent bolt and am thinking of putting on an FN style bolt shroud and a Timney Trigger with safety to ease scope mounting. This is my first mauser, I have built a similar rifle out of an old 1903 springfield receiver I bought form the CMP and a heavy barrel I bought online. Turned out very nice. Am hoping to do the same with this.