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    In 1956 I was working on a flotation theory.
    In 1975 I was working on a unified field theory.
    In 1986 I started a family.
    In 1999 I started overloading guns to see what happens.
    In 2008 I blew up 3 Mausers. The bolt lugs deform forward about as much as the receiver lugs deform back
    2011 Sporterizing by line was hacked.
  1. Books

    The Walsh book is the only way for me for feed lips on VZ24 to magnum conversion. I would have never figured it out.
  2. See that notch in donmarkey's wrench? You can use a wrench without it, but it scuffs up the receivers and binds the bolts. It took me years to figure out why I needed that notch. The bolts, the contact to the top of the receiver, and the contact to the bottom of the receiver, must all be in the same plane, or there is bind.
  3. Barrel Torque

    Kuhnhausen is like George Lucas. Star Wars 1977 was great. But Star Wars 1999 was not even up to TV standards. "The Colt Double Action Revolvers: A Shop Manual" 1990 , is THE book on the topic. But "The Mauser M91 through M98 Bolt Actions. A Shop Manual" 1990 is the worst lack of editing I have ever seen.
  4. Barrel Torque

    I have measured the accuracy of 98 Mausers with 10 foot pounds of barrel tightening torque, and with hundreds of foot pounds of torque. They shoot the same. Most people put barrels in rifle receivers with 50 to 100 foot pounds of torque, thinking that is enough so they will not shoot loose. The VZ24 receiver has an inner C ring that acts like a lock washer. That puts the threads in compression. The Rem700 rests on the shoulder, and has the barrel threads in tension. Remington put glue on those threads, and that means they must have had some come lose. It took me 540 foot pounds to get this barrel off, and 200 foot pounds to get it back to the marks in my Mosin Nagant videoL
  5. Fun With A Mosin Nagant

    Thanks for posting that. I have 14 MNs and 9 of those are in states of modification. With 4 of the Tennessee Guns bull barrels, we may make some stock from scratch. You are an inspiration.
  6. I have converted to 45/70 and I have converted to 30-30. Someone is offering to rent me the chamber and form dies to do 6.5x54R,
  7. Remington 700 Barrel Dimesions

    I made this sketch to put above my lathe when I was working on my Rem700. I have one Rem700, and ~ 100 Mausers, so I know very little about Rem700s, but I have a few Rem700 take off barrels I can measure. They are not all the same.
  8. Another 257 Bob Imp.

    Gotta love the internet.
  9. Another 257 Bob Imp.

    That brings back good memories. I got a light varmint taper Lothar Walther 257 barrel through Brownells in 2002 and made a 257 Roberts Ackley Improved on a VZ24 action. I had tried for years to get a 1" group. That rifle was a break through for me. That rifle averages 1.2" 5 shot groups at 100 yards with 115 gr bullets. That rifle averages 1" 5 shot groups at 100 yards with 100 gr bullets. That rifle averages 0.8" 5 shot groups at 100 yards with 72 gr bullets, but has shot a .45" group.
  10. Drill Bits

    http://cdcotools.com/ I have bought expensive drills in the past, but now I just buy a 115 piece set from CDCO for $35. I have had one drill that was no good and two more that got dull fast, but other than that, I use them full time with no problems.
  11. 98 Mauser Scope Mount

    The EGW mount is $40 and very high quality. Here I have posed it between a La Coruna commercial Mauser action and a La Coruna military action. Do not move the mount back on the military so that the two screw holes are in the rear. That puts the front holes into that that should not be drilled.
  12. Vz24 7Mmmag Conversion

    Roger, I try to make the inner C ring touch the breech face when the shoulder touches the large ring. If there is an error of ~ .001", I make it so the breech touches the inner C ring first. That is because the inner C ring in cantilevered and has a little compliance, while the large ring, breech, and shoulder are stiff. Ken, The stock is ~ $200 wholesale and compares with a $400 McMillan light rifle stock, the High Tech Specialties [bansner] stock is not finished, painted, or perfectly inletted. It depends on your situation, if that is worth it or not. I put spray paint on it, and went hunting later that month with it. I think it should really be an epoxy paint that is harder to wear off. I cut off the stock butt in the power miter saw as per usual with a wood stock. I had to screw and epoxy in a piece of wood into the hollow butt, so I had something to screw the limbsaver recoil pad into. dogz, The full trigger job on a Mauser fixes the: 1) force 2) take up 3) over travel I find for big game hunting rifles, only the force is important. To do that I: 1) Grind some off the hump, to loose the second stage of the two stage stock military Mauser trigger. In the pic below are two triggers side by side, with the hump ground off one. 2) The trigger spring is changed. The pic has also been milled, Silver Soldered, drilled, and tapped for a take up adjustment. I would not do that to a 9 pound 7mmMag.
  13. A) Brazilian 7mm Mauser VZ24 action Lothar Walther CM 1300 taper 7mm 26" Barrel blank weights 3 pounds 5 ounces = 53 ounces finished C) Standard 7mmRemMag reamer, .45" drill, .47" boring bar in 4 step chambering D) High Tech Specialties [bansner] 20 ounce stock E) Weaver #45 and #46 steel matte scope mounts F) Limbsaver large recoil pad untrimmed G) Oxpho Blue Cold Blue H) TIG welded bolt handle I) PAWS Aluminum bottom metal for Mausers weighs 3.5 ounces J) Rear hump of trigger ground down and reduced trigger spring installed K) Feed lips milled .51" Wide and 3.5" long L) Bolt face opened to .532" with carbide tools on lathe and mill M) Extractor claw relieved N) Wooden plug epoxied into hollow cut off stock butt O) Headspaced to .215", not SAAMI .220" P) 3.25" wide sticky stretchy Vero Vennini strap Q) Leupold VXII 2x7x33 scope R) Stoney Point Target Knob S) 34mm DVORAK INSTRUMENTS soft eye scope lens shade T) Eagle Industries Shooter's Stock Pack [cheek pad] U) Weaver quad lock 1" scope rings V) Devcon steel putty expoxy under 1" of barrel, behind recoil lug, below tang, above bottom metal, under scope mounts. W) Loctite 242 blue on scope mount threads X) Rust-Oleum camouflage paint 1919 deep forest green on stock Y) Stoney point objective lens cover 9 pounds without ammo. 65.5 gr H4350 162 gr Hornady SST moly 3.34", 3050 fps 0.75" group at 100 yards [1" high] 6.0" group at 440 yards [6.25 moa elevation adjustment] 5 mph wind I put a bunch of money and effort into this rifle in Oct 2009. I built two other 7mmMags at the same time with scrap parts, as practice, as I went along. The Rem700 take off barrel on a 1908 Braz Mauser has very little time or money into it, and shoots just as well. That was not per my plan.
  14. Mosin 45-70 ?

    I built one. Single shot. Typical 91/30 extractor relief extra work, but it is less work than the breech work on a Sav99.
  15. How To Pick A Mosin Nagant For Sporterizing

    I have been helping the guy: Weld bolt handle Fit stock pillar bed and glass bed Pull the barrel, drill and tap, and add scope mount