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  1. Sometimes ya gotta change

    Don't know if it will work for you. In 71 had an apt and outside antenna were not allowed. My B&W Tv's built in single pole antenna bordered on useless. After a neighbor showed me his, I tried it and it helped with picture and eliminated the snow from Phoenix stations. Got about 20 or 30 feet of antenna flat wire and stuck it where the wall met ceiling. Spread it out on three walls. Don't know why but I was told to strip the ends twisting the metal wire together. As close to center as possible, splice in a flat wire to the Tv. Nowadays you'd need one of the fittings to convert flat wire to to a cable fitting. The home made job also considerably improved the reception of my FM tube radio eliminating the fuzz from S sounds.
  2. 7Mm Mauser (7X57) "project"

    MorgansBoss, good to see you posting here again.
  3. NEW TOY,!

    Just got back from a quickie at an indoor range. Took a quick look at extended mags and found a genuine Ruger 30 rounder on the rack. Put right back after finding the 49.95 price tag and went to look at ammo. Al they had was high priced varmint ammo so I headed to the shootng area. All the 223 I had on hand was steel case Wolf but also had some of the good Chinese Norinco brass case. I have about 200 rds of US GI but left it at home. 5 rds at a time, I shot up 40 rds of the Wolf and only 10 rds of the Norinco. The Mini ran smooth, no hiccups. The indoor rifle lanes are only 25 yards. I'm more than satisfied with the 25 yard shot to shot accuracy but I need to get to an outdoor range to see what it does at 100 or more. The only disappointment, the after market Williams peep sight came loose. Tightened it the best I could with a pocket knife but even with the mild and pleasant recoil it kept working its way loose. The guy I traded with did not have the original rear sight. I'm going to have to return with some Lock-Tite, a very tiny blade screw driver and sight it in again. I ended the range time shootng up a box of Blazer aluminum case 38's. The 158 gr lead slugs did ok at 25 yards fired from a 6 inch S&W M-28 but I only got two hits out of 10 with my S&W 438 with a 1 7/8 barrel. I wised up brought the target back to seven yards. I scored 9 out of 10 hits on a man sized silhouette target, five each of single and double action with the snubby. The heavy 6 inch revolver clustered up real nice center mass in about a 3 or 4 inch pattern. The Blazer ammo smoked excessively, don't know if it was from powder or to much lube on the lead slugs. Not an exaggeration, the smoke cloud on several rds was near what I'd expect from a cap and ball revolver. About 50% belched a long muzzle flash and the level of recoil felt inconsistent. Don't know if I just happened into a bad batch but I won't be buying anymore of it in the future. The only good thing I can say about the Blazer ammo was no sticky extractions like I've dealt with from steel case 38's. To summerize my quickie range visit, totally happy with the Mini despite giving up one of my favorite 38's for it. Seriously doubt I'll ever come across a 3 inch model again without an inflated price.
  4. NEW TOY,!

    Smart move keeping the Carbine especially if it is US GI. In my neck of the woods a US GI Carbine fetch about a grand. Value may decrease if the market is flooded with Korean surplus but my guess DCM will be fetching more than a grand. Mini prices fluctuate as Ruger obviously keeps the supply short and releases them irradically. Used prices in Phx vary as low as 450 but usually sell in the 5-750 range. Occasionally see gun show Minis with all kinds of bells and whistle accessories asking ridiculous prices. My early Mni-14 was remarkably reliable but the accuracy was fair at best. I did discover as I was still going through a learning curve hand loading ammo. The Mini's accuracy improved considerably with very mild hand loads. Any slug weight not in the 52-55 range didn't shoot worth a tinker's darn. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the Bicentennial Minis would become collector's pieces. As I recall in 1976 nearly everything sold had a Bicentennial marking of some sort. What I liked best about my Bicentennial Mini, wood hand guard and no plastic.
  5. NEW TOY,!

    Just acquired a new toy tonight in a straight across trade. I traded away a nice S&W Model 10-5 38 Special with an oddball three inch barrel and a nice leather holster. I got a stainless Mini-14. No extra mags, just the factory 5 round, original box but no manual or paperwork. I feel I traded up $$-wise. The 3 inch barrels fetch a higher price. The down side of the 38 and almost killed the deal is the import stamp. According to the J&G salesman. It is French Airport Security Police surplus. Despite the age, 1970's it showed little use based on the cylinder turn line and top strap etching. Has some holster wear at the muzzle. This is my second Mini. I had a Bicentennial model I paid a whopping $140.00 for in 76 but traded it in for a Colt AR-15 a few months later. I was surprised to see the plastic stock and handguard on the Mini. Guess I'm showing my age assuming it would be wood before we met up. The Mini also has an after market Williams rear sight. I'm a happy camper and feel like a kid with a new bicycle. Health, aches and pain permitting. Hope to give you guys a range report tomorrow. I'm tight this month, probably be a few weeks before I can get a couple 20rd mags. This is my first attempt uploading photos on the new forum, hope they turn out ok.

    Long story but I wound up with two HiPoint 380's. I'll post details later.
  7. Passing The Hat Time

    I had an X like that, into stars and the Bible. I'm told after a dispute with her Lutheran minister she jumped ship to another Christian church. And speaking of cats, have another cat story while I was unable to get on the board. Had a nice cool night (brag brag) and I left the back door open for my German Shepard. I suddenly heard all kinds of noise in my storage room. My dog was going after a cat. Between the two anything standing was knocked over and shelves emptied. Got control of my dog, locked him in a bathroom and persued the cat. The cat decided to run but stand his ground literally attack get the broom I was using. I coaxed him out with canned dog food and threw a blanket on him and tossed it out back door. Guess the food was a bad idea as he was back the next night. Only this time my dog intercepted him in the kitchen chasing it into dining area destroying anything in the way. Lost a spice rack, my favorite coffee cup, pepper grinder and a couple of glasses. Guess I shouldn't have been so lazy leaving left over pizza on the counter. Started cleaning storage room yesterday. Lost a free standing heater I foolishly stepped on chasing the cat. My sewing machine was knocked off the shelf and when I tested it today discovered it is way out of time. Have a trap set by back door for two days but so far no luck. Don't know what I'll do if I catch him. Both the dog pound and Humane Society will only accept an animal if they have room and I'm willing to pay hefty fee. According to local net chatter the Sheriff's Office volunteer pet posse has sought felony charges on anyone caught dumping unwanted pets. If I catch him he's definitely going for a ride. There was somebody in Phx caught poisoning feral cats, got jail time and fine. If he's not indigent he probably shelled out 10g's in lawyer fees. Just gotta love the meat eating animal loving hypocrites. The pet lobby here manages to pull a lot of weight with politicians. It started years ago headed by Amanda Blake. I have two cat hoarding neighbors. The queer a few doors down I'm told was ordered by Sheriffs Office to spay and neuter his hoard. He was also issued a citation but I'm not sure what for. He has by far the dirtiest filthiest smelly house I've ever encountered. As a mailman I saw and smelled numerous pig pens people lived in. At least the hoarder across the street will spend hours waiting in a line at free spay and neuter clinics. She told me the queer's cats have feline leukemia and are starting to die off. Good to be back having a place to vent. I wasn't able to get on Jan first so HAPPY NEW YEAR. Guess
  8. Passing The Hat Time

    FC if you collected enough can I still chip in, you bank it in PayPal, use it if need arises or carry it ntill next year. I almost feel guilty not being able to log on during the fund drive. STILL CAN'T THANK YOU AND DR HESS ENOUGH FOR FIXING IT.
  9. Passing The Hat Time

    FC , how short are you? I'll PayPal $$ tonight
  10. Passing The Hat Time

    I'm back, I'll chip in later today. Thx for everybody's help getting me back aboard.
  11. My View Of Trump

    Wish I could agree. Trump needs to give Jeff Sessions the boot.
  12. My Marlin 336Sc

    For the bad shape it was in you have it looking pretty good. Just curious, does it have Marlin's Micro-Groove or conventional rifling?? I prefer the conventional rifling being a cast bullet shooter. My 30/30 Marlin Glenfield has a Micro-Groove barrel. Shoots great with jacketed bullets but not worth a tinker's darn with my home cast. From what I've read on various boards, a gas checked cast slug sized .311 will properly engage the rifling but I've never tried it. Few years ago I horse traded an Iver Johnson M-1 Carbine for a Marlin 45/70. It has the Micro-Groove barrel. I was disappointed with Hornady Lever Revolution Ammo but surprisingly some odd ball brand gas checked 405gr lead was impressive. Don't see many kind things said about the new so-called Remlins. I do see plenty of praise online of older Marlins, 35 Remington especially. I've had a 444 Marlin on my wish list for years. About 72 my next door neighbor got an Elk with a one shot kill with his then brand new 444.
  13. A Chicago police commissioner said he didn't want National Guard troops in his city. Met with United Nations officials and is asking for UN peace keepers.
  14. My View Of Trump

    I see Trump as an egomaniac but confident in himself determined to leave a legacy on par with Reagan, Lincoln or T Roosevelt. I believe he will accomplish greatness.
  15. Been Thinking Of

    I know the feeling and you can't take them with you in a coffin. I have some I haven't shot in 25 or more years but just can't bring myself to part company with. You might try this unless you need the bucks. A few years ago I put clean de-greased Yugo on Backpage. I listed for trade, consider anything that says Smith & Wesson on it. I got a S&W model 15 for it. If Backpage is active in your area. Offer it for trade for something you want. I found if I'm not specific for what I want to trade for. I get offered a lot of HiPoints, Raven 25's and other junk.