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  1. Bite them in the butt

    Fox reported that the NRA is opposed to Trump's support of raising age to 21 to buy firearms. Would it include possession meaning I couldn't give my teenager a shotgun and go home noting. I have mixed feelings about it, should a 19 year old be denied a surplus Mauser. If AR's are somehow banned. It will be more than criminals that won't give them up. If any jack booted thugs showed up at my door demanding my AR's I'd become a criminal in an instant. The left started the battle with stats using grossly exaggerated numbers especially with the number of school shootings.
  2. 9x23 1911

    I recall reading in a gun rag. The manufactures of 38 Supers apparently from encouragement from SAAMI. Changed 38 Supers to headspace on the cartridge mouth instead of the so called semi-rim. Opens up the possibility (maybe) of being able to safely shoot the 9X23 or 38 Super. Friend has a Spanish Star pistol the can shoot either the 9MM Largo or the 38 Auto. The Star's slide is stamped 38 Auto or 9MM. The 38 Auto is exactly the same size as the Super. Although not recommended, the Star's powerful extractor holds the standard 9MM Luger tight enough so it can also be fired.
  3. Bite them in the butt

    According to my friend he was issued a cleaning kit but as usuall the Marines being the ugly step child of the Navy hadn't got theirs yet. I'll never forget my friend's face, red with anger when the Colt rep said "should'a kept it clean. Guess I'm the oddball here, I like my AR. The SP-1 models now get a premium price as a collectible. Also has value being that the so-called Auto Sear works much better in the earlier production AR's. I recall on a program on the Sportsman's channel. Can't recall his name he's now a gun rag writer. He was issued an M-16 without cleaning gear. Being a gun person he knew better than the self cleaning BS. He claimed, keep in fact he's a gun writer and the story like has some exaggerations in it. He taught his company how to disassemble, clean with a toothbrush and using M-1 Carbine sling oilers, where to apply the oil. He claimed to have some how obtained a pull through cleaning tool he used on his rifle's bore. As far as the young'uns with their AR's. See them at the range and also a few at the recent 2nd rally. Seems like their AR's aren't complete without all kinds of bells, whistles, lasers and other useless toys attached.
  4. Bite them in the butt

    The Colt AR-15 SP-1 I bought in 76 was sold as a Sporter hence the SP-1 sub model. Strangely it came with a bayonet but the 20 rd mags had an easily removed block only allowing five rds.
  5. The price of the AR is going back up

    Get one while you still can https://www.cdnnsports.com/smith-wesson-m-p15-556-sport-ii-custom-pack.html#.WooiiNFlChA. https://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/ruger-ar-556-semi-automatic-556-nato-161-barrel-30-rounds?a=1815207 https://www.centerfiresystems.com/p-10813-smith-wesson-10159-mp15-sport-ii-semi-auto.aspx https://grabagun.com/ruger-ar-556-black-ar-15-223-5-56mm-16-1-inch-30rd.html Karlunity, if you don't like AR's might want to consider an AK. I would however avoid an import from Century Arms. Their warranty is a disgrace. Couple years ago I bought a Century imported Canik pistol, not only unreliable but dangerous from hang firing. Century aka CAI just kept giving excuses for not sending me a return authorization number. The distributor finally agreed to exchange it after they' got the same run around. A shooting bud found out the hard way. CAI's 90 warranty begins the day it leaves their facility.
  6. The price of the AR is going back up

    I've noticed the 499 Rugers and S&W AR's up to as much as 550 from various net distributors. I'm tempted to dig into my rainy day fund as an investment. I can still recall seeing well worn and oddball brand AR's selling for no less than a grand at gun shows during the Obozo led panic buying. Might also e a good time to stock up on 223, 762 Commie ammo and magazines. My wallet on the verge of jumping out of my wallet. Have to visit lawyer tomorrow to evict renter and deal with the city after renter turned back yard into junkyard. I was fined once prior due to a renter that couldn't walk about 15 yds to a garbage can. She just opened back door and tossed shitty diapers into back yard. When I attempted to clean the mess she called cops on me for harassment. Cops made me leave. She claimed to cops I was a bigot and bothering her because she's black and her live-in companion a 350 lb plus Arab. Hopefully I can get a couple AR's before I go broke. Might make some good future trading goods to a mellennial that just inherited dad or grandpas gun collection from the 1950's. Any of you that can spare the bucks and stay happily married. Go buy an AR or two. Despite the risk as in any investment, be awful hard to lose money. I see the worse case scenario of breaking even.
  7. 9x23 1911

    I just did a bit of net surfing, I was ignorant of the 9x23. First thing that came to mind, why not 38 Super. After reading and realizing 357 performance out of a 1911 is very impressive. Keep us posted, sounds like an interesting project. Are any mods needed to the mags??
  8. Just getting set up be a couple hundred on motorcycles in about 30 minutes. Kind of disappointed crowd size about 2-250 at best about 50 flag waving motorcycles. The rally scheduled weeksI’ll ago was bad timeing after the Florida massacre. There were however some great speakers after a couple backed out likely due to Florida. About 50% were open carrying and there were about a dozen cops. There were a few, as expected kooks there. A homeless guy sleeping on a bench got a big surprise waking up seeing the gun toting crowd. One kook got a lot of attention from the cops. He was carrying an AR with all kinds of bells and whistles attached, a handgun and a sword. The two gals pictured after the rally took a crowd to a not my president rally in a predominantly Mexican part of town. These women and the long haired guy have gathered a large following on Facebook showing up at all the DACA protests.
  9. ARs

    During the early 80's at the NRA Convention. I was in the showroom with my friend that lost his eyesight in Nam. He was in Nam the early part making the transition from the 14. When he discovered I was talking to a rep in the Colt area. Hi lit in to that guy about the M-16. The rep made the mistake of of saying you should have kept it clean. My friend loudly responded with you issued them without cleaning kits claiming they were self cleaning. As the rep blamed it on ammo. My bud then lost his temper and I had to get between them, he was trying to figure out which direction to swing. My friend was so loud the crowd went silent as he layed out a string of profanities about Colt and McNamara. During the war my friend was choppered in to assist some Marines. By the time they arrived the Marines were all dead. Some probably wounded unable to fight were bayoneted. The VC were gone and didn't bother to take the 16's. Many were disassembled and my friend found one a Marine had put a stick down the barrel obviously trying to unjam it.
  10. On 300 Aac Blackout

    Doc, have you tried any jacketed bullets in your BO??
  11. ARs

    I have a feeling AR's and AK's will eventually be considered NFA weapons. We all know what happened with full autos after the sunset on newly manufactured and banned imports. Today one at less than 20 G's is a bargain. Wish I hadn't been a cheapskate while my shooting bud bought a new in box Colt M-16 A1 for a little under a grand and a brand new M-60 for about 1600. His 16 is for sale for 25,000 if anybody is interested.
  12. Great victory

    Might be legal but all the queer marriages, transgendered and multi gender BS is out of hand. It's simply Demoncrats buying votes and they could care less if pervs follow young girls in a public restroom. Gee they wouldn't want to offend somebody that feels like a girl today then pounds his pud in the women's restroom staring at a young girl sitting on a toilet. Guess the Dems see that as natural also if it is a registered voter.
  13. Great victory

    There's a battle heating up in Arizona's legislature. Seems foster parents are no longer allowed to have guns in their home but queers can't be prevented from foster parenting. The majority of foster kids, girls especially have been victims of sexual abuse. Just doesn't make sense to put the kids into an unnatural environment.
  14. On 300 Aac Blackout

    Doc it wasn't the cops it was the female Dillon employee. I believe they tracked me down after ordering the video Machingun Magic. Gave them name and address to have it mailed to me. Previously I got a verbal reprimand from the Postmaster himself after I wound up on TV news in my uniform. It was the last day before Clinton's ban on extended mags. Local news was doing a story and when I walked in a gun store the cameras and microphones literally charged. It wasn't that long after one of the postal massacres. I turned my back to the cameras and shouted at store owner. The sound didn't make it on TV but the video did as they zoomed in on my USPS shirt patch. I feared getting an ass chewing over the Dillon fiasco after being told by the Postmaster to remove uniform shirt before gong in gun stores. I was afraid the cops were in big trouble after hearing internal affairs was involved. They were young guys likely rookies from different municipalities. We were all just joking enjoying a few laughs. I found out later they were not in any trouble. The inspectors went out of their way more or less apologizing for the Brooklyn creep. I was providing car plate numbers of some weirdo gun and Kevlar toting meth manufacturers. All the traffic backed into their drive way so I made excuses to go to their door and jot down plate numbers. After I stopped the inspectors bent over backward to get my cooperation. Several years ago I had a Dillon Square Deal set up for 45 ACP I bought used. I really liked using it but the cost of the Square Deal proprietary dies to change calibers was way to costly. I sold it and a Lee Crudmaster on Ebay to cover the cost of my Hornady progressive set up. Friend of mine is sitting on a new in box discontinued Dillon 450. It can be upgraded to the 550 model for less than a buck. He got it dirt cheap as a second from a friend that worked at Dillon. He's never used it and the only thing wrong with it is the paint job looks like the painter was high on fumes when he sprayed it. I've made a couple of offers but so far he doesn't want to part with it. I haven't done any serious hand loading for about five years. During the time I was laid up and sickly after the chemo. I spent hours every day for several weeks casting, sizing and hand loading. I cast and loaded up thousands, handgun ammo especially, gave a lot of it away but it's now nearly all gone. After being shocked recently by the price of 41 mag, 45 Colt and the big shock 45 Auto Rim for over 50 bucks a box. I have to straighten out the mess and get busy again. I did some panic buying of components during the Obozo shortages. Now all I need to do is put it together. Sorry again guys for rambling away on the key board with another long boring post.
  15. On 300 Aac Blackout

    My chambering problems in my AR were caused by the crimp swelling the shoulder. Previously shooting in a Mini 14 I didn't have any problems. Guess the Mini's chamber was a bit more generous. Had a gunsmith check the headspace on my AR and he claimed it was as close to being a near perfect minimum. I had a round stuck in the chamber I couldn't get out but not in far enough to shoot. The smith tapped the bolt home with a brass punch and it was easily extracted. This was back in the mid 70's at a then official Colt warranty station. Afterward I was advised I voided my warranty by using reloads having to pay for the service. I have the extra station on my Hornady Lock N Load that I used as a separate step for crimping but after some problems I used it with a powder check die before the seating station. I have an extra single stage press on the opposite side of my bench to do the crimping. Years ago I had a problem in Dillon's showroom and I refuse to spend my money there. After making a large purchase of powder, bullets etc and even a video. I was in my postal uniform. As I pulled out the cash a couple of uniformed cops jokingly remarked about how much mail did I have open to steal all that cash. I shot back saying I can't take bribes like you guys. Then one cop said to the other something about fixing tickets. Everything said was a big joke but a flirtatious female sales clerk whose overtures were apparently rejected by the cops. Turned them into their department internal affairs who in turn reported me to Postal Inspectors. I had to deal with an arrogant young punk inspector with a thick Brooklyn accent. He was more concerned about what I was going to do with a 4lb keg of Bullseye and "what are you going to do with all those bullets". I lawyered up, demanded a union rep and walked out of the room after he asked if my guns are registered. I wrote Mike Dillon about it it, never got a response and have only been back once being desperate for some 45AR brass. I would prefer Dillon to to my Hornady but they're not going to see my money.