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  1. A Kind Act

    Karl, that is fantastic!!! Steve
  2. Banned From Disneyland

    They tried to get into Disneyland dressed like that?? The gatekeepers were right not to let them in. I'm no prude, but Disneyland is for kids, not nudity. Sheesh, some people are just unbelievable!!! Steve
  3. Walter Reed Scandal

    That is absolutely disgraceful. Brings to mind images from the hospital scenes from the movie "Born on the 4th of July". Is this another example of history repeating itself? Those brave men and women deserve the best this country has to offer and they obviously are not getting it. Not even close. Is there anything the common citizen can do? Steve
  4. Maybe Cnn Isn't So Bad After All

    sounds goooooood to me!!!!!
  5. Talking Urinals

    Well, at least the good citizens of New Mexico will know how some of their tax dollars are being psssst away! I bet we get these in Wa. state any time now. Our fake governor will be wetting her panty's when she finds out about these gizmos. She'll have them in every restroom statewide. I have one question though, if a big white mint in a urinal talks to you, would you listen?? steve
  6. Shaving With A Double Edge Safety Razor

    I wear a beard now, but when I was shaving I used a doubled edged safety razor, (never could get used to an electric). I also used a shaving mug, brush, and round bar type shaving soap. Use real hot water and you get hot lather. Works great! Cheaper too! Old fashioned? Who cares? I like it and you get a good shave, what more can ya ask for? If I decide to shave in a year or 2 that stuff will be there waiting, the soap will last for years dry, just soak in hot water fora few minutes, and its back to normal. i've done it before. Some things are hard to improve on. take care, Steve
  7. Shaving With A Double Edge Safety Razor

    Beggin' your pardon sir, but thats "Wilkinson" sword blades. No "e"s, no "r"s. Thank you very much for your consideratoin in this matter. Best Regards, Steve Wilkinson
  8. Thanks Fellas

    Karl, sounds like good stuff to me.Accurate, clean burning, easy clean up. Can't ask for any more than that. will have to try it myself. Happy Shooting, Steve
  9. .410 Pistol?

    Fritz, very interesting gun! Would be great around a farm for pesky critters, rats, mice, snakes, starlings, (they are a scurge up here). being of a modern looking design, it may have a inertia/rebounding firing pin type design in which case the FP tip would not show with the hammer down. The FP spring may be broken and fouling the pins forward travel, or the FP channel may be fouled with dirt,rust or other debris. If the pin is broken making one or getting one made shoudn't be too big of a deal. Best of luck with this one, Steve
  10. Today's War

    I must agree with what Karl, horsefly, FC, and USMC have said on this subject. I have had the priviledge of speaking to several veterans of Iraq and they ALL say that we should be there and the job we are doing there is an important one. This is good enough for me.The reality is, we are at war in iraq, we must be allowed to finish the job we sent our troops there to do, and we must support our troops 110%. Period. oh, and Fritz, thanks for the original post. very interesting and informative. also, I, for one, appreciate a diference of opinion, gives a person food for thought and keeps your own "opinion pool" from becoming stagnant. thanks again, Steve
  11. The Governor Says

    I have seen this stuff advertised on TV. It is very new. Too new to know what the long term effects of taking it may be, at least in my opinion. What are the long term side effects? Is there a small percent of the population that have adverse allergic reactions, or worse?? The female reproductive system is a very fragile and delicate system and I would want some concrete answers to some very serious questions before I wuold recomend it to any young woman I knew. These drug company's come out with a "miracle" drug and can't wait to market it (big profits ya know) before all the data is in. It has happened many times before. I'd say the governor of Texas is WAY overstepping his bounds. By the way, do you think he owns stock in this company? If this stuff truly works and is otherwise harmless it would be a wonderful thing, but I would want some questions answered first. Be careful, Steve
  12. Quite An Impressive List!

    Wasn't it Vince Foster who *commited suicide* by shooting himself in the BACK of his head 3 or 4 times? The Clinton will probably go down in history as the dirtiest and most criminal politicians in american history. Theres a LOT of dirt swept under their rugs. Steve
  13. From The Past

    Now there is a man who knows what he's talking about! Thanks for posting that. Steve
  14. Is " Pyrodex" Pistol Power Any Good ?

    Karl, I thimk you will be pleased with Grafs BP. It should work just fine. Good Luck, Steve
  15. Spit Upon

    something terribly famililiar about that clip. Reminds me of the 60s and 70s. The only thing missing was Jane Fonda. I thought and was hoping that this country had learned how to treat its vets. I pray this does'nt become common place. Steve