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  1. Vacuum Tube Radios

    Sorry, not trying to hijack this post, but after viewing the pictures of the radio, I see that it is a transformer power supply. Many of the old radios were ac/dc sets and did not use a power transformer. The radios like yours are far safer, Read this as not an electrocution death trap due to unisolated power supplies. Having said that, the transformers in these old radios are not extremely strong and thus are very susceptable to burnout from a bad electrolytic cap. Please do yourself and your radio a favor by having those old caps replaced. If you cannot do it or find someone whom can then I will offer to do so for you. You would of course have to ship it to me and I would ship it back. I'll furnish the parts myself. Don't want it to become a wall ornament. Swamp_thing
  2. Vacuum Tube Radios

    Tony, If you are running old tube radios from the 40s,50s,60s and they have not been used in some time you need to be aware of the fact that it will be short lived and you are going to do additional damage. These radios, as with all new radios, have electrolytic capacitors in their power supply to smooth out ripple from the ac power supply. Over time, these old electrolytic caps dry out, shorting begins and they will take out the power supply as well as other components. Do you hear a low to loud hum when the radio is on? That is ac 60 cycle hum created from the failing capacitors. You may not remember from my old posts, but I build and rebuild old tube radios and amplifiers. I would hate to see you end up with an early demise on you newly found treasure. Electrolytic capacitors are much much smaller these days and much cheaper as well. They can easily be replaced under the chassis while leaving the old can capacitors in place, unconnected of course, thereby not changing the looks and appearance of the original radio chassis. If you wish to know more about this I would be happy to tell you what I can. I have radios from the 20s through the 50s and very much enjoy them all. Winter will bring you the best reception and longest distances of stations while atmospheric conditions will less this in summer months. The long distance reception in the summer and winter is a result of skip. This is where the radio waves will strike the atmosphere, bounce back towards the earth, and then bounce back towards the sky. Have fun and enjoy your new found pleasure.
  3. I've Had Enough!

    Well, the way I see it is we are all friends here, just as has been said. Having established this, it is our duty to each other to keep ourselves keenly in tuned to the workings of those whom wish to control us. Yes, this is a sporterizing site, but much more than that, it is a site that we can come together to express our happiness, our frustrations, our needs and our fears. By doing so, we become a small yet tightly bound community of like minded, honest God fearing folks whom can see the path that we are being led towards. Right now one of us is hurting as to all the negative events that are taking place and has let it get the best of him, or so it seems. I don't speak for everyone else but I do understand where this can happen. I will, however continue to watch, listen and be aware or what the others have planned for us. The bottom line is that I do sincerely hope that we can all continue to have the family type close knit relationship that makes this place all that it is. I rarely post, but I do feel that we are a family here. Take care guys and be well. swamp_thing
  4. Well,when they realize they are overextended by paying such outlandish prices, they can have at least a bit of relief knowing they can get $50 each on the next gun buy back program!!!! Seriously, got to make you wonder what kind of folks pay those prices, doesn't it?
  5. Should Have Gone For General

    As Karl said, being a general is the road to fame so to speak, but being a politician is certainly the road to shame. I'd have to pass on the easy ticket to wealth as well. Have to live with myself at the end of the day.
  6. Havent Been Here For A While, How Is Everyone Doing

    Well, not sure whom you are referring to, but none the less glad to see folks who have been gone come back into the fold. I don't have any hard feelings with anyone here. Long ago decided that not everyone would agree on things, but life is too short to let differences of any kind keep us gone. Glad to see you're back. I too was gone for quiet some time, but for personal circumstances only. Welcome back to the forum.
  7. Completed First Mauser

    Great shooting from a great looking rifle. Only wish I could shoot like that these days. Heck, not sure I could on the other days either! Seriously, a fine job. swamp_thing
  8. The Last Of My Israeli 7.62S...

    Very nice piece of work there. It's one fine looking rifle. Kind of does a heart good when it all comes together, doesn't it? swamp_thing
  9. Been Gone Too Long

    I agree Tony. Hope all goes well with it and you have a great time with it. I will send you a pm or email with a phone number so you can contact me when you have an opportunity to make it this way. swamp_thing
  10. Been Gone Too Long

    Tony, Don't know about the range in Beemer. What I do know is that I have a spot that we can shoot up to 200 yards with no problem and is private. Anytime that you can make it up this way it would be a pleasure to have you do so. It is private property and no worry's with disturbing anyone as it is where I live. Would love to get the chance to meet up with you. Gosh, are the girls old enough to be getting married already? Take care and let me know when you can spend the day or whatever and have a chance to shoot and shoot the bull a bit. swamp_thing
  11. Been Gone Too Long

    Tony, I actually am about sixty miles northwest of Bellevue, and at one time lived there. I have a brother in Papillion. Would like to have the chance to get together and meet up sometime. A few years back you talked about using a shooting range in Beemer. I am not too far from there. If you ever get the chance to get up around Fremont area, lets let a little lead fly. If you are interested and can make it to the area, send me an email and we will see what we can work out. Would love the chance to get to know you. Have always thought what you have done to build this site was outstanding and speaks highly of you. swamp_thing
  12. Tupperware Guns

    Guys, I'm probably going to get beat up for this, but I have more than one Hi-Point in my possession and have never had a single problem, this being said after a couple of thousand rounds. Also, I have convinced others to purchase them as well and none of these people have ever had a complaint. I would stake my life on the Hi-Points and in fact do so. Having said that, the original steel frame models were only slightly better than a boat anchor. Swamp_thing
  13. Been Gone Too Long

    Sorry, no revenuers on my back. Got tossed to the curb in a go nowhere relationship after 25 years and just kind of drifted off in a different direction. Moved back to Nebraska (home for me) and have regrouped. Things are all better again and I'm back in the grove of things. Of course, I'm not complaining, just figured everyone kind of deserves an explanation as to where I went. Looking forward to the great times and wealth of info on this site again. Thanks for having me back guys. Swamp_thing Ps, Glad to see Farting Chicken back around too. Hows life treating you?
  14. Been Gone Too Long

    Well, after a long time gone from this site as well as the internet in general, I have to stop back and catch up on the old gang. Sure have missed the time spent with everyone here. Hope you all don't mind if I re-enter the group and hang out once in awhile. It's going to take some time to catch up on who is still around and who is new since my departure. Anyway, glad to be back in the flock and look forward to hearing from you all. Swamp_thing
  15. Any Small Engine Experts Here?

    I'm going to throw in another thought here for you. A bad, as in shorted, condenser can do the same thing. It can be usable until it starts to heat, then go to short and kill all spark. The condenser is only a few dollar part and worth the time to try before replacing the mag coil. If it is not the condenser then I would say without doubt it is the coil. Dave