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  1. Big Bore Enfield In The Works

    Nice! I didn't know you were back in business?
  2. Schneider 7Mm Barrel

    This forum needs a "delete-thread" feature.
  3. Schneider 7Mm Barrel

    This forum needs a "delete-thread" feature.
  4. Gents We Are Screwed

    Gentlemen, it was nice knowing you all. We, are f**cked.
  5. Look What I Found...

    CHRONOGRAPH REPORT Even with a 25-lb weight on the Lead Sled, it still kicks like a Mule and moves that Lead Sled - but at least I made it through the loaded ammo I had! The two cases lower right I did not load for this session. I like both loads just where they are, and they both print surprisingly close to each other at 50-yards. No scope adjustments from last week... I know I need to improve my bench technique but I believe that will come with more gettin' used to the recoil of this thing - I hope
  6. Finally

    This is the most polite firearms forum anywhere on the Internet - welcome aboard! I live in Bastrop and I'm on the downhill side too, but I ain't admitting it to no one!
  7. Look What I Found...

    On the plus side, my action is Marine Tex bedded real nice with aluminum pillars front and back (the front pillar on a Mauser is more of an escutcheon that provides clean metal surfaces for everything to mate up to, and it looks nice, and there is an additional recoil lug on the underside of the barrel that is Marine Tex bedded too, so I am not worried about the action sliding around in the stock causing the tang to impact the stock at the wrist. Nevertheless, it is a wood stock and the rifle does have some impressive recoil, and I am still only shooting a starting load... I've come to the same conclusion you have regarding the sled and weight, and I am probably going to try it with 10-lbs of weight and take the shoulder pad with me on hunting excursions for those big ugly Texas Rhinoceros... One helluva Grizzly Bear rifle though!
  8. Look What I Found...

    Thanks for the article suggestion, Doc. Here is a link to it: http://www.americanrifleman.org/articles/2015/9/21/how-to-shoot-big-guns/ I guess I'll be cancelling my plans for a 600 Nitro! Oh well - I guess I was too late for Amazon and they shipped the lead sled before it could be cancelled... The article suggests using one with a 20-lb weight - I suppose enough weight to dampen recoil but still allow the contraption to move some, at least. I'm going to wait for the shoulder pad and try that first - if that works I will send the lead sled back.
  9. Look What I Found...

    Well, we are on the same wavelength, concurrently getting ahead of one another! I cancelled the lead sled order because there are quite a few reports of people breaking their stocks with hard recoiling rifles, and I am not ready to "start all over again" with this one!
  10. Look What I Found...

    Well, I ordered one of these for starters - we'll see what it looks like when it gets here. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001C5XOJQ?redirect=true The stock already has a decelerator on it, almost seems like its not even there!
  11. Look What I Found...

    Thanks, Doc. I'm just never as confident in a load/rifle without load development from a bench with a rest. I guess I am going to learn how, though... I recall seeing some gadget that someone had strapped around their chest that held some sort of pad over their shoulder, for shotgun shooting, but I can't find much on Google and not too sure what slip over pad might be best.
  12. Look What I Found...

    This one is going to be tricky, for sure... Once it is sighted in it wont be so bad because then I can stand up and shoot it, and go with the flow - but shooting it from a rest on a bench was a new experience! I suppose I could just shoot 5 or 10 rounds each week till I find a load it likes, but that might could take a while! Don't know if I should try a slip over recoil pad or a strap on shoulder pad, or both maybe? I don't have any black & blue (which surprises me) but my shoulder was tender yesterday and still a little, today. While shooting, one shot must have kissed the seam in my shirt or hoodie, and I thought the darned thing had actually cut me and I was checking for blood! It is a doozy for sure!
  13. Look What I Found...

    LOL! It'll be great for a crowd of jihadis - probably go through 30 of them, at least! I'm going to have to give this some thought -- I was thinking lead sled but then someone mentioned that lead sleds and serious rifles has led to broken stocks.
  14. Look What I Found...

    I’m not sure I’m going to be able to handle this rifle… Rifle weighs 9-lbs exactly – it kicks like a mule and this isn’t even close to max loads with the 300g bullet; I can’t even imagine what a 400g bullet is going to feel like! I’m going to need one of them slip on sissy pads before I can do any more load work! Nevertheless, pretty good guess on the scope base, huh?
  15. Look What I Found...

    Looks great