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  1. I agree with all that you gentlemen have written above, but we live in a terminal world. All we can be is salt and light in a society which has turned its back on God.. We maintain the ancient borders and stand our ground. To some we will be an aroma of life, to others an aroma of death... it just goes with the territory. The Prince of This World holds sway over most of its populace, it is our job to be sweetly reasonable where we can be, but it is the Holy Spirit's job to do the freeing from Satan's thrall.
  2. What Are Your Most Accurate Guns?

    My Weatherby-wanna-be (but really a Howa) Vanguard in .270. Ugly, but accurate as hell.
  3. Ways To Opt Out Of Obamacare

    I'm part of Samaritans Ministries. I really like it and it opts me out.
  4. Or upside down. Mandela has been whitewashed, but a communist is a communist.
  5. Epa Pushing Its Luck

    That is how the feds roll up here in Alaska. You can hardly go into the national forest without running into a well armed "forest ranger", generally a manly woman. Surely not the USFS my dad worked for for 30 years that only provided guns for bear protection. The feds are now adversarial to anyone who is not a granola eating, fleece wearing, tree hugging hippie.
  6. Gays Not Happy In Russia

    Interesting. I'd like to know what your source is. It wouldn't surprise me that the US media won't report it.
  7. What Bama Thinks Of The Marines

    Bams thinks that Marines make dandy chopper pilots and umbrella holders. Other than that, he probably doesn't have much use for any military personel, except maybe his pet generals.
  8. "white Spacer" For Stocks

    You might try micarta. It is laminatable and very durable. http://www.texasknife.com/vcom/product_info.php?cPath=587_826_841_611&products_id=1337
  9. Copy And Remember Come Elections

    Well look at that, most of them have a "D" by their name. Gun owners who don't look beyond the party they and their parents have always voted for deserve what they get. Unfortunately, they will drag the rest of us down with them.
  10. Need Reloading Advice On 270

    My go-to round for the .270 is 45 grains of RamShot Hunter pushing a Hornady 150 gr. spitzer. With a 130 gr. bullet, that same powder starting load ranges between 49.3 and 51.3 (49.3 for the Sierra SBT, 50.9 for the Barnes TSX, and 51.3 for the Hornady SST). By the way, I shoot a Weatherby Vanguard .270 which is really a Howa, which I believe is the same as the S&W.
  11. Learning On A Cracked Stock

    You can use cyanoacrylate. As a carver and woodworker, here is what I would do: go to hobby shop and buy a bottle of the really thin cyano along with a spray bottle of instaset or "Zipkicker" . Clean up the surface of the crack on both sides by sanding and use of acetone to clean it up further (oil is not an impediment). Attempt to draw the crack together as best you can with some clamps. Now run a generous bead of the cyano on one side of the crack, let it penetrate, then kick it with the spray stuff. Do the same on the other side. It works well, and will stabilize the crack, but will probably not completely hide the crack.
  12. ... Which makes me think of McCain's parody of the Beach Boys: "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" which also led to some saber rattling.
  13. Happy Birthday To Us All

  14. Happy Birthday To Us All

    I'd feel a little bit more like celebrating freedom if...