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  1. glad to see that old gun is still being shot
  2. Cmp Service Grade Garand

    no CMP approved clubs in my area..one about 80 miles away but you must attend meets and donate time to club programs
  3. Cmp Service Grade Garand

    would you list all the steps it takes to get one..
  4. Beer

    “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Benjamin Franklin quotes (American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer and Inventor. 1706-1790)
  5. Food Prices Spurring Me To Garden

    anyone tried this..... http://www.stoptheride.net/2008/04/planting-potatoes-in-old-tires.html
  6. 303 From 405 Win

    just a thought....could"nt you just fire form 303 brass to fit your chamber....
  7. Nightmare Almost Over

    been to Alaska in the summer..just don"t think i could handle the winter..
  8. Just Wondering

    the ATF sayes the average gun is stolen 7 years after being sold by the factory..that being the case a lot of guns out there are stolen..stops a lot of problems if you don:t advertize a stolen gun you didn:t know was stolen.. i had 14 stolen...they:ve been sold many things over the last 30 years
  9. Cz82 Rebuild

    looks great ...been wanting to get one ..but got sidetracked with a pps43 build
  10. Flying Wild And Gold Rush

    The Gold Rush guys had no idea what they were doing..they saw a setup somewhere and said hey we can do that..no one in the group had done more than a little panning...might as well have gone to las vegas ..i saw a guy win at craps once
  11. i work with people who were born with the wrong sex parts..the wiring in the brain just dosn"t match the glands... this is a fact of life..i look at there character not the way they wear there hair...
  12. Wtb 7.62X25 Reamer

  13. Knot In My Stock!

    thinning with acetone will make it soak in deeper...it did with the stuff i worked with anyway....just a thought
  14. Sportered No4 Mk1

    looks nice.... these are really going up in price
  15. Yeah, Queer Army

    if someone whats to put on an uniform and serve this country...all i can say is thanks