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  1. Carl Gustav Rebarrel Project ---

    9.3x57 looks interesting and quite a few bullets available for reloading. Was hoping for at least something .416 diameter - good supply of available bullets and I also have couple of cast molds. Wonder how hard it would be to blow out the 9.3x57 to .416? As you guys have pointed out, pressure has to be kept down to safe level... Thanks for any and all replies......Bob 724 --- the area of the stock with the small red mark --looks like this stock was converted from some other rifle. There is no sign of any safety was attached to the trigger itself.
  2. Carl Gustav Rebarrel Project ---

    Here are some pics -- if I manage to get them on here..... the stepped barrel is 22 inches long, no iron sights. Year stamped on receiver ring is 1900. serial no. 639xx with G.F. prefix -- the gunsmith from what I found on one web site. all parts serial no.s match. Bob.
  3. Happy new year everyone! Picked up at my local mom and pop gun shop, an old Carl Gustav 6.5x55. It appears to be in very good shape. Bought it with the intention of making it into something else with a re-barreling project. Wondering what would be appropriate caliber -- would prefer large bore. Was considering 45-90 but not too keen on the bolt face work to accommodate. Another apparently good option would be a 358. Any suggestions? Seems odd that this action has no safety. And appears its not just missing but no evidence there ever was one. Will try to post pics. The stock has been played with and also someone drilled and tapped for scope bases. There are no iron sights. I assume this is a M96 small ring, there is no safety lug. Any and all comments/suggestions welcome. Bob.