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  1. J&g Has Sweeds

    Too high for my blood. I'll sell a couple for that kind of money.
  2. To Cammo Or Not To Cammo?

    Find somebody who will hydro dip it for you.
  3. On 300 Aac Blackout

    Great post and super write up! Thanks!
  4. Nothing coming up for me either. Maybe the great hack got to them.
  5. How Do These Look?

    Nice work!
  6. Bills Came Due On The Site

    BTT. I hope the rest of you guys are helping Tony out on this. Skip the Deli sandwich for lunch tomorrow, and send FC a bit of pocket change to help the cause! Bill Jacobs
  7. Mini Mauser

    91 extractor is a totally different design from the 93. One is a hook and the other is a long claw. Bill
  8. Site Attacked

    Well I, for one, am mighty glad to see you back on line. If you need financial help, say so. Bill Jacobs
  9. Stuff For Sale

    I got the firing pin yesterday. Many thanks, and I hope your barbeque results heal over fast. Getting old sucks, but it beats the stew out of the alternative! Bill
  10. .35 Whelen Snap Cap Or Dummy Round.

    25-06, 270, 30-06, 338-06, and 35 Whelen all use the same headspace gauges. Bill Jacobs
  11. My Latest Aquisitions

    You did well on those. I'm seeing Model 10's push $650 in the right places.
  12. Yugo Mauser M48 Rear Sight

    I probably have one. I'll look when I get to the shop tomorrow. Bill Jacobs
  13. D&t With Barrel Installed?

    I use a Forster jig to Drill and Tap a barreled action. I really prefer that to the milling machine. If, however, you want to pull the barrel, make an index mark on the barrel and receiver at the bottom where it won't show. Reinstall the barrel to line up the marks, and you will be good to go. Bill Jacobs
  14. Bolt Marking

    Never had one of those in the shop that I recall. Bill Jacobs
  15. Model 97 Winchester

    Update: looks like it is going to sell for $350. Don't have the money in hand yet, however!