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  1. Jungle Carbine Restoration

    MilsurpAddict If you are still looking for a #5 muzzle device I just found this at Springfield Sporters FLASH HIDER, Original, on cut barrel 75.00 Pricy, but probably worth it for an original. There has got to be a blue gazillion of those sitting in junk boxes under the workbench of every sandlot gunsmith in the UK, USA,and probably most commonwealth nations too. When people cut them from the barrel to make a deer rifle they don't toss them out, they are the kind of people who save everything just in case they might need it for something or someone else well need it and you can swapum for something you need. Any way, thats my story and I'm stickin to it.
  2. Case Head Seperation Help Needed

    I don't know anyone that makes one specifically for the 30-30 but a broken case extractor for a 30-06 would probably work although you would probably have to push it out with a cleaning rod since it will be long and the extractor probably won't fit.
  3. I Sense A Scam

    Back about 8 or 9 years ago I bought a $5 raffle ticket from one of the smaller milsurp boards and low & behold I became the proud owner of an absolutely gorgeous Aztec non counter-bored M38 in a laminated stock. That was pretty much the only thing of any real value that I have ever won. I sold it about 6 months ago for $300+ so it turned out to be an excellent return on $5
  4. Ww 2 Aircraft Photos

    Great pics
  5. 30-06 Ss Finish, Black Synthetic Stock

    Duracoat came out great. I like the left side safety.
  6. Deep/long Chambered Barrels

    Spiris, have you seen Les Brooks'.pdf on threading and chambering a barrel blank using a mini lathe? It isn't the ideal tool for the job but it shows that it can be done if that's what you have to work with.
  7. I understand the process of finish reaming and head spacing a short chambered barrel but how do you do the same with a long chambered barrel. I understand the basic concept of turning down the face and shoulder of the barrel to get the proper chamber length but how do you check the head space as you are turning it? Do you put the barrel in the receiver and check it with a gauge periodically or do you use measurements from the bolt face to the ridge that the barrel tightens against or something else?
  8. 45-70?

    My Sierra and Lyman books both have smokeless loads specifically for the trapdoor rifles.
  9. Well Is Sure Ain't Perfect

    Just an update on my project. I am still waiting for my bolt to come back. Jim does great work at a very reasonable rate but it is a side job for him and it can take 2-3 month to get your bolt back. I have put the first coat of JB weld on the receiver and most of the pits along with the receiver crest are no longer visible. There are a couple of spots that will probably take another coat and I still need to mill out for the bolt handle when it returns. I am having additional surgery on my right shoulder the 24th so pretty much everything will be on hold for several months. I have also been informed by my orthopedic surgeon that I will be on a 40 pound lift limit for pretty much the rest of my life. I guess those 60 pound packs are out and I am going to have to stick to 4 wheeler backpacking from now on. I am still waiting for my Grandson to pick out a color for the duracoat. I probably should have narrowed it down to just a few colors. It is hard to really tell anything from those tiny swatches but knowing him the brighter the better.
  10. Mauser Under $200

    Wow, the floor plate looks great along with the rest of the rifle
  11. Custom Weasver Bases

    The concept of taking a block of aluminum or steel and turning it into something useful just fascinates the hell out of me. I can do it with wood and I guess if you get right down to it, in concept, milling aluminum is really not much different than shaping wood with a router. Of coarse, like they say, the devil is in the details.
  12. More Bolt Work Ahead

    Great, Thanks Don
  13. More Bolt Work Ahead

    The bolt I sent for handle forging for my 1916 project was a strait handled '93 bolt that I sent instead of the original for two reasons. First the handle appears to be a bit longer and second the '93 bolt is a better fit and will take less lapping to get an 80% surface fit on the lugs. Unfortunately I didn't think about the gas vent that was added to the 1916. I an pretty sure that the '93 bolt does not have the vent hole that lines up with the gas port in the left side of the receiver ring. It appears to be just an oval shaped hole in the bolt body. I an thinking that I can put the bolt into battery then use a center punch to mark the location, drill 2 holes, and mill between them. The question I have is that I am pretty sure that this area of the bolt is hardened being that close to the lugs so is this going to be a problem? I have never drilled into a bolt before.
  14. Rear Sight Removal

    My 1916 with Lange Vizier sight had a blind pin rather than a screw.
  15. Teaser

    Has anyone got a pic of the laser checkering?