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  1. Ethanol Damages 2 Cycle Engines

    I think all my small engines--mowers, weed eaters ect--have ethanal warning stickers. All my cars and trucks are old so I do not use ethanol. Ethanol causes fuel pump damage in older beasts so I pay more for regular gas. Iowa lowered the taxes on ethanol decades ago and it is now about 10 cents cheaper per gallon. Need a new energy source. Have a manhattan Project for energy independence and a Marshall Plan to implement it. Just bring that old car or truck into the shop and get a new fusion/hydrogen/ect engine without forcing everyone to buy a new car. Then tell the Arabs to go fook themselves.
  2. Political Insight

    " I've been the leader of change for the last 35 years. I've come for your guns, your cars and your paychecks. If you are gay then less of your paycheck."
  3. Rhinelander, err that was high school. Black Label was pretty awful. A bar I frequented served daft beer called "Sudz" after the name of said bar. This had to be what the distributor found left over aqnd paid the barkeep to take it off his hands. Then again Coors Light is pretty damn godawful.
  4. Fritz Checking Out

    I just discovered this thread last night moments before leaving for our New Year's Eve celebration. Shocking. Although I never had the opportunity to meet Fritz I felt that I knew him via his posts on this site. We lacked any real plans for last night other than find something to eat and then find a gin joint to cash out 07. A buddy called and we met at a our mutual watering hole. The first thing I did was buy a round of Jager and toast it to Fritz. A long farewell to your soul. May God grant you the the keys to heaven.. May the Lord comfort you family left behind on earth. Twist
  5. This is probably too late. Had the same issue with my Knight. Had to use a vise and a socket set. The problem is that when you fire the rifle the grease on the breech plug oozes out. I strongly recommend using lots of gease and pulling the plug out and re-applying grease if the firing session is extended. Seriously, no more than 15 rounds without relubing.
  6. 2nd Deer Season For Me

    Southern Iowa. I use a scope, too much astigmatism in my right eye. I should have had my shooting stick/gun rest thing with me since I need more practice shooting without a comfy bench rest. That's the problem with gun ranges, if you use the rifle areas there is only one position.
  7. 2nd Deer Season For Me

    After many years of lusting over the deer hunting on my inlaw's farm I finally got off my arse and purchased tags last year. Much too warm last year and after three days of no sightings I packed it in. This year was colder and the snow revealed many tracks, deer feces and urine. I was able to put in two full days over Christmas but have until the end of January to harvest. My black powder tags expire Jan 10 but a special antlerless season starts on the 11th and the State will allow me to use a centerfire rifle. At the end of the second day I climbed down from the tree stand and started the long walk back to the house. The very last bit of ambient light revealed 6 deer grazing in the field just to the west of the house. I was almost startled by their presence and my heartbeat immediatley increased. Unfortunately I was in the middle of a snow covered field without any cover. Mossy oak works fine in the woods and timber but not out in the open. The deer were about 200 yards away. My only advantage was that they had yet to spot me and that I was on a slight depression. I crounched down and tried to close the distance and set up a shot that would send the bullet away from the house should I miss. Closing the gap maybe by 50 yards I took my shot in the near total darkness. Click. Checked the secondary safety and racked the bolt again. Click. Bad primer disc. this did not help my nervousness but I was able to get a new disc in without alerting the deer. BAM!!!!!! My Knight is my newest rifle. Having a pair of Mausers, a Marlin 22 mag and an SKS I view the Knight inline muzzle loader as a different species. This gun puts out a great deal of smoke and I always marvel at it and have yet to notice any recoil. Since it was dark this time I was almost stunned by the bright orange flame never having witnessed a night time shot. the deer noticed and rtan into the timber northward probably to where I sat all day. No sign of blood and being too dark to walk the woods I decided to wait til the morning to search and try once again. We had to go home the next day and the snow storm did not make Wifey very happy with the 90 miles we needed to travel. Her father fired up his tractor and we toured the fields without spotting any mre deer nor finding any evidence that I scored a hit. But he shared more of his knowlege of where the corn rats hang out on the farm. I was glad that I was able to squeeze the trigger. Need some range time to work on the open field crouching position. Always next week...
  8. The Old Breed

    Yeah, the entire Okinawa scene once he was committed to battle was the very example of hell. The constant rain and mud and the inability to have the dead removed. Having to stare at the dead half headless marine staring at his foxhole day in and night long for about a week must have been maddening. His description of the Graves Registration crews removing week+ old dead soldiers with giant spatchulas is something I never read before. I was kinda hoping that his CO Mac would have gotten killed. It is a wonder he was never fragged. Purchased the paperback at local grocery store last month. Could barely put the book down.
  9. Scopeing A Mauser

    I just scoped my Czech 98/22 without having to modify the gun at all. I got the mount kit from S & K, removed the rear windage sight and placed the S & K mount in its place. Although labeled "scout mount" the scope does not look out of place a mere few inches forward of where an Enemy at the gates scope would be. Did not have to bend the bolt or cut the stock.
  10. The Old Breed

    Just got done reading Sledgehammer's book. I cannot think of a better description of combat by any other author. More graphic than Saving Private Ryan's opening battle scene. Notice that he never went hunting after the war? I recommend this book to everyone.
  11. Experienced in-liners please help

    Yeah, two years too late but... I swab a bit of gun lube on the sabot to get the down me Knight. Verks like a charm!
  12. Buy Something On Monday

    Great idea!
  13. What Does It Take

    72 hours of rain here. Finally quit a few hours ago. But the State needed it. If I could share with you I would have.
  14. What Does It Take

    Raining in Iowa all weekend. Glad it is my weekend to work.
  15. Just My Luck

    So one afternoon my dog sounds the alarm and I notice a blacl Taurus pulling into my driveway. I go and to see whats up. Old cop in the car asking me if I owned a blue Ford LTD. Nope, just the Jag, the ranger and a Buick that me wife took to work. Said that someone in a the LTD gased and dashed at some station I never did figure out where. Witnesses gave the police plate numbers that matched my Ranger. Said he was just following up on the lead and gave me his card incase I needed someone to run a plate or some cop muscle. Weird feeling. I was lucky that for once in my life my entire fleet of vehicles all had front plates. He checked the truck.