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  1. Lsi Mini 7.62

    I've tried various low cost 123 g wolf and tula ammo in it, I've tried the tula 150 sp for the cheap stuff ($6 to 6.5 a box of 20) I've settled for the wpa 123 hp for it. It shoots it right at 1 moa, maybe a1 1/16 so I've figured it out and have a bunch comming. The ppu although it shoots about the same (hair over 1.25") it's $10 a box so for everyday plinking I'll shoot the wpa, I really don't figure I will ever hunt with it but who knows for sure
  2. I can't seem to get it to come up
  3. Lsi Mini 7.62

    I just bought one about 3 weeks ago. I don't care for the extended mag but it seems to work ok. These things are listed as having a .310 bore and maybe it does (I haven't slugged it new gun and all) but I loaded some 125 sierra fp (308) to shoot in my other one that is a shortened 30-06 barrel on a mauser action and to answer my question I put one of them on the end of the barrel nose 1st and it went in the same as a 308 that I had next to it. I only played at 50 yds this am but I shot 5 of my 125 handloads in a 1/2 or less group. I guess my question is this if it's a .310 bore shouldn't the group suffer with 308 bullets because it seems to me it should. the PPU round nose shoot's 1.5 at 100 and the wolf sp seems to shoot about 2.25 at 100, the wolf hp seems to be around 2, not great I grant you but if I decide to hunt with this it will be likely under 50 yards and no doubt under 100 so any of these loads will work