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  1. Threading A Barrel

    9/16-24 is a semi standard thread pitch, as is 1/2"-28. Is this a 7mm, 30 cal, 6.5??? I would go 1/2-28 (if you are 7mm or smaller) then you can get adapters to go up to 5/8-24
  2. For All You Wondering Mauser Central Members

    Maybe you could try the name Central Mauser and see if anybody has it.
  3. Rear Sight Removal

    Type 38
  4. Rear Sight Removal

    I removed the bottom set screw, the top one was missing. I popped out the center section from under the ladder (when laid down), and put a good bit of heat on it. I can't get the rear sight to budge. Are these rusted on?? I couldn't get any silver solder to flow with the heat. Is there another screw?
  5. Barrel Removal

    I'll start a new thread, but how does the rear sight come off?
  6. Barrel Removal

    I needed to save this barrel as I plan on making it a 6.5 Rem Mag. A relief cut would ruin the barrel - or at least cause me to move the shoulder, recut the breech cone and extractor notch.
  7. Barrel Removal

    I didn't need to notch my wrench to remove the barrel. I don't plan on putting it on that tight so I won't notch it to install the barrel either. Does anyone have the John Deere shim part numbers, that riceone was talking about (in the above link)?? I'd like to have some on hand.
  8. Barrel Removal

    The 700 wrench fit the receiver and I didn't modify the wrench. I placed the recoil spud against the relief for the Rem recoil lug. It came loose w/o too much effort. If it was rusted and frozen on there I would have needed to mill out the wrench and give the recoil spud more support.
  9. Barrel Removal

    I'm wanting to save a 6.5 barrel from a barreled receiver. What is the best way to remove the barrel. I have a vice and a 98 action wrench and a Rem 700 action wrench. Will the 700 action wrench fit if I mill a notch out for the recoil spud?
  10. 2 Reamers

    PTG Live pilot reamer in 243 Ack Imp. NEW. $125 Clymer solid pilot reamer in 8mm-06. Used to open 2 8x57s up. $75 Take both and I cover shipping.
  11. Another Range Report On The Chinese Leupold Clones

    That is why I gave up on scopes on all except my .22 rifle. It was reaching the point that unless you paid more for the scope than you did for the rifle, the darn scope would just go out of alignment. Now? well if I am going to the range and want to shoot out past 300 meters, eyes not what they were at 20, I will buy a cheap scope, I have my bore sighter, and just shoot it till it ( the cheap scope) goes out of focus. Key word there is Cheap scope!! I have only had 2 scopes shoot loose internally, one was a Colorado Redfield with lots of miles on it, the other a Bushnell 3200. While I do enjoy a good scope (one that costs as much as the rifle), most of my scopes are in the $300-$400 range. I have never had problems with Burris and Leupold, but I don't buy their low end line either. If I come into a Chinese scope I am aware that it won't last and usually sell/trade it off or put it on a rifle that I am selling. I do have 3-4 china scopes and when they fail I'll replace them with a Burris, Vortex, etc...
  12. Wanted: 6.5 Arisaka Barrel

    Bore needs to be good, exterior can be rough. needs to be at least 23" long. I don't need the sights. I would prefer to trade.
  13. Looking For Arisaka Barrel

    I'm looking for a Type 38 Arisaka barrel, 6.5mm. The bore needs to be good but the outside can be rough. I don't need the sights but need it at least 23" long.