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  1. Can Someone Recommend Some Rasps?

    The Nicholson #49 is excellent, IMO. The 'fine-ness' of cut is easily controlled by how much pressure you apply. Kinda' makes the #50 a 'not needed' item. Files and rasps weren't ment to last forever and they don't. Hard wood is more abrasive than most believe. Even when those Nicholsons were MADE IN USA, I could turn a #49 into a #50 shaping just one stock (from a blank). There is another company, located in France, that advertises/makes fine wood working tools,,,, but I haven't tried them out yet, as I have a good supply of Nicholson 'made in USA" to use up, first. www.ligonier-france.fr
  2. Samco Global Is No More

    Sarco, Century Arms, maybe S.O.G. would be my guess. Maybe a new comer to the mil surplus scene? Who knows? If I remember the artical correctly, it'll be sold all at once, not 'piece mealed". I bought several of the Persian 1929 barreled actions, when they had them. Bought a complete 1929 to stand next to the others, in original configuration, in the safe. we thought we'd never see it, but the 'good' Mausers, like we found in the past, are 'drying up'.. By the pics, it looks like there's a lot more there than they had on their web site.
  3. Mauser Floor Plate Latch

    You are entirely correct, Fydr. Todays 'gunsmith', especially those who consider themselves 'rifle smiths', stay as far away from handwork as possible. It's all about CNC machining, McMillian stocks that need nothing more than a bedding job, 'drop-in' triggers that never get touched by a stone, and claiming to measure to impossible standards only obtainable in the finest inspection labs. They've never learned to use a file, and metal finishing is done with a bead blaster. It's what the masses seem to want. By the way,, nice floor plate set-up!