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  1. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    The .50-110 is for rabbits and squirrels.
  2. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Can't find the picture of the .375 finished but the first pic is before stock and metal finishing. The second is the .405 and the third is the .50-110. The same applies to the third pic, taken before stock and metal work finished.
  3. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    That was thought of but with the design of the bolt it just seemed to leave the sides of the bridge a little thin. The smith that did this is a real wizard with MN. Very strong actions to build on.
  4. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    This is the finished rear bridge. Directly behind it is the cut for the moved bolt handle. The bridge make mounting a scope on a MN as easy as any Remington or Winchester.
  5. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    I would imagine that it would be some work to get it to feed but not as bad as the .45-70 project that was done a while ago. Somewhere I think I still have a link to that blog. A nice conversion for the MN is a simple 9.3x54R or maybe that is 9.3x53R, I never remember. It is a standard hunting round in Finland or at least was.
  6. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Actually not as bad as you might expect. The stock design actually is very good at reducing felt recoil and of course a pad. In fact, the stock is so comfortable to shoot in the bigger bores I used it on the .375 Flanged Magnum project. Also a MN action. Currently I have 3 stalking rifles built on hex receiver MN actions. ALL came from guns that had been chopped up by someone else. I personally do not believe in taking a good military bolt gun and chopping it if it is a serviceable sample or can be restored to one. Just me. The calibers are, .50-110 WCF, .405 WCF and the .375 Flanged Magnum. The last one was done a little differently as it has a solid rear bridge where the split bridge used to be and the bolt handle moved back. If anyone is interested I can post a couple of pictures or at least I think I can.
  7. 405 Win. In A Mosin Nagant?

    Old posting I know. I have a stalking rifle in .405 WCF built around a MN action. It is single shot.