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  1. Siamese Extractor

    .....yes, its the russian 7.62x54R cartridge, I rebarrelled an action I bought with a british SMLE barrel ( same bore/calibre as the Russian ) and modified everything to suit. The rupture was caused by poor quality, steel cased, factory sporting ammunition. Standard 98 extractors are different, the Siamese were made in Japan. Thanks for the info, I'll try the above places and see if they have any extractors. Roger
  2. Siamese Extractor

    .....not sure if this is the right place for this, but I have a sporterized Siamese Mauser in 7.52x54R and had a case rupture which shattered the extractor......the big question is .......does anyone know where I can get a replacement extractor.......they seem to be the original unobtainium I have a perfectly good rifle that I can't use !!! Roger
  3. Big Bore Enfield In The Works

    ......not quite in the same league, but I'm building a 9.3x74R on a P14 action......at the moment I am trying to find a magazine follower long enough to work, do you think a magnum length Win.model 70 ( ....say 375 HH ) would work ? Roger