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  1. I shot one of my Steyr m/95 long rifles. It is quite accurate and rings the gong every time at 200 yards.
  2. 9.5X54R Pig Gun Project

    The Finns are not allowed to use 7.62x54r for hunting so they used 9.3x54R.
  3. Couple Of New Finn Marked Dragoons

    I just had to bring these back up to the top again. Sweet guns!
  4. Big 5 Nagants

    I have bought a lot of guns over the years from Big 5. They always have nice stuff!
  5. Bad Day At The Range.

    Karl Try a very tight patch with that smoke pole. See if the VZ is free floated and give the muzzle a bullet test. Good luck buddy!
  6. I'm sure if it wasn't in his book he was thinking it, the little rat ! Thanks to all the Democrats and Hippies for helping him to have us move out of there before the war ended. The Democrats and Hippies were always collaborators with the communist and a bunch of defeatist and pacifists. I don't believe we lost that war when you consider the devastation that still exists there from the war and how many of them rat bastards we killed, compaired to, our body count. Too bad we couldn't have cut another million of them before we left of our own free will.
  7. Look what these rat bastards are doing. Typical Demo
  8. Swamprat I dare you to go over to Billy Joe Bob Parrallax site and say that!
  9. The media are just as big of Rat as old GIAP was.
  10. Couple Of New Finn Marked Dragoons

    Thanks Jerry I think I'll come back and stir the pot a bit.
  11. Here is two Finn stamped ones:
  12. We Have A New Ride ! At The Farm

    Nice ride Rod but brings back some miserable memories from my Army days.
  13. Calling All Bush Haters

    FC is right "Obama keep the change!"
  14. Obama 's Song

    I like it!
  15. Come on Karl cut the girl some slack: At least she is not out drunk driving and killing women. Or raping women. Or have sex with an East German Secret agent......like her other reelatives.